From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Two thingy. First off, my playlist is currently not working. And I’m trying not to die without my songs to sing. Mixpod isn’t working in general. Apparently youtube requested mixpod something and mixpod was all, “I’ll have it fixed ASAP” so now no playlists work and they’re all under maintainence.

The other thingy is that I’m doing a bob thingy thing and I’m having trouble coming up with the lyrics. My sister and I are going to sing it 🙂 Any ideas? I got the pics all set so be creative 😀


Comments on: "Survival in the world of Music" (47)

  1. This blog is deserted -.-
    Anyone still come here? Anyone??

  2. Ққa2297♪ said:

    I’m so sorry vinathi! 😦
    And what do you mean bob thingy? Like a theme song or something? xD
    And have Happy Holidays. :’]
    I forgot to turn in my school library book, and now I have to wait to turn it back in after break. I stink. 😦

  3. Don’t be!
    you too, katie 😀
    No you don’t 😦 What was the book about
    Lol snow fell when I looked at the sad smiley and it made it look like sad smiley was crying

  4. Gameprogirl said:

    I’m so sorry. I’ve been coming to your blog, but then I never have time to comment. 😦
    Urghh, I have to memorize 2 songs for band. Everyone else has to memorize 1 since they’ve been at the school longer than me. At least my old school’s band made me memorize 1 so I don’t have a be behind. 😀
    These are the 2 songs I need to memorize:

    That one is Aztec Fire and this one is Spania:

  5. like i sed, don’t be srry
    thats why I don’t take music xDD
    My friend was asking random people what they wanted for xmas and when she asked me I said “nothing” and she was like “:OO you’re the only person who ever said that”

  6. Gameprogirl said:

    I wanna quit band, but I don’t want to. Besides, you can’t quit band. xPP
    I don’t really want anything for xmas too.
    Do you still go on clubpenguin, vin? I’m gonna get membership on it again and you can go on my cp account anytime. ^_^ Thats my xmas gift to u, I guess. xP

  7. oh lol. I wish you told me that before I made up my speech about “if you want to quit band, quit”. I practiced and everything D:
    I’m not alone anymore! 😀
    not really. I should get you an xmas gift! ooh thx
    I’m makin’ a bob episode thingy :DD it’s gonna be the last one in the movie and then I shall do like episodes or something 🙂

  8. Gameprogirl said:

    Oh, well, it’s to late. 😛
    Ah, I see.
    Merry Christmas!!! What did you get this year? I got a bunch of money, lots of books, too many clothes, a visit from my dad and brothers, and a teddy bearr. (:

  9. Merry X-mas!
    I don’t get it. Why do they call it X-mas? Why not Z-mas?
    I got a board game, clothes, a visit from my brother, 2 gift cards (one to watch 2 free movies at the theater and the other for Barnes and Nobles), and soon we’re going to Lake Taho to go skiing and after that we’re going to Las Vegas D:
    Like I sed, I don’t celebrate x-mas I celebratee Eid 🙂
    : (|) it’s a monkey 😀
    : (:) piggy!
    [=|] robot!!

  10. Gameprogirl said:

    Merry the day after x-mas… o.o
    I also got some gifts today, i got a lot of boardgames (they were from my siblings), a couple of gift cards (a couple to barnes and nobles and target), couple of games for my game stations and such, and a lamp.
    Blehh, I hate LV. Too much gambeling there, lotsa bad people and too many casinos. o.O I haven’t been to Lake Taho yet… but maybe next year. I don’t know. Tomorrow I’m going to visit my grandparents (grandparents from my mom’s side) at Montana.
    Right, your …! The reason I did the periods is that i thought it was too informational for other people reading this to know…

    It’s a cookie thing! (::.)

