From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Well I promised myself I would post this so long ago and I finally am doing it! I was waiting until I ran out of ideas for posts. These are awesome face paintings. BTW, I know I say a lot of things are awesome, but this is overwhelmingly awesome. Like, the most awesome in all the awesome universe.
Here, look at it for yourself:

One of my personal favorites. It’s so creative how he brushes his hair and all xD

AHHH! There’s a human in my popcorn!!

Hello. May I take your order?

I’d like a cheese human please.

This painting scares me. It’s so real D:

There’s a monster and a lady. The lady is screaming and the monster is running after her. Not that hard to find out.

In the news: Mickey Mouse is not a mouse, He’s an orange human! BTW kka, you were right. You really do turn orange if you eat carrots xDD

I like pineapples (:

Yum. Lol did anyone else notice that’s not his real tongue? It took me a while to figure that out xD

The Pharaoh. Very real.

I think it’s supposed to be a strawberry.. regardless,  it’s kinda cool. I wonder how they got that leaf hat thing?

That’s just creepy!

This is my other favorite. There are a little too many seeds for my taste though 🙂

An optical illusion. It’s a fruit basket and yet its a man with face paint on.


Comments on: "Unnecessarily Awesome Face Painting" (28)

  1. This post is really long O.O

  2. Gameprogirl said:

    They look scary. D:

  3. Ққa2297♪ said:

    lol xP
    Gasp! Mickey Mouse didn’t tell us he was made out of oranges 😮 Liesssss
    I bet the cheese puff man was the easiest to do. 😛

  4. Lolz yeah. Still freakishly awesome though 😉
    Mickey Mouse should be a better role model and speak the truth xD
    I don’t think so. Would you like to have your face painted yellow and cheese puffs painted all over it? Then again, compared to the others I guess your right

  5. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    While I was going to your blog today, vin, I forgot about the painted faces and I screamed when I saw the face.
    That’s how scary they are to me.

  6. lol that must have been funny xD Wish I were there to see it. No offense xD

  7. GameproGirl said:

    None taken.

  8. Thanks. I was worried for a sec.
    Take this quiz:

  9. i like the corn face better cuz it looks like the yellow balls are crowding the mans face ahaaha!

  10. I know right? It rocks!

  11. They should make one that looks like a gigantic avatar dude pershon from dat movie with the weird nose! I made myself look strangely like those people on my dsi

  12. lol yeah that would be an AWESOME idea 😀
    Heh cool. Could you post pics or something so everyone could see ’em?

  13. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Heh I used someone’s DSI during a Thanksgiving party, and I messed up my face xD Its funny. I still wouldn’t have bought it though…I’m already too busy using the Internet and doing homework. And other stuff. xP Like eating lunch and dinner. Stuff like that. o.O

  14. Lol really? I wanna mess up my face. Lol that sounds funny xD
    I’m too busy breathing 😛

  15. Ққa2297♪ said:

    heh.. xD I barely have homework today! 😀 Just a summary due on Friday. :mrgreen:
    My computer has a virus…AntiVirus Live. It stinks because you can’t open anything. Except for Task Manager. One time I somehow managed to open my Yahoo! Messenger and type “Virus!” as my status. My friend irl saw it, but then Yahoo crashed and I couldn’t open it anymore. -_-” Later it just disappeared. By itself. And now its back. Viruses are weird like that. I had the Blue Screen of Death (I thought my friend was kidding about it…) then I restarted my computer and it was gone. o.O

  16. GameproGirl said:

    Long time no talk. -.-
    I have too much homework todayy! Even from P.E. -.-
    I’m so sleepy.
    I have to study for a test tomorrow… and i dont want to, too lazy.
    My labtop barely has anyviruses because I download these virus scanners and use them to scan them. I have 5 scanners and I use them all at the same time.
    I have a dsi… but i barely use it now. I’m usaully outside or using the PC so i forget about it. and i lost it anyways
    I’m doing a project in science and it’s so hard. I have to do my own science project annd write down the steps, hyposetist (however u spell it) and things like that. We have to do the science project about volcanos.

  17. Ққa2297♪ said:

    I have homework too. Math homework, and Social Studies homework. What’s your homework from P.E.? I use to have PE homework last year by memorizing the good foods and stuff..I also had to exersize each day and record it onto a sheet which I had to turn in. I’m glad its over..
    I’m so lazy.
    I have a test on Monday (or Tuesday) & on Friday. Its about heart rate, and the heart’s parts. x_x
    That’s really good. One time I couldn’t fix the connection on my laptop, and my mom or siblings couldn’t fix it, and my dad was in deployment, so we had to wait until he came home to fix it. Once he came home, he fixed it in a few minutes. ._. Some people can make things look so easy…
    I have a Social Studies project, and part of it was that I had to do bookwork from a book. And the book was at school only, so I couldn’t bring the book home. Its due on Monday, and almost everyone didn’t finish it yet. I had to make a shield paper thing that symbolizes my family & I (its for Medieval Europe), then write a family history about it. I need to draw a castle still… -.-” In the morning, other people from the other periods came to work on the bookwork so they could try finishing it, and almost all the seats were filled. o.o My friend came inside and said “Oh, I’m sorry!” because she thought class started already..

