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Talk about a num thum

Um okay. So this is a song I made up during gym because (a) I was extremely bored and (b) because it was super-duper cold out and I had a numb thumb. Its very random but hey, it rhymes! I hope you enjoy:

Numb Thumb
It’s a bum you  can’t cum.
‘Cuz I’ve got a num thum that’s really dum
It likes to hum and find math sums.
I found it on planet glum
That’s where its from!
It eats pretty much any crumb.
So go fetch me some scum!!
I need a drum.
Cuz’ I’ve got a NUM THUM
Num thum(x2)
Talk about about a num thum, dum thum, hummin’ thum that finds math sums!
That’s a load of chum (really dum!)


Comments on: "Talk about a num thum" (10)

  1. Ққa2297♪ said:

    lol i like it 😆
    The picture looks like there’s a wart on the thumb though. O.O Numb thumb kinda sounds like a hero/villain name to me. xP “duh duh duh duhh, its numb thumb to the RESCUE!!” ._.

    My hands were numb during PE on Friday because it was so cold! I didn’t bring a jacket for some reason. ._. So I had to play softball outside and when I tried catching the ball after the batter hit it, it hit three of my fingers hard. So my three fingers were numb-er than the other ones. o.O
    I washed my hands after class. The water was warm, so I was able to move my fingers again without feeling pain. :mrgreen:

  2. thx 😛 I made a vid on Windows media player with me singing
    thats what I was thinking when I uploaded the picture! But I couldn’t find a better one xP
    the song but youtube won’t let me upload it O.O
    Lol it sounds more like a villain name xD

    Usually when I go numb, hot water doesn’t help. One time, we went ice skating for like, 5 hours. By the time I took off my ice skates my feet were frozen. It was like that all night too. I tried everything. My hands were cold, but at least they weren’t frozen

  3. 😀 im at school awesomeness!!!

  4. yeah that IS awesomeness!

  5. Well the school part is NOT awesomeness, but I meant that I was commenting at school and I had no time to say anything

  6. ooo. I knew dat 😛

  7. I have nothing to say *sings randomly*

  8. 😀 me neither lalalala

  9. .. this is borin’ me D:
    *starts singing* OHHH YEAHHH THIS IS BORIN’ ME!

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