From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

NO SCIENCE FAIR =DD Just to let you know how much I hate science fairs, check out this comic I found about a science fair project about how stupid science fairs are.


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  1. Okay, I’m back!

    I hate science fairs also. And citizenship awards! We all have to write about a person who is good and citizeny. The people who are like that are all normalish and boring! It’s evil! My principal (who isn’t evil, but the assistant principal is) makes us write paragraghs about good people! And everyone is writing about this guy named Calvin just because he beat nick in a race! It’s horrible!

    I know I haven’t commented in like forever! I still haven’t posted because I can’t figure out what to post about… I’m going to try to get on here more often 🙂

    hey! Did you ever finish the bloody Mary story?

  2. I have to do Science Fairs!! They’re annoying, though. I usually am always the 1st place winner at my school. oh well. stupid science fairs.

    I had to do a hero essay at the beginning of the year. I chose Martin Luther King Jr. So did half the school xDD
    And thanks for pledging to get on more 🙂 I’ll post more…
    Actually I did write a new Bloody Mary part. Lex read it but I’m not sure you did.. anyways I’m going to write the next part on Monday or something

    What project did you do to win first place? That’s always the hard part. The ideas 😦 And then theres the work! UGHHHH!

  4. Holaa!! xD

    I hate essays in general… We had to write one a month ago about the stock market. They were judged and one of my friends got 3rd place out of everyone who entered. Mine, on the other hand was really bad. I hate expository writing or whatever it’s called.

    I have alot of friends on here, so you know? 🙂 I love reading your posts xDD

    Lexypuppy: that’s really cool! My dad is a weird science geek, he works at a museum.

    I’m petting my dog right now and he’s trying to bite my hand off.

  5. Like, Aloha to you dude!

    I like writing essays. I reealllyy like taking stuff off the internet and making it mine xDD lol jk. But honestly, I don’t mind essays.

    You’re a great friend Anna (: Thanks!

    My dad is a really really really really smart engineer dude. Like really really really smart O_O

    Lol. Dogs used to be my #1 fear when I was a kid. I was afraid that they’d bite my fingies off!

  6. Ққa2297♪ said:

    I don’t do Science Fairs. 😀 Huzzha :mrgreen:

    …I have a College Research Report instead. Dx I only did the FAFSA paragraph, and the whole report AND powerpoint is due on June 1. And the report is 10-12 pages long.

    I can never get a 5 on my essays. >.< Every one I did is a 4. I even thought I did really bad on my DBQ and I got a 4. O.O

    A lot of people I know are afraid of dogs. heliX used to be afraid of dogs because they barked loud. This guy I know is really mean and acts cool, but he's afraid of my dog. That's a CHIHUAHUA. xDD

  7. Ariana♥/aka. Liljade said:

    LMFAO!!!! luv thiss! 😀

  8. I know 🙂 Mean either. Not no more. I used to, tho.

    we have to do speeches every year. This year we do two. One at the beginning of the year and one at the end. I am working on my end-of-the-year one. I suck at speech presentation xDD

    Everyone I know are all lovey-dovey when it comes to dogs

  9. We don’t have em much at my school

    But I really hate my school. Or at least sometimes. We have okie dokie field trips I guess, but idk, we used to have this thing where you donated a book to the school library and for those who did got to go to a party at the end of the year and play bingo and eat cake. It was good cake…. Anyway THIS year we don’t get cake all because of my principal who banned like all food that the teachers give us(jolly ranchers… That’s it, actually only like one teacher gave them out anyways).

    Bigger dogs used to scare me, when they jump. Little dogs never did. Except for my cousins dog, ringo, he’s a little bit crazy.

  10. I don’t have them at all (in your face.. jk) :]

    Luckkyy! We never get field trips or candy. Then again I’m in Middle school xDD We have like a student of a month thing where ever teacher chooses their best student and the student gets to skip class to party and eat donuts. Mostly every student in the school has been nominated once. The librarian nominated me =P

    LOL anna! “he’s a little bit crazy” xDDD
    ROFLOL (rolling on the floor laughing out loud!)

