From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Long Beach Paraddee

I promised vina that i would post my day at the stupid Long Beach paradee 🙂

Soo, it tooks 2 hours to get to my school’s band destination (non stop which was super mean). I started to feel bad, so then my friend who sat next to me sat in the empty chair behind my chair xD

when we got there, everybody started pushing everyone else to get off the bus and almost tilted the bus over -_- and i dropped my phone, which wasnt good.

the school’s band had to go to the fire garage place to get lunch. after we had lunch, my group saw a clown making ballooon things and we ran to him xD i got a balloon puppy 😀

about 10 min later, the band walked to the bus, set up our instruments, and headed to the place where we start to marching.

we had to stand in the freezing cold for 10 min, but it felt 30 min, with short sleeves and khaki pants. we had to do jumping jack and do anything that kept us warm xD

at 2:20, we finally went marching into the sttreets. then it started to rain.

when we were in front of the judges, we were suppose to play, but then only the drums were playing xD but luckily, we got 2nd placee 😀 Astoria Middle School band got firstt.

soo, we stayed at the festival for 2 hours to have fun, go to the beach, shop, all the fun stuffs.

when we had to go on the bus, at the last minute, i had to run to the bathroom xD i dropped my phone while running, but luckily, my friend came with me and picked up my phone.

and yeahh, the 2 hours back to the school was painful, very boring as well.

soo, yeah, and then i dropped my phone again and this time the battery fell out. -_- and when i exhamined it, it was scraped the the top corners. it kinda looked like bird poop was on it :/

soo, yeah, i guess this is the end, and btw, vin, sorry for not commenting, iwas at my dad’s and my stepsis hogged the comp. for like, 24/7 D:


Comments on: "Long Beach Paraddee" (1)

  1. Thanks for posting. I never thought you would keep you’re promise, but I was dead wrong 🙂 It seemed pretty suck-ish the way you described it, but kinda fun too. Probably more suck-ish xDD
    I forgive you for da laptop thing. :mrgreen:

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