From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Congrats! :D

Gratz on getting 10k hits, Vindaloo! =D

I just felt like posting this =P

Happy belated Easter and April Fool’s day! Teehee! 😀

By the wayy, sorry for not emailing you, I hardly check my gmail, so yeah o_o

Bye bye and see yaa, gotta catch the stupid bus ^_^

Vinathi: Yello peoples!! I have something to show you.

It’s really cool. It takes a picture of you without lens. It uses gamma rays and it’s NOT harmful. You don’t even need a web camera! Try it! Pleaseee. I’ll give you a cookie! Why are you still here? Your cookie is awating you!


Comments on: "Congrats! :D" (7)

  1. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    By the way, where’s kka o_o

  2. Thanks game!
    Kka is on some kind of trip somewhere for her spring break (Ours STILL hasn’t come) and her laptop broke so she can’t really do anything. She still goes on dizzywood, gmail, twitter, and her blog if you wanna contact her.

  3. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Ohh, I see. xD

  4. =P I think she’s back now..

  5. I edited this =DDDDDD

  6. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Oh, wow, what the heck,vin? About the magic lens, whatever, that’s weird. I let my stepsister test it first, and she was like “what the *BEEP*” cause she got a monkey picture o_o

  7. LOL everyone gets the same picture. It drove my little sister mad. She kept taking pics of herself to see if she would be something other than a monkey, and it was the SAME picture.

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