From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

  1. Disassemble your pen and “accidentally” flip the ink cartridge at your sibling
  2. Sing the Batman theme over and over again
  3. Change channels five minutes before the end of every show.
  5. Drum on every available surface.
  6. Chew on pens that you’ve borrowed.
  7. Lick the filling out of all the Oreos, and place the cookie parts back.
  8. Select the same song on the jukebox fifty times.
  9. Write “YOU ARE STUPID” in the lawn
  10. Add sound effects to everything your sibling does.
  11. “Forget” the punch line to a long joke, but make sure your sibling knows it was an “awesome joke”
  12. Pretend you have gone completely deaf.
  13. If your sibling is a girl, keep calling her “dude”
  14. Copy everything they do.
  15. Take off the eraser to every pencil in your house
  16. Tk in cht lang (talk in chat language)
  17. At random times in a conversation, say “Hi,” “Hello, how are you?” or “Have a good day, thank you.”
  18. Every time someone asks you to do something or says something to you ask “Is that a threat?”
  19. Answer every question with another question. As soon as one of you says a statement instead of a question, shout “I win!”.
  20. Whenever someone finishes a sentence say, “And then what happened?”
  21. Finish each sentence with “Monkey See, Monkey Do”
  22. When walking push an invisible cart and make loud squeaky noises.
  23. Lend the sibling a book, and rip out the ending
  24. When you’re in an argument, no matter what it’s about, keep yelling “I don’t see your name on it!”.
  25. Continue to ask someone, “Is this annoying? Is this annoying?” over and over and over.


Comments on: "25 Ways to Annoy Your Sibling" (49)

  1. Omigosh are you like watching my brother? He does pretty much everyone of thos ( I just forgot how to spellz dat word)

  2. I’m pretty sure I’m not stalking your brother if that makes you feel any better xD

  3. Ok that’s good, he’s not very interesting

  4. Aww I have to cancel my plans. I was planning to stalk your brother from 12-1 AM. I’ll make a mental note so I don’t forget.
    Oh I got Yankee Doodle Dandy stuck in my sis’s head shes like so annoyed. Now when she goes to school tomorrow she’ll be singing the barney song xD

  5. Ққa2297♪ said:

    lol. My brother’s annoying…he doesn’t stop when I say stop. ¬¬ But I think he’s awesome anyways.
    ..I remember having a Barney costume in my old house..its gone now. But I don’t remember who wore the costume. ._.

  6. Well, thats the nature of younger siblings. Their mission on earth is to annoy us xD
    A barney costume? You should’ve worn it on Halloween
    Two words I have been spelling all my life wrong: dosen’t and theese. How come no one ever corrected me? Lol my brother said he was so surprised when he found out of is not spelled ‘ov’

  7. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Yep. My brother and heliX always argue. I guess the youngest and the oldest don’t get along very well. They were just arguing a few minutes later about closing the window. ._.
    lol no xD
    I spelled ‘doesn’t’ wrong for my whole life until a few months ago. o.O I was typing it on the Microsoft Word, and the red line would always appear under it, so then I would just ignore it, until I looked at the suggestion. xP No one corrected me either. I guess people don’t see it until you look closely.

  8. Really? my brother thinks the youngest and the oldest always get along best. I do too. Well, I guess there has to be a big difference between the youngest and oldest kids or something.
    For example my little sister(youngest kid) perfers my oldest brother over all the rest of us. This is because she only knew him for like 2 years before he headed to college. Whenever she says our oldest brother is “nice” we all burst out laughing like “suureee he is” xD
    awwz. Why not?
    That’s how I figured out how it was spelled too :-O

  9. Liljade♥ said:

    Aww… some of it seems mean like ripping out the ending and changeing the channels

  10. They are ur siblings! You have not just a legal but moral responsibility to drive them crazy. Even if it goes against your conscious (:

  11. Omigoshers
    in music at my school we learned the real words to yankee doodle

    its like this “Yankee Doodle, keep it up, Yankee Doodle Dandy, mind the music and the step, and with the girls be handy”
    I really dont get why they made it like that

  12. lol thats funnys (:

  13. Lol yea I know people back in the 1700s must have been pretty crazy

  14. they were lol you should see how they dressed.

  15. Lol yea I can imagine like a chorus and everyones singing yankee doodle… Creepy

  16. heh it would be really creepy if they were all singing the barney song, “I love you! You love me!” xD

  17. Whooa I cam just imagine that … It’s creepy
    those people were way behind on the fashion trend

  18. I don’t get the point of barney? I mean, a purple dinosaur? Is the dude nuts?
    I bet our gran kids will be mocking our fashion a decade from now xD But what IS our fashion? Like The 60’s are known for peace signs and such. The 80’s for jean jackets and bell bottoms. The 90’s were known for being EXtremely nerdy in their clothes choice. How about us?

  19. Whoa um… Maybe skinny jeans? And well slot of my friend wear alot of color?

  20. Well maybe skinny jeans. But in Indiana no one wears skinny jeans. I mean, theese fashion rules have to apply to everyone not just a few states. I think black will be one thing we’re known for.

  21. Wow really? In Illinois just about everyone does… well I didn’t today.

    Definatly black, there are some annoying people in my school who think everytime the teacher stops talking it’s time to sing the emo song.
    E is for emotions that ruin everybodys day
    M is for miserable people (like you!(not you, you but like just random people the boys point to))
    O is for one the dark side, cuz we have fresh cookies (cookies!