  11. XD

    Really? Both our middle school and elementary schools have field trips. But my elementary school was the best in our district because we went to springfield, and er, 15 hour trip. Let’s just say it was kind of expensive. My middle school is weird though. I can’t decide if I like it or not… Eh let’s just say I like it.THAT’S AWESOME! Donuts are yummy, the people in band at my school got donuts for an end of year party thing. I’m not in band so yeah. Every year my school on field day has a sorta talent show thing but it’s not really because you don’t get a prize or judged. Anyway apparently I’m in a play and I am named berd…

    Lol xD.

    Maybe he’s a little more than a little bit crazy. More like jump-up-and-lick-your-face-like-crazy-tiny-little-dog. Yup I think that’s it.

  12. My middle school is so bland. No science fairs, no talent shows, no field trips, no school dances, not many sports games, nothing! Well that does have it’s advantages. It means that the school has to put more money and effort into the events we DO have. >:)
    6th graders have Greek day,
    7th graders have the Renaisance fair (which was today.. it was fun)
    8th graders have a field trip to Washington D.C. (but it’s like a billion dollars and it’s during SPRING BREAK. I mean it’s not a field trip if its during SPRING BREAK!!!)

    I can’t decide if I like my school or not, either.Let’s just say it’s not nearly as good as my old middle school. We had this field trip to Jekyll Island in 5th grade. It was sooo fun and it was overnight. My enemy didn’t get to go mwhahaha >:D But she made up this sob story about how she couldn’t afford it and she was allowed to go. Longest time I’ve ever spent away from my parents..

    LOL! Well I guess thats better than the jump-up-and-bite-your-face-off-like-vicious-monster-puppy type of crazy

  13. Long comment..
    ah well I guess it’s nice to have a penpal type person to complain to! i had one in second grade and it was fun!

  14. I like the word bland… It’s bland itself!

    Ours is the opposite but we don’t have much money for bigger things. The events we have are really similar to the ones you have! On Greek day do you get to. Sort of buy things people make and sell yours using gold pieces of paper? We have a trip to washington d.c. Also… I think. During spring break? Was renaisance Day fun? What did you do? I don’t think we have one at our school.

    Springfield was the best field trip at my school. But I had lost my voice by the end of the day, because I tried to shout over about 50 other people. I found out that a guy I know, Brandon, looks like a girl when wearing a headband. We called him Brenda. The bus was all weird inside. There were about 5-6 TVs. But the people right behind us had the TV and we couldn’t see it (oh and by we I mean my friend Kelly). So Kelly and I reclined our seats on them and it turned out that the people behind us were two of the worst people on earth. We had to watch the Alvin and the chipmunks sequel though so I guess it was okay that we couldn’t see it. All the people in the back of the bus were singing the single ladies. Ahhhh the people at my school.

    Lol xD.
    True that. That dog has a brother though and thankfully he’s not any worse.

  15. Happy long comment day!

    Exactally! It’s kinda funny though. When I was in second grade I walked up to this kindergartener that I didn’t even know and asked her to be my penpal.

  16. Hehe I guess that’s true.. the word bland rox~! =)

    We live in a place full of rich kids willing to spend their daddy’s money like crazy. Me and my brother joke about it a lot. Um.. I have no idea. The 6th grade event changes every year, meaning that WE didn’t have Greek day. We had China day. It was cool because we gathered around the stage and some Chinese dancers came and stuff. Everyone in California has a trip to D.C. I think..

    Renaissance day was a blast! We went to this assembly there was a Scottish man (he was an actor) and he showed us different rare birds from the Renaissance. He was funny =P. Everyone dressed up, but there were some kids who put their names in a hat and they were chosen out to be part of the royal court, who basically were students that dressed up as queens and and knights princes and stuff and they marched in really royal and we had to like bow to them xDD Then we went to go to the classes that we drew out of a hat. I got flower headbands and stichery 😦 There were really cool ones like trying on armor and stained glass and then there were the sucky ones like dancing. Flower headbands was funner than I thought it would be.. O_O

    LOL my school is weirder. The trip to Jekyll Island in 5th grade was something like what you described. No but seriously, in the 5 or 6 schools I’ve attended, this one is just wacko

    Do you like doggehs??

