From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


On my 2nd- newest page, the “bored?” page, I wrote a story. I like it and I’m already coming up with the next one. I think you know who Bloody Mary is. If you don’t then I’ll just tell you that she is in a lot of chain mail saying: “Forward this to _13232432_ people or Bloody Mary will come get you”

Ever heard of Bloody Mary? Well this is my version of the story (: Originally she was just Mary but as she found more people she hated, her eyes turned deep crimson red. Everyone she met, she hated instantly. Bloody Mary was never a trouble maker. She simply wanted to make friends, for her parents to love her and care about her, to have people stop insulting her. She would cry and cry until one day, she had enough of crying. She wanted revenge. She decided it was time for WORLD DOMINATION. She made blueprints about which places to dominate first and which to dominate last and how to dominate them and such. She spent years working on these plans, months mapping out routes to take. They took months to make but by the end, she would be unstoppable. One day, she was walking to school because her parents never cared enough to drive her, and when she was crossing the street when her blue prints dropped. After she had crossed the street, she realized her blueprints were gone. Months of hard work thrown away. She saw her blueprints lying right there in the middle of the street. Bloody Mary raced into the street, her arms swooping down to pick up her beloved blueprints. And when she looked up, she was staring right into the face of a car heading towards her.



Comments on: "BLOODY MARY!" (37)

  1. Hey ppl! I’m at school right now. In science class. Im supposed to be working on some worksheet. Taking a break from it right now. Well, yeah 🙂
    Do you like the story? Should I post the second one soon? Oh a few days ago I made up a song called num thum ’cause it was so cold it was kind of a hip hop tune to it I’ll make sure to post that soon!

  2. Vinathi =at school= said:

    The reason Im on the computer is ’cause my teacher sent me here to do some worksheets. Im on dizzywood. you would think the servers wouldn’t be so full on a friday at 9:45 AM. But nooo. Theyre REALLY FULL. So yeah. kind of freaky dont u think? God I am soo bored and I finished my worksheet but then I messed up and I have to wait for a new one it like SUCKS.
    Oh no the librarian is coming gtg! I’ll meet all of you on dizzywood after school perferably not at 4-5:30 or not at 8 or 9

  3. Woow. at my school i can go on dizzywood but not anything else… i can go on my blog too. my teacher like never lets us go on random websites.

  4. No lol it was behind the librarians back! She would have MURDERED me xD Only google (just the google homepage not gmail or google images), the school website, dizzywood, my blog and a few other websites arent blocked at my school.

  5. Lol my teacher just let’s us do whatever after we do what she say to do. Idk why but googles blocked at my school. A friend of mine is trying to figure out the password to unblock it. I can go on miniclip though. It’s weird but I can go on my email at school o.o me and my friend go on out emails and just chat

  6. We dont go to the computer lab very much. Even if we DID go there a lot and the teacher DID lets us do whatever we want when we were done finishing what she/he asked us to do, all the fun sites are blocked.

  7. Yea we usual only go once or twice a month
    I haven’t really tryed every site yet but there is dizzywood. I don’t get why they do have dizzywood, I kinda consider it a gaming website o.o

  8. I think DW isn’t blocked ’cause its not popular e-nuff
    Heh I like dat word. E-nuff xD

  9. That’s true… But like ourworld is blocked and so is fantage. Hmm this is a weird thought but wouldn’t it be hilarious if you turned around and saw the librarian playing dizzywood and that’s why it’s not blocked

    e nuff is coolish e and nuff. Nuff is like nuff

  10. Ққa2297♪ said:

    DW isn’t blocked?? lol last time I was in the Computer Lab I didn’t check. >.< I just went to DeviantArt and my blog. o.o
    I remember trying to go onto another website, but I forgot what it was. It was blocked though.
    I think DW isn't blocked because sometimes dw goes to the schools sometimes

  11. ourworld fantage and fantage is blocked with us too.
    LOL! Well, I bet our librarians chat together thats why its not blocked for either of us 😛
    Ikr? MY word rox. I wonder if DW will allow us to say enuff?

