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My Site Banner

I’ve been thinking about it and I decided I to wanted make a site banner.. so yeah 😀 I wouldn’t mind make site banners for people and I reeallly want to make one for kka to thank her for showing me how to link pictures or whatever its called. So if  someone wants a banner please tell me and also tell me if you want me to use a certain picture? Thanks (: Okay here’s my site banner… Feel free to add mine to your blog~!

<a href=””><img title=”banner” src=”; alt=”” width=”175″ height=”158″ /></a>

Or if you want it to be bigger..

<a href=””><img title=”banner” src=”; alt=”” width=”299″ height=”300″ /></a>


Comments on: "My Site Banner" (14)

  1. Awesome it’s all randomy… Is that a word?

  2. Tanks.. I think xD
    Well, randomy SHOULD be a word

  3. Welcome… I think
    how about ramdomology

  4. Oh yeah! Thats an awesome word! Like “The study of randomness”! We cud study it in Spanish and take tests on it and liek make a randomness language but the language would have to b really randomy and make randomy songs and stuffs!

  5. That would so random! How about… We make random blogs .-. That would be cool

  6. Ққa2297♪ said:

    lol at first I thought the banana was a banner o.O

  7. oh yeah but I changed it. I’m thinking of changing it again 🙂
    btw this IS a random blog

  8. I know 🙂 it’s randomness I had this like idea of randomness but then I forgot. So I said blogs… this is one the most randomly awesome blog ever!

  9. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Sometimes I feel like making a randomness blog. Or one about my life. But I probably wouldn’t type anything in it xD Yes. 😀 Its the most random blog I ever read. xP

  10. I tried just making another blog once… Then I did know what to say o.o
    very randomy

  11. Lol tanks ppl. I’m going to post a song I wrote soon lol its dedicated to my numb thumb. A few days ago it was so cold in Gym class I made a song about how numb my thumb was and it rhymed and everything xD

  12. :O that’s very awesome! I wrote a song about chocolate scones and math… well to seperate songs

  13. Lol, tanks! Whats a scone? xD

  14. Err I have no idea… I think it’s sorta like a cookie? I had them at friends house and we A song about them wile playing on ourworld

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