From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

New Years Eve(ning)

Happy New Year 2010


What are your new years goals? I’m going to:

  • Learn to cook!
  • Hopefully get back in touch with my dizzywood friends
  • Not switch sites again
  • Read lotsa bookies!
  • Teach my sister how to NOT be a spoiled brat (and maybe even be nicer to her spoiled brattiness if that doesn’t work)
  • Not quit of this site no matter how many people stop visiting it
  • Make at least 1 Bob movie every month
  • Become a more rightous person

Comments on: "New Years Eve(ning)" (18)

  1. Ққa2297♪ said:

    HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!!!

    😀 I like your resolutions.
    That blingee is cool. O.O It is showing the awesomeness of a snowman.
    lol the snow is having some glitch so instead its making the screen look like white paint is being spilled. O.o
    Here’s mine:
    -Brush my teeth more often
    -Try to not leave DW & quit WordPress
    -Post more on other blog’s I’m an author as
    -Try not to forget to bring back library books when they’re due
    -Be more active

    Yay for Bob movies :mrgreen:

  2. Did you know that you can time your posts? Like you can tell wordpress to post a post on 10/10/10 at 10:10 and it will post it exactly on time. All you have to do is write a post, and right above the publish button there are some options. One lets you post the post at any day, any time. That’s how I got this up on time xDD
    I didn’t make it
    Lol I wanna see that xD
    You have good goals too. I should start doing the second, third, and last one
    I should be more active. Maybe I should put that as a goal? Yeah right 😛

    Hip Hip and Who-ray!

  3. Hi vinathi 🙂 i just first came to your site and you know what its freaking awesome like yeah! Its so cool! I hope you don’t quit your wordpress 🙂

  4. Aww.. Thanks!
    Do I know you? Do you have a site?
    I hope so too that’s why it’s one of my goals

  5. Gameprogirl said:

    Happy New Year! (4 days late xPP)
    Some of my resolutions are:
    -Be a nicer friend (I’m a jerk, as you can tell)
    -Stop forgetting things so EASILY
    -Read more new books than the same ones over and over again
    -Try not to switch sites
    -Stop being so shy when I meet new people

    There’s still lots more I forgot. xPP
    I just noticed the new Poptropica island is out today! On a school day… 😐

  6. Yeah lol xP
    You’re a jerk? I’m the jerk!
    you’re not that shy. you weren’t shy when you met me!
    well I hope you have luck with your goals!
    REALLY? OMG! islands are always out on a school day in case you haven’t noticed!

  7. Ққa2297♪ said:

    I need to stop being shy when I meet new people too, irl.
    I must eat more almonds. O.O And carrots. lol I don’t like carrots though xP
    True…but its not a school day where I am. My school starts at Jan 12. One week left. D:

  8. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Oh, and there’s a part in the island about a balloon boy. He never comes back 😮
    And its the players fault. T_T
    Well actually, it doesn’t say if he comes back or not. o_o

  9. Kka is most definetly shy when she meets new people but game is like the master of confidence xD
    I love almonds! Sorta. well I like all nuts 😛 I don’t like them or hate them but I find carrots addicting like you can’t stop munching once you start.
    mine started already. its nice to get something done
    Ikr? I felt so guilty when he flew away and i said, “Can I help him” and the man who was watching it on TV said, “No but you can help ME!” such a selfish man. I don’t think I’ll be able to go on with my life knowing that a little boy is dying because of an evil balloon that I gave to him xD Oh and also, translating what the girl said in french you could like type it in on an english french dictionary or for the paintings you could type in cubism or whatever type of painting it was on google images and it would show you pictures so you’d know where to put each painting.

  10. long comment. I wanted to write more but its a good thing I didn’t xD
    That reminds me. In English class we read this really long, boring play in our textbook called Christmas Carol (it took us 6 classes each one is 90 min. long to finish it and that was only part ONE) and it confused me so eventually I stopped listening and it turns out we’re having a test on it soon. -.-

  11. Ққa2297♪ said:

    I saw your scheduled post about #10. xP
    10 is an awesome number. 😛 I like 15 and 11 though. lol
    Isn’t it true if you eat too many carrots you turn orange? Or is it another food? o.o I like hard carrots with ranch. 😀
    yep. selfish man. xD I tried playing it again on my other account yesterday, but I would get stuck all the time. o.o Like when I click a door, the mouse turns into a circle thing, and it keeps on spinning. It didn’t stop. o.o ooh. I didn’t know that there was a french dictionary thing in the cafe place, so I just translated it on the Internet 😛

    o.o The “Drama” section that has a ton of really long plays? Because there’s a section in my textbook called “Drama”, and it has a bunch of scripts and stuff. That stinks.

  12. what scheducled post?
    lol 10 is awesome!
    OMG really? Snowmans must eat a lot of carrots thats why their nose is orange xD
    That must have been annoying -.- I love the Bobo the Clown shop and the mimes and the clown thats hiding from the mimes xD They’re so cools! 😎 LOl kka. I would’ve done that too 😛

    Me too. Maybe we have the same textbook. Mine is purple 😀 Look for the story called called “A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marely” on page 600

  13. Gameprogirl said:

    I prefer 7, it’s my lucky number. xP
    Last year, I ate a lot of oranges and my face turned orange. o.o
    I wonder where the balloon boy goes after we finish the island.
    In my classes, we don’t do plays. But if your in drama, you have to.

  14. Really? When I was 5 my lucky # was 5 and when I was 6 it was 6 and when I was 7,7. It went on until 10 xD
    Ikr? Btw when you’re chasing the robber on a scooter you see balloon boy again
    We’re talking about LA class. It has a lot of stories about plays.

  15. Gameprogirl said:

    Yeah, lol! That happened to me, too! lol
    Really? I didn’t notice anyone except the mime. xP
    Ohh, I see.

  16. Lol ikr? One of my friends asked me if my lucky # was changing with age and I was like, ‘NO!’ and she was like ‘It sure seems like it’ It took me a while to realize I was changing it xD
    I love those dudes! go mimes! 😀
    yep. sorry for the confusion!

  17. Ққa2297♪ said:

    lol xD I just like the numbers 11 & 15….i dunno what my lucky number is.
    The sheduled post. You made the post about 10/10/10 at 10:10, and you scheduled it to post right on that time. 😛
    lol true. O.O
    Its funny how Bobo is scared of the mimes. o.o I like the name Bobo 😛 It has Bob in it. My brother got a glitch that he was stuck in the brown part of the tunnels past the walls. xD And another when he was driving the scooter. At the end of the race thing, the guy and my brother’s character just stopped and stayed in the same spot. None of them were moving except for their heads.

    Found it. Its by Charle Dickens. Its long! Like 20 something pages. O.O My class doesn’t do the drama section. 😛

  18. sounds like good numbers to like.
    The post was supposed to me a surprise C:
    lol. it is funny. I mean, most people are afraid of clowns but I guess clowns fear mimes xD
    When you typed up that name Bobo I thought you were talking about Bob but misspelled it until I read the rest then I found out you were talking about poptropica xD I like the name too. Fun to say 😀 Lol nice I wanna have a glitch like that!the 20 something pages is only part 1 btw D: Luckys.

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