    God kka you’re like ALWAYS on your blog! You dedicate so much time into it! It makes me feel really guilty xD
    DW goes to the schools?

  12. Lol! I’ll be watching Mrs. I-like-to-play-dizzy-wood-alot-and-ima-librarian next time I go to the library and see if she’s on dizzywood o.o

    dizzywood would be niceish if we could say snuff (:

    maybe Kka means like da people from dizzywood do like presentations or something?

  13. Ққa2297♪ said:

    lol xD One time, half of my class was in the Computer lab, and the other half was locked outside, including the teacher. I was inside, and a bunch of people were pounding on the door on the other side, so I opened it, but I didn’t realize half the class was outside. o.O
    Yeah. 😀 We should try saying enuff. I dunno if kka shows up when people type it, because someone said it but I didn’t see it. o.o

    DW made a post two years ago on Halloween that they visited a school and the students made stories. o.o Then they posted the stories.

    I just either update it or check the comments and reply, or both. xP Not going on much as I used to actually. D: I don’t want to stop going. -.-“

  14. Lol I remember this one time there were whiteboards and markers in the hallway so I wrote my blog on it… And the next day a bunch of people came then the day after that no one o.o
    I think I’ll try that o.o its going to be very exciting e n u f f

    well I think I remember that 😀 they should to all the schools to … Er save us from learning to much math

  15. Ooh ooh I wanna watch Mrs. I-like-to-play-dizzy-wood-alot-and-ima-librarian! I should make it into a show xD
    I wish we could say more on DW
    Really? Should we call u kk or something then?
    Oh yeah I remember that halloween post!
    Lol yeaH! That way we wouldn’t have to learn as much that day xD I doubt any school would be allow a presentation about some website thats barely educational tho. Maybe if DW did like, random math problems while you’re chatting and if you don’t answer them you get ban from DW. THAT would be educational 😛

  16. Yeah! It’s like it’s a reality show and people like act all weird and stuff to try to figure out if she’s playing dizzywood! Once I showed my friend this one picture and it was like this dude looking at this big weapon made of balloons and it said “the latest weapon in the war against clowns”. So then my friends said that there should be a show called the clown wars: battle for the circus. And I was like “yeah! And the characters would be princess liontamer, Luke tightropewalker, and obi wan clownobi!” yeah that was fun

    I wish we could still do symbols and stuff :/ those evil ppl 😡

    you guys can just call me anz… Everyone does.
    I wish we could say peoples actual name names… It would be so much less confuzzling, I met three people with the same name and different numbers and I had no idea what to call them without getting mixed up

    If I owned a school everyone could play dizzywood all they wanted… Lol my mom calls my school Kendall military acadamy. It’s really strict… I mean everyones nice except for the assistant principal (who is definatly NOT my pal). Just it’s really er strict

    whoa this is a loooong comment!

  17. lol! you COULD actually do that and make it into a you tube vid or something xD

    All I wanna do are parentheses, commas, and colons. I’m not asking for a lot of punctuation just a few smiley thingies

    I don’t really care but if you want me to call you by your actual name, I will. Anz is actually a cool name.

    Lol if you owned a school then the people there would have to learn something or it wouldn’t be a school would it?

    Everyone types long comments on this blog. You’ll get used to it. It gets kind of annoying to scroll through all the long comments though xD

  18. Lol yea my other friend and I might do something ^^ that’s gonna be awesome.

    Yea same here, and if we could do stuff from the character map that would be cool too.