  17. Our comments just get longer and longer 0_0

    I used to do that at my old school. I would just walk up to random people and be really weird and mess with them and then I’d leave. It’s fun cuz they usually never see you again so it doesn’t matter what you do >:D

  18. Yep! xD blandness!

    :D. Ohhhh. Awesome! Greek day was pretty much like I explained, walk around and use gold pieces of paper as money to buy things that people made. Or lay out a blanket and sell your own things. If you had gold left at the end and you took in to a teacher they would give you candy.

    So what did you do in stichery…? I’m guessing you got to make flower headbands in flower headbands. It sounds really fun!

    At our school we have about a billion fundraisers.

    Read to little kids. I think the only way this makes money is that the kids parents donate money

    fall fundraiser. You ask people if they want to buy from this magazine. Depending on what amount of money you raised determined what prizes you get.

    Christmas shopping. People set up little stands in the gym and multipurpose room. They sell you chrismas gift then donate the money they earned to the school.

    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    There’s more but I can’t list them all.

    Lol! 😀 thats possible? My school is very weird. Jekyll island sounds fun…. I have only moved once inmy life, and it was when I was two so yeah.

    I love doggehs! My doggeh is weird… Very weird. My brother thinks that when were not looking he talks. My brother is also in second grade.

    I’m going to combine the shorter comment thingy with the longer one

    super looooong

    I know it’s hilarious! They stare at you like they don’t even know you, because they don’t. Huh huh huh I live messing with people

  19. blanditude!

    THATS SO COOL =DDD I wish our day wuz like dat!

    In stichery we stiched things xDDD apparently old ladies did it back then too 😛 I made a really pretty flower headband.

    We have stupid rich kids to fund our school. (The snack cart alone probably pays for half the cost cuz no sensible kid at my school eats REAL food lol) oh guess what! Our school serves slushies now!! Donating is a lot of it, too.

    Our biggest and probably ONLY fundraiser is selling magazines. The prizes are insane. One of them you get shut in this thing with money and it blows money into the air and you get as much as you can catch with only your hands and you keep it.

    Its very possible. You have not met my school. Justin Beaver would probably get torn apart limb my limb and then crucified there. Thats not very weird if you think about it tho xDD. No but really, we’re wacko in the heads. It was fun 😀

    Lucky, I’d like to have moved only once in my life!

    LOL you have a weird brother. He should attend my school. Too young tho.. eh whatever there are a ton of short 6th graders anyways I bet he could pass as one xD

    Short Comment:
    It’s also fun cuz they very see you again so they can’t get mad at you later and they won’t know your name so if they tell anyone you can keep your dignity LOL

  20. Ққa2297♪ said:

    yaaay I wanna join the long comment thingy again 😀

    i never do fundraisers. I just like looking at the prizes. xDD

    Mine gives slushies too 😀 They’re $1 & reallyyy sweet. Well the green one is sweet to me. They should put caps on it because stuff from the trees fell into mine. -.-

    Some random person called me Loko.
    This guy in my math class keeps talking my friend at school because he likes her. And he still stalks her even though she told him that she didn’t like him. In the morning before school starts and during lunch.

    Mine always tries to be funny, but its usually really mean. -.- Like hitting my dog when she’s sleeping.

  21. YAYY kka’s long-commenting again!

    I never do fundraisers either 0_0

    LOL kka. I don’t think I’ve ever had a slushie to myself before. My oldest bro has a thousand times xD Well, once I did, but it was from this store that has HORRIBLE SLUSHIES

    really? in spanish that means crazy. ‘ccept it’s spelled loco 🙂 My oldest brother used to insult me in Spanish cuz I couldn’t understand what he was saying. So I started taking Spanish

    Yeah people do that to me too. Of course, they’re joking. Idiots. They think it’s funny to walk around saying ‘I love you’ to girls they don’t even know and then they stalk you for the rest of the year and then they ask you out and soon you have about 40 boys stalking you

    Hey have you seen the new poptropica island? And the google logo. YOU NEED TO SEE THE GOOGLE LOGO :)) Its soo cool!

  22. Sorry I haven’t been on for a for a few days.

    Kka: welcome! To long comment thingy post

    I looooooooooooooooove slushies. Actually I’m not sure I’ve ever had a proper slushie either. I almost got one at dairy queen once but I got a milkshake instead. We had these Popsicle slushie type things at my school and they were soooooooo good but the stupid school peoples decided they were too unhealthy and took them away.

