From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Yo people! How are you all today? Guess what.. it’s EASTER. So, um, happy Easter. I don’t personally celebrate it but I’m sure all of you do. Point being.. have a nice Easter. The weather outside isn’t great so you might have to leave egg hunting for another day. Luckily, you can still egg hunt on Dizzywood. Heh you should see my Easter costume on Dizzywood. I might post it later if I’m not too lazy xD

UPDATE: Wee here’s the picture  ^^ I would post more but not now. Lol it’s kinda funny how I don’t have bunny ears like everyone else but I have a mask that no one has instead. I wonder where they got the ears? :-/

And this is me with mi new BFF.. the Easter Bunny!


Comments on: "Have a funny-bunny Easter" (2)

  1. GameproGirl said:

    I hhad church yesterday so I couldn’t go on dw :/
    Happy belated easter to youu! =D

  2. Me too 🙂 I had Islamic School, actually.
    Happy belated easter to you too =DDDDDDD
    I love that word. Belated. (:

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