From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

You two are like more heroic than cookies this week. Ya wanna know why? Gameprogirl’s my hero cuz she went on Dizzywood. Yes, you heard me correctly. Gameprogirl went on Dizzywood. Unbelievable, right??? So let’s give her a round of appluase!


And lexypuppy is my hero for making this awesome signature! All mine :] Now I can put it at da bottom of all mi posts!

So… bye! =[|] Time to use mi awesome new signature dat you don’t have it’s allll mine! >:DD


Aww it won’t work! Hopefully I can get it to work by next time…


Comments on: "LexyPuppy and Gameprogirl are my heros of the week =P" (7)

  1. jamiecool101 said:

    hey i understand that you get loads of hits and people to visit your site so could you jest post my site on your so i can at leaset get views
    please and thanks if you do

  2. What’s your blog? is no longer available. Plus, I don’t get loads of hits. I just get my friends to visit my blog. Just ask your friends!

  3. Thanks for posting about me. You didn’t have to, though. LOL. ( : ) hands the cookie with two m&m’s.

  4. Yum!! Cookie, Aww It’s Vin’s, oh well.
    I have 10 COOKIES!! ( : ) ( : ) ( : ) ( : ) ( : ) ( : ) ( : ) ( : )
    aww I WANT MORE!!! lol

  5. Welcome. (: I like the signature and you worked hard on it so I HAD to post about it.
    *steals lal’s cookies*
    *watches lal walk by*
    *whistles innocently*

  6. GameproGirl said:

    Lol, Vin! xD it’s been a while since i went on dw, though 😛 i was cracking up when you said “GameproGirl WENT on Dizzywood!” xDD loll

  7. Sorry this post was kinda late 😛 Well, it’s true. I mean, you only go on Dizzywood a little teensy weensy bit. It’s like duper-amazing that you went on.

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