From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


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Comments on: "Meet Spidy (my names are so creative)" (11)

  1. Like omigosh it’s totally spidy!!

  2. Your names are creative (:
    Heh. It looks cool. o.o

  3. I think my brother has a spider as a pet…. And named it spidy. Er um bugs don’t really like my brother, you don’t want to know what he does with them

    do you think they call them bugs because they bug us? Or do they bug us because their bugs?

  4. Ikr? I should name every kid in the world. I’d call them kiddy, kid, child, childy, kidy, childie, kiddie, and kidie. Now, let us thank God that I didn’t name you and let us give a moment of pity to my child, who I will name either “Girl” or “Boy”

    Yeah, its an awesome spidy

    Lol I wasn’t gonna ask what he does to bugs but now I’m curious 😛 We’ve been having tons of spiders lately. There was one above my desk near the ceiling and I never even noticed it xD

    That’s what I always thought! That bugs are bugs because they bug us! But I’m starting to think that we got the verb bug from the noun bug… does that make sense?

  5. 😀 kiddo?


    lol if you really want to know he picks them up, puts them on a piece of styrafoam, and staps them with a sewing needle o.o that kid is weird. Lol in first grade there was a praying mantis on the ceiling.

    Lol me too! Bugs are buggy… I think it makes sense

  6. nope. But I’d give game, you, and kka special names 🙂 Like specialy! xD btw I’m kidding 😛

    SPidY man!

    Er.. poor needle. Being forced to stick itself into the icky blood of a bug. I’ve seen a stick bug before it was climbing up my desk and it practically blended in. It looked like a walking stick (hence the name)

    Bugs bug me. Have you ever thought that bugs thought about bugging you or do you think that they don’t bug you because you think they don’t bug the bugs out of you?

  7. Ohhhhh verb from the noun. Now I get it. There’s this dizzywood crew thing on ourworld. I know like a ton of people in it but half of them look very different from the way they do on dizzywood. Last time I was on dizzywood it seemed really crowded o.o kinda freaky

  8. I know. I hate crews they’re weird.

  9. Yea. O.o really weird

  10. Actually I’m not liking ourworld much either.

  11. this is a funny convo 😛

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