From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

hey guys…

Its me Shun but i bet none of u guys remember me…

Well game hates me froom like a year ago

What do u think i should do??

Ill post a poll for u to determine


Comments on: "hey guys…" (4)

  1. what made you remember a year later? Did you get to talk to game?? I haven’t talked to her forever! She quit everything. I miss her 😦
    I think she’s forgotten by now but why don’t you try telling that she’s right and your wrong and begging for forgiveness 😉

  2. Oh and gameprogirl says(NOT MY WORDS! HERS):

    Now,Vinathi, go ahead, tell him, that I said “You idiot, don’t blame me for accusing the stupid fight, because I am the one who posted the good stuffs, and you just copy me and at the bottom of the post, you say ‘Credit to gameprogirl’ I tell you people not to copy me, but you guys do! Besides, what’s the stupid credit?NOTHING! Boys like you are very importuning, even most other guys are magnanimous.”

    She also says that she refuses to talk directly to you.

  3. coolshun said:

    lolz idk y im not hurt and if she thinks we boys are stupid then tell her that she is the only bad girl on girl history (if there is one) u can try to insult me but i wont care
    cuz us boys dont take everything seriously
    BTW i know why u hate me….
    No wait i dont tell me y u hate me wats the poin of hating someone when its been a year i usually forgive them about a month so wat if i cursed u nd dont u dare take me off this blog worker thingy!! if u do i can take u off by hacking ^^

  4. um tell HER that 😛
    And about the hacking thing.. you mean me or her? I wasn’t planning to take you off as a worker O.O

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