    I hate that song except for the end (cookies!)

  22. Ққa2297♪ said:

    yom yom cookies :mrgreen:

  23. 😀 cookies

  24. Indiana it snows a lot so no one wore skinny jeans they just throw as many layers on as possible. California everyone wears shorts or skinny jeans (way different than Indiana xD) I live in California right now.
    LOL that song is so random!!
    Wow kka nice pin! That deserves to go on the bored page I’ll give you credit 😀

  25. Yea Illinois is snowyish but not very exciting… I really really don’t like it here but Ive lived here my whole life and have only moved once when I was two. Most exciting thing about my city is that Kay panabaker went to my school and one of my best friends has her old social studies book(or the fact that we have the sears, now Willis, tower). People here where skinny jeans and pretty much everything else…
    My parents were planning on taking my family to Washington d.c. But then my brother said he wanted to go to california because they have legoland and he loves legos

    The pin is awesome! I need to get one! I like randomly scrolling through the bored page 😀

  26. I’ve lived in many different states.. my dad loves to move in January during Winter break. That really sucks because its the middle of the year and so like, everyone else is already used to school and stuff but the new kid is like, “oh no wheres my next class” And everyone pretty much has enough friends for one year and stuff. Coming at the beginning of the year is much easier because you’re not the only new kid.

    Moral of the story: So if you ever have to move in the middle of the year, try to get your dad to hold it off for a few months

  27. Ққa2297♪ said:

    I want snow. o.o
    Two times I moved to schools in the middle of the year…well actually it was Oct or Sept when I came. o.o Its kind of embarsing (thats not how I spell it, xp) when you do something wrong and you’re new. -.-

  28. yeah lol
    OMG I just went on DW for the first time in like ever, kod is on and super is having a party and everyones like.. OMG ITS VINATHI! *FAINT* I’m like.. what the???

  29. Yea my friend moves like every 3 years so now I’m sad because she might move soonish… We have TONS of new people at my school this year. Some came in the middle and some came at the beginning

  30. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Aww! I haven’t seen you three in so long! D: TUNAAAA. I’m gonna go on DW!!!
    I’m moving after I finish high school, which is kinda good…I usually move after every three years. -.-
    There’s not so much new people at my school. xP I think I saw two so far. lol.

  31. I’m pretty sure I’ll be stuck in Illinois for a while… My mom told me to go to collage somewhere warm and my parents will move there and let me do my laundry at thier house… That’s gonna be in like forever so… Yea

    😀 I saw like 3 new people at the beginning and three more in the past few weeks 😛 not really a ton

  32. Where are you moving to? I hope you stay in California! God meeting you (in irl or DW)would be like a dream come true ♥
    Then again sometimes I think its better you don’t see me in irl

  33. :O I just remembered that for spring break I’m going to california

  34. What part? There’s a lot of California lying around

  35. Like around san diego… Actually I meant to say in summer

  36. oH.. I live like, 2 hours away from San Diego. plus during the summer I’ll be in Egypt 😦

  37. Ққa2297♪ said:

    You’re going to California? I would like to type something here but everyone else would be able to see it too. Sometimes I forget that. xP

  38. Ққa2297♪ said:

    ooh ooh I might be going to the Philippines this year! …Somewhere around summer, I guess. o.O I dunno really.

  39. really? cool!

  40. Woow my friend went to Egypt for christmas. Sad I won’t be around where you live 😦 wait did that sound stalkerish o.o that’s not what I meant!

    Cool! My friend went there once

  41. lol nope no stalkerish
    I have a friend that’s really blonde and pretty but for whatever reason, she never ever talks and when she does talk it comes out all weird like a newborn baby is talking (it sounds kinda cute tho but I’ve only heard her talk like, 4 times) she just moved her at the beginning of the year. When I asked her where she moved from today, she told me she was from Finland and my other friend told me that she spoke Finnish there and she lived in Egypt and England and she knows like 10 languages. It was so cool! She’s been my friend for like half a year now but I had no idea.

  42. xD OK good

    That’s really cool! Dora taught me to speak Spanish…

    There’s this really weird dude who has this really creepy voice and a mustache and he says he’s from Vegas

  43. It better be good 🙂 I don’t really see how me saying you’re not a stalker would be bad tho xD

    I bet I could beat Dora in a Spanish contest 30 times in a row.. watch me say “hola”

    really? nice xD

  44. ihatebeingthe younger one said:

    ah im soooangry at my brother tht i wnt even bother to see him now but im soo gonna do all this

  45. ROFL I just hope your bro doesn’t come crying to me when you do this stuff bc then I’ll feel really guilty

  46. chaosmaster said:

    oooooooh man, my sister is so annoying, i might pull some of these pranks on her but most wont work cuz she knows them too well! im 14 and my sis is 8, the six year age gap is terrifyingly high, and there is no end to her argumentive nature. everything u say, she just finds no better thing to do but argue. the other day i said something pretty straightfoward and true, and yet, she argued. it makes me NEVER want to be with her, and plus shes horrible at all the things i like so there uya go. thanks for letting me blow off some steam!

  47. chaosmaster said:

    uya is ya with no u……rofl XD

  48. Haha I’m sorry. That sounds like it would suck. 😛
    How did you find this site anyway? I’m just curious lol

  49. will is my friends brother and is so annoying we tried the 101 ways but he was a pain in the bum

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