From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

I made Bob part 3. It’s 8 minutes long (my longest published video ever). I got up at 6 in the morning, during spring break, to upload this. Turn your music up LOUD but not too loud. You have been warned. The music is really quiet and then it goes loud and stuffs. Sorry for the long wait.

Don’t read this summary until you’ve watched the video. We left off when fishys were about to eat Bob. So there’s a little part at the beginning with the Narrator and Bob. Bob is trying to get the Narrator to tell him how he can save himself. The narrator refuses. Bob tries to call Vinathi. There is hope. His phone ends up being full of water. The we go to a little scene where Vinathi is running to school and she’s thinking about bob and an angel and devil pop up asking her if she’s gonna save Bob. She almost chooses the devil but she is quick to change her mind. The devil puts a curse on her. We come to the scientist, who is going home after a long long week of research. He then sees a gigando fish and, being greedy as he is, hops onto it. This fish is going to torchure bob, along with the other big fish. About 2 seconds before he is eaten, Bob goes fish crazy. Until now, the only hint you’ve gotten that he likes fish is in the last video where there was a shark full of fish one second and a shark with no fish the next. Now, he has much bigger fish to feed on. So he burps and when he looks down, there’s a (supposedly) dead scientist on the floor. This would be a nice time to turn your volume down xDD He goes down to help the scientist. Turns out he was asleep not dead. They make a deal that the scientist will get Bob’s last cookie if he guides them both out of the shark. (*hint hint* the title) They shake on it. The next part are a few scenes meant to be funny/ironic, because the scientist is doing a bunch of work and Bob is just taking hot air balloons or stairs or whatever. The irony is that the scientist doesn’t think about that at all and HE’S supposed to be the smart one. Back to reality. Bob and scientist are finally out. Scientist spots a dolphin. Bob jumps onto the dolphin. He rides away. The scientist feels abandoned and hungry cuz he never got his cookie, when another dolphin comes. He rides it. Bob and Scientist meet up. Turns out there never was a last cookie. They go to sleep. The next morning they’re both gasping just to hold out the drama.. and then.. cookie island. Bob uses Scientist’s phone to text Vinathi that they found cookie island. And then they’re back to Vinathi. The camera is zoomed into Vinathi’s face so you can’t see the body. The end isn’t explained very well cuz I rushed. It’s supposed to have suspense. You see, in Part 1, Vinathi gets a text from Bob when a shark eats him that Bob found candy land. It turned out to be a lie so Vinathi could get over there and save him. Vinathi got out of the shark perfectly fine and she HATED it inside there. So her choosing to save him is a big thing. Anyways, thats why Vinathi doesn’t believe him. And then she goes “But no worries this time.. This time I’m coming back for you. The end is supposed to be REALLY suspense-ful (like I just said) because Bob has already been saved and he’s telling the truth which are two things Vinathi doesn’t know yet. So basically, she’s leading herself into a trap. (*hint hint* probably part of the curse) Plus, when they zoom out her outfit is kind of surprising. I wonder what that will be for? guess 😉


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