    Greek day was super weird too though because some people sold stuff that was kinda junk.

    There are boys like that at my school too. Weirdos. They dare each other to ask people out. Nobody has said yes to any of them yet. One did it to me once, ewww. This guy bobby was like, “hi Anna” but in a weird voice. I told my friend Kelly(she liked nick before o.o) an she asked bobbys best friend nick why he said that
    and he’s like “okay Brandon(nicks other friend) and bobby dared me to ask you out”
    and I’m like eww no!
    It was so weird.

    Do you mean skullduggery or mythology? I love the google logo! It’s so awesome!

    During lunch we ate outside (we usually eat inside) because it was so hot and my friend Caitlin, Kelly, and I finished early and we saw this random 6th grader hanging on a tree so we walked over to him and he kept on sayin that we were weird. So we tried to guess his name. Kelly said he looked like a Jack and he said that’s in my last name. So after a few trys we got his last name Jackson. Then we talked to Brandon and nick, they were like Jackson? 6th grader? He’s so awesome! Yeah he’s beast. Then they told us his first name was Alex and then we went and annoyed him

  23. Sorry I’m to lazy to log in xP

  24. ‘Sokay Annamh

    I want a popsicle slushie! They sound deliciousss!

    Gawd you have it easy, the guys at my school are absolute pervs. My god, at least ten guys have asked me out in the last month. The idiots think it’s funny. People I’ve never even seen before..

    I meant mythology island

    I have a really good friend in 6th grade. They’re so tiny. There was this day where all the people on the wrestling team came to school with suits on. They were mostly all 6th graders and they’re so teeny tiny so my friend was liek, “I could pin them down in a second” They’re midgets, why would they join the wrestling team?

    This is a short comment compared to the other ones!

  25. Aw thankies!

    They are! I just found out that there’s going to be some for field day!! And field day is tomorrow. It’s only for people who got school lunch though. :{/ evil ppls!

    I have 2 and 1 hour days left of school.

    It’s worse some months than others! My friend carinne got asked out by this total creeper named ian (I can’t even mention some of the things he’s done) and Bobby. And now Kelly is going out with Ian just because Bobby dared Ian to ask her out. But Bobby is going out with this person named heather ( I can’t decide if she’s nice or not). And this guy named zach who asked me out a few months ago acts like he likes carinne. By the way heather and carinne are complete enemies. It’s sooo complicated.

    And now I have another story I must tell you.

    After school like everyone goes to this one park near my school. Kelly was chasing Ian around and he was trying to get one of her bracelets (thier like rubberbands but their shaped like animals and instruments and stuff) she told him she would give him one if he kissed her so we chased him around and then we were like all standing in a circle around them. Ian was trying to run away but carinne got him to stay. So then this other girl sruti like shoved ian right next to Kelly. Then Kelly was like OMG! Ewww and nobody knew what she was talking about. She told us Ian almost like spit on her.

    The end!

    Is this one short? It seems long…

    Mythology island is so fun! It reminds me of PJATO alot. I’m at the very end. It’s kinda hard

  26. kka2297 said:

    oh wow. I’m not crazy. :] What’s Stupid in Spanish? im at school so its short. ^^;

  27. kka: Stupid in spanish is stupido xDDD No really I’m not kidding

    Back to the comment [:

    You’re Welcome Anny Banany!

    OMG that’s cruel. You should rebel

    I have like 2 weeks of school left. Then I leave for the summer. Probably going to be no internet 😦

    Tell me about it. I had to read that story like 50 times to understand what you’re saying 😛 No really, I’m the only one I know, except for maybe Emma, who has to deal with snobby guys asking me out every 10 and a half second. As they say in Japenese, BAKA BAKA BAKA (baka means idiot. I learned that from an anime show XP)

    Okay lets see how many times it takes me to understand this story… 😛

    Okay.. that took me a few times to get too.. I had to use your last comment as a guide… and now that I get the story I wish I need to go throw up..

    IKR? Mythology island RULES! I was expecting like, Hades or Kronus to be the rival but.. ZUES? Ugh. I’ve been at the end for a long time. I can’t figure out how to battle Zues 😡 What do you do?

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