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Bloody Mary (P.2 at last)

Hey people. I know this is a realllly long post but its very important to the story. It only took my LITTLE sister like, 5 minutes to read it and she’s 8.  It took me about a hour and a half to write. Basically she dies and for whatever reason she’s still alive (I’m not gonna tell you why yet) and she talks about her past a lot. The next one will be when all the fun stuff starts. It’ll be really fun to write and I imagine it’ll turn out good.

This was the end. Mary stared into at the engine of the truck, trapped like a deer in headlights. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. She willed her legs to move but she was frozen. She was going to die right here because of a stupid truck. She was only seven. She had lived such a short life. There were so many hard times she had lived through. So much she wanted to do.. like ruling the world and becoming a princess in a huge castle and marrying a handsome prince.. like cuddling up with her mom who died so long ago or visiting the Eifel Tower.. A single tear stroked down her cheek, wiping dirt off. She whispered her last words: “I love you, Mom.” The next thing she saw was blood squirt all around her before she was enclosed into a case of darkness.

A few days later Mary was cuddled up into a ball in a place she didn’t recognize, scared to death. She was pretty sure she had died a while back. But then what was she doing here on Earth? She stopped hugging herself for a few seconds to look around her for the first time since she came here. This didn’t look like Earth.. it was more like Hell. There was no one around her for miles. It was so plain and ugly. And it was her worst nightmare.. being alone forever. Mary buried her face into her arms. What had she done to desereve Hell? She did a quick overview of her life. When she was little, she would walk around all big-eyed and friendly, trying to be nice, sharing with everyone. She actually did make a friend, Kelly, who eventually turned against her. One day, she came home from Kindergarden to figure out that her mom was gone. Her dad told her that her Mom was working overtime and that Mary would see her tommorow. The next day, her mom wasn’t there. And her dad said the same thing. After about a week of this nonsense, she commanded her Dad to tell her the truth. Her dad gave up and eventually told her the horrible truth: Mary’s mom was murdered by a short, malicious lady when she was at work who despised her because her mom was trying to overthrow some companies who were polluting and she actually succeeded. Mary was still little back then, and she found it hard to believe that humans would actually kill other humans. After that, she started to hate people and not trust anyone. The people at school nicknamed her Scary Mary because when someone tried to even touch her, she punched them, because she was afraid they would try to shoot her like her mom was shot and she would die a horrible, bloody death. Too late. She reached for her bracelet to comfort her anger, only to find it wasn’t there. Mary started to panic. The bracelet had been given to her by her mom the day before she died. Mary always wore it and it acted as her mom, she talked to it when she was sad and complained to it when she was mad. Mary’s mom had only left Mary two things to remind her of herself, her bracelet and a little boy, Mary’s Brother. Mary’s little brother was a cute little fellow, with blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. She loved him almost (not quite) as much as her mother. He was about a month old when their mom was murdered. Mary treated Willy, what she named her brother (hey hey before you start thinking that’s a stupid name think back to when you were 4 and named your bear Beary), like a son. Meanwhile, her dad  was working day and night. And then one day, it all became too much. He couldn’t take care of the kids. He didn’t want to leave both of his kids behind, so he decided to take one. Of course, if you’re going to choose between a muderous little girl and an adorable, innocent little boy, you would choose the boy. So he took Willy and ran off to someplace. And he was probably rich now that he didn’t have to care for Mary while she lived in a beat-up house against the law (it was for sale but no one wanted to buy it so she lived in there secretly) and went to a school for thugs. Mary started panicking more: Now both her brother and her bracelet were gone. She got up swiftly and searched the ground. No bracelet.  She checked her ratty old jean’s pockets. No bracelet. She checked her leg, in case she was wearing it around her leg. Nope. There was nothing more to search. Now she was mad. Three things she valued most were lost forever. She couldn’t do anything about her bracelet or her brother, but she could definetly get revenge for her life. Who said just ’cause she was dead, she wouldn’t be able to kill every human that had hurt her in this evil, cruel world? She would find a way. Scary Mary smiled mercilessly.


Comments on: "Bloody Mary (P.2 at last)" (8)

  1. Awesome!!!! Yay, I can’t wait for her and Jim to start dating!!!

  2. Ққa2297♪ said:

    That deer picture is funny. xDD
    lol anz xp
    That’s awesome! i can’t make a story…its so hard, even though I imagine things in my head. I can’t seem to make them into words. o.o
    I used to try keeping stuffed animals when I was younger, and I named them too. But I guess I can’t have stuffed animals, because I slept every time hugging them and waking up to find them on the floor. And I thought they weren’t very comfortable either, so I just gave them to heliX. o.O

  3. 😀 Jim was flickering the light yesterday

    I can’t either, I’ve always been horrible at writing o.o

    when I was little I drew my brother a picture and my mom hung it right next to his bed… And then in the morning it was gone and asked where it was and he said he ate it

  4. She’s not actually going to start dating Jim. I’m not even sure that she’s going to start dating. But I’m sure she’ll fall in love. Like, deep love. Maybe even deeper than how much she loves her mother :♥

    Thanks, kka 😛 It’s supposed to be how she looked when the car was coming at her

    That’s the problem I used to have. But now that I started reading more it’s gotten a lot easier

    LOL! Thats what happened to me! I used to throw my stuffed dolls on the floor in my sleep and then when I woke up I’d be like, “Poor dolly. Did you get any sleep?” Lol one time when my sister was really little and there was a storm and she was creeped out so I went to sleep hugging her and when I woke up, I figured out that I had thrown HER on the floor in my sleep. xD

    (: did you ask him if it tasted good?

  5. Lol I know… That would be kinda weird, if she started dating Jim I mean.

    I read TONS, but I’m still bad at writing *crosses being writer person off list of careers*

    Lol me too! But I don’t sleep with stuffed animals anymore so I throw by sheets off the bed (:

    :O I’ll ask him that tomorrow.

    My mom likes to scrapbook so when my brother was two she made him do all this bad stuff so she could take pictures of him doing it.

  6. LoL it would be weird, wouldn’t it? Heh Bloody Mary is going to be a lot creepier than a ghost who flicks light switches tho xD

    That’s super duper weird. I always thot that was impossible. Guess I’m special ♥

    okie. Also ask him if toilet paper is yummy 😛

    Really? haha that’s really weird xP

  7. Lol true.

    😀 yupers

    okiedoke… My friend says that she had folders in her brain so she eats papers so she can have paper in them o.o

    lol I know

  8. No really. Shes going to be one scary ghost-a-majigr. Not like, rawr but like ROAR

    I always wanted a message transmitter type of thing in my brain. That way when I’m not home and my laptop ran out of batteries, I can chat with you guys. Even at school. And the best part is, you guys would get the message where ever you are; school, home, in the shower, even walking your dog.
    Also, I wish I had a camera in my brain. Not like a normal camera, but a camera that shows things in your point of view. And I’ll be able to send you the pics from my point of view. For example, if I had bad eyesight (which I do) and I sent you a pic you would see it with my bad eyesight. Another example, If I were looking at something and your sister couldn’t see it, you could just use the camera in your brain to take a pic of it and send it to her brain. Another example, if I wanted to store a pic in my brain but I wasn’t carrying a camera. I have a few more examples but they would take a while to type

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