From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

The Invisible Fire :O

Or the fire that went out. Until it came on again. xD

And I took this picture while the hearts flew by. xD

We didn’t really fit but oh well. 😛 I should save my pictures as PNG…JPEG  makes my pics look all blurry and stuff.
Well yeah. So cya later xD

~kka2297 🙂

Vinathi: This is an update btw. Kka2297 was giving me on a tour  and when we were upstairs in houses, everything looked weird. It didn’t look like that in kka’s point of view, though.


Comments on: "The Invisible Fire :O" (7)

  1. Ққa2297♪ said:

    I just bought a Tiki Mask with my points. o.O I spend a lot. xP

  2. omg the fire WAS out. Btw I updated the post.

    heh the second picture is cool 🙂

    I don’t think you spend much. I’m poor xD

    Hey look! 9009 hits!

  3. O.o I saw that once…. Maybe he got done cooking

    😀 yea

    I used all my points around Halloween

  4. Ққa2297♪ said:

    I found out a new word yesterday! Well actually two. Dither, and optimize. o.o I must dither JPG pictures to make them look clearer. xP
    I only have 375 coins left. 😛 I get coins, then spend. A looong time ago I got into the negatives. I was able to buy a 300 coin dress when I didn’t have enough.
    About 1,000 until 10,000! 😀
    Cute avatar. :mrgreen:

    I need to make my font brighter so its easier to read. O.O

  5. Vinathi (my comp has virus) said:

    oh yeah? Well I am scowling because my computer got a virus xD

    Me too lol xD


    If I could, I would make my font reaallly dark

    Lol maybe. That dude luvs cooking tho xD

    I don’t have any :-/ idk how you even use them or how you know how much you have

  6. Scold is a weird word to me… Idk

    I made up a secret language, you add op to every consonant 😀

    He IS always cooking except when he’s not cooking.

    I’m crazy movie person. I saw four movies in the movie theater in a row. First Alvin and the chipmunks two, then percy Jackson and the olympions, then valentines day, then when in Rome. XD I had an icee every time

  7. Not scold. Scowl. Scowl is when you make that mad face that looks like this: 😡

    Coopoolop (that means cool :P)

    I can see that xD

    Not me. I’ve only watched a movie at a cinema twice in my life. One was some educational movie about penguins and the other I went with a friend.

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