From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


Okay. So I was on dizzywood. And no one else was on :-O So I got bored and went on Wobbly. And there wuz this girl that was all, BLA BLA BLONDES RULE- BLA BLA BLA! So I wuz all, brunettes are better!! And so we got EVERYONE in presto’s edge taking sides. I would’ve taken a picture but I had to delete them because the blondie was cussing. O.O Anyways this girl came and she’s all HEY PEOPLE! COMPROMISE! LET’S DO RED HAIR! and I was all, I HATE RED HAIR! Because you know, in books, red hair is always evil. And so the blonde said blondes are bewwa instead of blondes are better. And so one of my little brunette minions were like BLONDES CAN’T EVEN SPELL BETTER Lol that cracked me up. Then I remembered kka’s awesomee black hair and I said why don’t we do black hair? but apparently no one heard me. Anyways this whole thing ended with me trick toweling everyone and me whistling innocently xDDD So, what’s YOUR opinion? Lol I don’t care if you choose blonde because I’ll never figure out.

BTW Bob chose blonde so he could (a) make me mad and (b) he thinks it looks better on girls. Meanie 😛

kka wants YOU to vote

:] kinda had to rush on that pic because I have to finish my homework and its already 8:30 O.O
Anyway, vote NOW and I’ll give you a cookie. ;]



Comments on: "GO BRUNETTES =D" (29)

  1. GO BRUNETTES! LOL WE HAVE 100% of the votes 😛

  2. Ққa2297♪ said:

    lol wow xD
    No offense red hair people…but I did realize that in most of the books I read, there’s a red hair girl that is either evil or good but someone gets jealous of them. O.O Like in Maximum Ride & PJATO xD Except in Witch and Wizard, one of the main characters has red hair. 😀
    I like black hair. Well kind of black hair, because its actually really really dark brown unless you dye it.
    Blondes are called blondes, brunettes are called brunettes, redheads are called redheads, but what are black hair people called? xP
    Oh yeah, and in Twilight, doesn’t one of the bad vampires have red hair? The girl…

    I wonder how you cuss in DW. 😐 How do people find those ways out??? o.o’

    Ugh, my science teacher put everyone in random groups & each group gets a bone with ligaments and tendons and stuff, so we have to find out which is which. Then we have a test on it tomorrow. My group does not study, and we got the SKULL. ._. There is nothing there but bone. o.O I dunno how I’m supposed to know where all the other stuff is.

  3. *sighh* not anymore 😛 VOTE BRUNETTES PEOPLE!
    Ikr? but in Maximum Ride the Red-haired Wonder is very evil! Shes not good! 😈
    Wait in PJATO there’s a redhead?? I haven’t finished the series yet!
    I wanna read Witch and Wizard
    No black hair and dark brown are different (:
    Idk.. I think black hair is included in brunette though.
    Yep. Definitely! Victoria. She was a vampire.
    She said stuff like “FOLK!”

    Well good luck on the test 😀

  4. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Heh. Wait, is she actually evil or something? I forgot. O.O
    I don’t want to spoil it for you. (: I’ll just say that she comes in the third book. And she’s…mortal :O :O :O :O
    He’s also the author of Maximum Ride. :]
    Okie then lol xP

    Folk. o.O That’s odd.

    My friend in the same class as me told me to ask the teacher if i could work individually because my group didn’t work, but I didn’t really want to leave them because then they would think that I’m a meanie or something xD But I did anyway, then the teacher started talking about choices and life and stuff like that, then said “because the group isn’t working, one of the members want to get cut loose” and everyone was like “OOOH. O.O” I didn’t get it at first, then I realized that he was talking about me. o.o

  5. No 😛 But she is to me xD
    I know, that’s how I heard about it (:
    Ikr? You don’t just go around saying FOLK YOU

    Really? Eh there’s a nice teacher (sarcasm, by the way 😉 )

  6. Liljade said:

    GOOO BLACKISH BROWN !!!!!! 🙂 my hair colour!
    and do you have facebook vin?

  7. I do but I neverr use it. Like ever…
    Lol I knew that black would win. At least no one voted blonde 😛 If you like a combo, choose the option that fits more. Like if you like blonde hair with brown streaks, choose blonde hair.

  8. Yep! Brunettes rule! I would die if I had blonde hair. I seriously would. lol.

  9. wow lol 😛 Talk about a dedicated brunette 🙂

  10. My hair is brownish but under it’s blonde. It’s freaky because i used to have really thick black hair when I was a baby then it turned blonde then dark brown and now it’s brownishly blonde but it’s gold under some light peoples tell me o.o

  11. oh lol. I know this person that died their hair every color from fuchsia to green to blonde to hot pink to purple to blue xD

  12. O.e I have brown hair with black and blue streaks. :DDDDDDDDDDD xDDDDDDDDD

  13. I see we have a variety here 🙂

  14. Lotsaaaaa colorssssss

  15. Thanks for simplifying things, annamh, I don’t know what I would do without you 😛
    I wouldd tell you my hair color too, but I can’t 😦


  17. 😛 your welcome your welcome very much.

    Aw, my dogs hair color is white

  18. I actually wish I didn’t put a black option cuz I knew everybody would chose it 😛


    White? Is he old? jk

  19. Ққa2297♪ said:

    I guess a lot of people that play have black hair. O.O
    My nose hurts sooo badd!!! I blew my nose too much, and I still have to keep blowing to avoid coughing.
    I had to run the mile today and I was sick and I got 10:47. ._.

  20. actually, no. If you read the comments, not many people who voted black hair actually HAD black hair xD

    Oh 😦 Hopefully, winter is coming to an end. No more colds 😀

    I’ve had worse xDD

    Also, me and sun are trading acc for the day.

  21. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Ooh. lol xD
    My left ear has gone deaf. O.O And I can’t taste anything, so whenever I take my medicine I don’t need water. 😛 I almost popped my ear while blowing my nose. heliX’s left ear is deaf too…except mine hurts. -.-
    Me too. 😛
    Okie dokie! Where you on her acc today?

  22. WEIRD, huh? 😛 Guess ppl just like black 🙂
    ohhh 😦 Your cold just keeps getting worse!
    Yesterday I was but today I am me and she is she xP

  23. LOL

  24. nice edit kka 😛

  25. Liljade♥/Destiny said:

    Black hair :p its cuz i have black hai sorry 4 not being supportive though

  26. don’t be sorry. Everyone has their own opinion. If you would’ve chosen red hair, I’d be mad :p

    oh wow I finish my homework at like 11:00 and I start at 6:30

  27. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Pssssssstttt: highlighttt theeeee posttttt!

  28. It’s already highlighted white 😛

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