    People call me that because a friend of mine is named Nikki and my other friend calls her stikki so I shortened it to stix and she started calling me anz, my real real name is Anna

    they could learn… How to make different cookies xD And then we could have a cookie party

    I guess I like long comments because then er it’s like a long conversationish thing

    I’m reading this book and it’s kinda weird… Like there’s five kids and they’re sent to antartica and they have to make it to the pole, and the MVP gets $100000, but all of the people aren’t really friends so everyone like always fights

  19. Ққa2297♪ said:

    I went to the computer lab yesterday and DW was blocked. -.-” It said that I couldn’t play because of: Games. o.O
    lol obi wan clownobi xDD Maybe it could be kind of like a horror movie to some people who are afraid of clowns.. o.O

    okie anz 😀 lol yeah…It would be kind of hard to call me kk because sometimes people say “kk” as in okay. I dunno xP

    My science teacher lectured my class today saying how we failed our test, and the other classes are able to dissect because they passed his test, which was that we had to name the heart parts of a heart model. 8 groups passed in most of the classes. Except for period 3. So they won’t get to dissect. So my Science teacher was telling us that we would probably fail and wouldn’t be able to dissect a heart. Very encouraging. But 8 groups passed in my class anyway xD

    Anna. Cool name 😀 You can spell your name backwards right away!! ^^

    There’s clubs in my schools, like Pancake Club and stuff, but I don’t get why there isn’t a Cookie Club when there’s a Pancake Club. o.o

    Welcome to the long commenting place xDD I guess…one of the posts had like 200 comments in there filled with long comments like these. Just made by Vinathi, GameProgirl, and me. o.o

    Heh. And in the end, they all become friends. :mrgreen: It reminds me of Warriors. A cat from each clan had to go to the beach (they called it sun-drown place xDD) and while they were going, they always argued and fought, but then they became friends. o.o

  20. That’s weird o.o maybe crazy librarian lady at ur school decided to quit dizzywood? 😀 yea my friend who came up with that (her name is Hannah) says me and her are the bananas (: she’s really random. Haha it made me remember this time ANOTHER friend said she was rich and she won a grammy because she was the richest person in the world, she had like everyone working for her,
    Hannah(a.k.a. Cucumberince, she’s allergic to cucumbers):agent
    me: assistant
    poochie( this guy who’s last name kinda sounds like poochie, so everyone calls him that): another agent
    purple man(guy Raquel, “the richest person in the world”, thinks looks purple): another agent
    livia( girl in my class): private manners teacher… Raquels not the most polite person in the world
    Caitlin: private manners principal…
    Lol it’s really complicated, she thought the whole thing out

    😀 well you could do… Kk a so then dizzywood will pick it up and it won’t be completly confusing

    er dissecting a heart sounds kinda gross, we had to dissect an owl pellet and a frog… Ewww

    thanks! It’s funny because at school people spell there names backward then call each other that… And then they just Capp me the same thing xD

    ehhh there’s kinda clubs at my school… People know who hangs out with who… But I don’t think people really name themselves, well people give different groups of people sometimes.

    I would sooo be in the cookie club xD

    I’m not sure how long this comment is but I think it’s longish o.o

    Yup that’s how it is in alot of books… Everyones not really friends at first and then they are friends xD

  21. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Maybe. 😛 I guess she didn’t like membership or something xD She sounds random. 😀 hehe…poochie. xDD It does sound kind of complicated. Maybe you could make a story. I dunno. Some of my friends made a story thing…there was a grandma, a mom, a long-lost brother, bla bla bla. I had to be a babysitter. ._. they wrote the story in my yearbook. 😀 Well, actually someone elses yearbook. o.O

    Yeah, it’ll be Okay A. 😛

    My partner and I got the smallest heart. >.< It was all squishy…nvm. o.O I had to dissect an owl pellet before. Its way cleaner than a pig heart. Poor pig. 😦

    I can't spell my name backwards. xP I'd have to think first… o.o

    When I'm in high school, I'm gonna try learning Spanish. Then Tagalog. I really need to learn a second language. -.- In my school, everyone seems to hang out in groups. And if there's only one or two people in the group, random people walk up and start annoying you. It stinks. But out of the other schools in my district, its one of the safest for some reason…No drugs and stuff like that.

    o.O I just imagined me swimming in cookies. It reminds me of Squidward swimming in Krabby Patties in one of the episodes. -.- Where he starts eating them all and then gets really fat. o.e

    I guess my comment is long too. 😛 I have to eat dinner.