    Long comment. ._.

  18. uhm i like the guy running over the lady, cuz i can see his eyes twisting to the other eye, its like cool, and its more awesomer, and its like the real creavity oh ya if you want more cool stuffs how about go watch this beat box! it rocks! wow rhyme, what a shame wow that was lame, lol anyway heres link

  19. Finally! Someone who agrees with me xD Good choice. You have won a nickel.
    The beat boxing was kinda cool but not my thing 🙂

  20. wow is there a cookie trophy? lol i love the beat box ima gonna check more on his channel

  21. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Well, it kinda depends. Like, for people who sucks at P.E. or something like that, they have to do 40 push-ups a day (I think.) For the hard core people, we have to do, like, 100 push-ups and 50 curl-ups a day.
    Goshdangittt, I have a math project about fractionsss DD: And I don’t even understand it.
    Every Fridays’ I have tests about Latin Stems in humanities.
    I’m also doing a project in humanities. My class and some other classes has to read out of “The Phantom Tollbooth” and we have to draw the characters, do comprehension questions, and vocabulary words. -_-
    Too much work to do and for once, i’m not enjoying it.

  22. Well, there WAS a cookie trophy but it died in the roaring contents of my tummy.
    Well I hope you have luck finding some good vids 🙂

    40 push-ups? THATS A LOT! I can barely do 10 xD
    You HAVE to enjoy it. You’re super gameprogirl!
    Lol can anyone update me on what you 2 are taling about?

  23. Ққa2297♪ said:

    I have to do 15 push-ups during P.E. xP Its hard though. 😐 So that’s why its one of my New Years resolutions! I haven’t been working on it though. ¬¬

    I’m going to have to make a solar car…in math class. o.o My fingers hurt from Social Studies because I had to finish a bunch of questions, and today was the last day. I was practically writing the same answer for every question because it had to be turned in today, until my teacher said that I could work on it tomorrow morning right before the bell rang. The questions were long, and I had to look at Sources and stuff like that.

    I don’t watch football, but during LA a bunch of my classmates were talking about it, and about a week ago my teacher let some of the students go to another class and shout “J-E-T-S! JETS JETS JETS!” because my LA teacher liked the Jets. Then a few days ago, while some kids in my class were doing a presentation, we all heard the kids from the other class start singing “When the Saints come marching in” right outside of my classroom. It was kinda creepy at first. xP After they left my LA teacher started texting the other teacher who sent her students. o.o

    lol vindaloo, that sounds funny. The roaring contests of your tummy. :mrgreen: The most push-ups I could do if I really tried is 25. ._.
    Yes, you are Super GameproGirl. 😀
    …I kinda forgot actually. 😛 I’m trying to post more on my Twitter again for some reason.

  24. I have to do 15 too but I can barely do 10 xD I’m not very strong all my gym teachers know me because I make their jobs so much harder 😛

    I don’t watch football much either but the rest of my math class is OBSESSED with football. They’re like ‘the colts are gonna win’ ‘the yankees are gonna win’ ‘our team is gonna crush your team’s skulls and they’re gonna go running home to their mommy’ etc. Lol in my old school teachers txted each other a lot

    Tanks 🙂 I meant roaring contents not roaring contests 😛 Basically what that means is that its in the parts of my tummy that are really hungry xD
    Ugh my brother can probably do hundreds of push ups. hes in college and they only have school like 15 hours a week (and we have have 16 hours every 2 days! not fair) so he has a lot of free time and he spends his free time at the gym we didn’t see him for like half a year and when he came back he was all muscle, not of those stick arms he used to have. I was like, YOU’RE NOT MY BROTHER XD
    Ikr? All game needs is like a cape.
    I’m trying to post more on my twitter too! I’m not doing very well tho

  25. omg!! they are soooooo real!!!!!!! espcially the strawberry one but the watermelon SCARED me. btw, where is that guy’s REAL mouth in the face paint??!

  26. It the watermelon the lips are right under the green stuff. The lips are a bit lighter and have seeds painted on them

  27. I usually get bored easily and close the tab but i think that your blog can be an exception. Cheers !

  28. Hi, i think that i saw you visited my blog so i came to “return the favour”.I am trying to find things to improve my blog!Is it ok if i use some of the things i saw here?!

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