    Many books have similar meanings, but they're all told differently. I like it anyway. 😀 I like adventure & fantasy books…fiction. Sometimes scary stories. 😛

  22. Yeah she must have quit really early when the membership started 😀

    lol yup very random

    haha some people call him the great poochini, very complicated there’s even an evil nurse involved!

    O.o babysitter lol it would be so funny if they wrote it on the wall

    eww pig heart. We had to dissect the owl pellet then put the bowns(forgot how to spell that) inside back together… Grossness

    Once a few years ago my friends and I made a giant poster for my other friends birthday and when I was signing it I forgot how to spell my name.

    :O I wanna swim in cookies!!! I remember that episode (: do you think that the krabby patties really taste like the gummy candy ones?

    Even the long comments still seem short 😛

    Sooometimes I like science fiction, but I like fantasy and ghost stories and adventure

  23. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I kinda find this post kinda offensive…

  24. I could see how this post is offensive too. I grew up hating the world. Well, not really. To be honest I don’t even remember anything up to 3rd grade very well. The memories are very fuzzy.

    Anyways, The difference between me and Mercury is that Mercury didn’t like her own family. She didn’t even trust her SELF. I haven’t gotten into the details yet but I was planning to tell more about the story of her when she was little in the next part. The very main difference between us is that when I was little I didn’t go plotting to blow up the world when I hated everyone. I just tried harder.
    And I don’t really see how this would offend you in any way. You have tons of friends, I’m pretty sure your eyes aren’t red, she grew up without a mom, her dad was pretty much depressed that her mom died (more details I was planning to go into later) while you, kinda, have it the other way around- you live with your mom not your dad

    If its STILL offensive, I’m very sorry I’ll try to fix it. In my mind though, with all the details, it sounded kind of like a horror story

  25. I haven’t met many people who want to blow up the world… Or maybe I have :O what if that’s what my dog does in his free time

  26. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I still find this post offensive, but not a lot. And I’m not forcing you to change it or something like that.

  27. Lol! I think your dog dreams about the girl dog that lives next door in his free time. Dreaming about his sticky tounge all over her soft, furry face xD
    Well, I’m sorry it offended you. In the future I’ll try to keep my stories less offensive

  28. His girlfriend lived across the street xD

  29. ok lol across the street then. He’s probably also dreams about the cute litter of puppies he’s going to get when they finally marry and live happily ever after xD

  30. Ққa2297♪ said:


  31. Why are cookiez called cookies? I mean, cookies don’t cook!

  32. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Yeah! I was wondering about that yesterday. In my SS project, i had to name my villages, and I wanted to combine cookie and ville together (but I wasn’t allowed to do cookieville), so then thought of “cookville” and yeah. O.O

  33. Wow we have similar brainz!
    Cookville would be a weird name. Like, Hey! I live in Cookville!

  34. Ққa2297♪ said:

    yaya xDD
    Yeah. O.O So I didn’t do Cookville. 😛 I wanted to name one of my other villages Pumpkinville, beacuse it was shaped like a pumpkin, so I named it Ponkinville. o.O

  35. LOL pokinville. I would LOVE to live there xD
    But cookville would be yummier. You could eat the ville because it would taste like cookies AND it would have good cooks in

  36. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Ponkin reminds me of gophers for some reason now. An audible in Yahoo! Messenger where a gopher (at least i think its a gopher.. o.O) was saying “Ping me! Ping me!” or something like that.
    Oh yeah. 😀 But then it would disappear because everyone ate it already. O.O Unless…UNLESS…they made a new one!

  37. Lol I guess I can see how it would remind you of gophers.
    Why would people eat gophers? xD

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