  11. Ққa2297♪ said:

    You too. o.o
    X is kinda like cross…Crossmass. I dunno..Well, cross can resemble the cross. Or something.
    heliX got a Barnes and Nobles gift card. o.o I got a fashion design set thing from my grandparents, a wacom tablet, a book from my cousin, another book from my aunt, clothes, a dog bed, and a necklace.
    I haven’t been there. o.o But I wouldn’t really be excited if I had to go either. I’m not going anywhere. xP

    lol. Cool =D
    <– Its Santa Claus…kinda..I used to type it on Dizzywood during winter, before they took it all away. -.-'

  12. Gameprogirl said:

    Okay, I changed my mind. I’m not going to my grandparents with my mom and sisters. 😛 I’m just gonna stay here with my friends. xPP
    I don’t really see the point calling Chritsmas X-mas. o.o
    A dog bed? Isn’t that for your dog?

    That doesn’t look like a Santa… it looks like a sideways nose. Or arrow.

  13. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Okie. Why? That’s a pretty odd question to ask. I would stay with my friends too. But I would like to visit my grandparents another time.
    Yeah…maybe its just to type it shorter and quicker. o.O
    Yep. She keeps biting it. -.-

    😮 What happened to the Santa I made??!?! He’s goneee. o.o I shall try again.

  14. Ққa2297♪ said:

    He disappeared again!! >.< Maybe its because of some HTML thing.

  15. Merry the day after x-mas to you two too (that sounds funny xD )
    Oh I forgot to post about it. Oops.
    The thing about the cross actually makes sense. Because Christmas is said to be the day where Jesus died on the cross.
    We’re not going to LV to gamble just because my dad says they have really cool-themed hotels. o.O
    Cool hope you have fun with your granparents
    what do you mean the reason I did the periods?
    Lol we all got Barnes and Nobles gift cards!

  16. ima go post 🙂

  17. Gameprogirl said:

    Yeah… o.o
    I was about to say that… o.o
    Oh, but the hotels are super-duper expensive. Once, my family and I stayed at this Tiki themed hotel there in LV, the cost was like $399. My mom almost went up to slap the magneger.
    Blehh, never mind.
    Woo, I got an ipod nano. xP it’s purplee 🙂

  18. woahh! my dad found a cheap hotel so we don’t have to worry about that xD
    did you say purple :-O ?

  19. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Purpleeeee. Yahoo! likes the color purple. xP
    I realized that its been a year since I joined OurWorld. o.O
    Here’s a thingy to get 50 flow right away:
    Type test-mode 42, then wait for the bubble to disappear, then type cryptobiologist.
    I lost the pen for my tablet. T_T

  20. hi-five yahoo!
    Its like ourworld is cursed with awesomes :O
    I typed in those two words and before I knew it I was saying, “Why do cows fly at night?” “I’m going outside now” No 50 flow though. Just 1.
    silly kka xD I got this really cool agenda thing but it’s designed so it only lasts a few days and you can’t put paper in it so I’m scared to use it.

  21. Ққa2297♪ said:

    I just realized that you can get 1-50 flow each day with that thing. >.<
    My mom got mad at me for losing it.
    lol. You might never use it. o.o
    If you still have time, like if you read this 15 minutes before 1 PM on Dec 30, are you able to go on Dw to launch fireworks?

  22. test-mode 42 makes you say really random funny things. I tried typing test-mode 41 but it didn’t work D:
    ohh I’m sorry
    Good point. I probably won’t ever use it 😛
    It 2:08 right now btw. I’ll go on DW to see if you’re there, kay?

  23. Ққa2297♪ said:

    lol yeah. I tried test-mode 40. O.O My finger was closer to 0 than 1, so I did 40 instead of 41 xP
    Its okie…she found it. In my brother’s toy box. 😐 And he said he didn’t have it.
    Sorry I wasn’t there D: I was eating lunch…I eat lunch late when I wake up late. D:


    It might not show up. The picture I put.

  24. lol. did it work?
    Yay! Now you canuse it again!
    I don’t eat lunch on days we don’t have school.
    the picture was pretty cool. pretty. it showed.

  25. btw I’m on Dizzywood

  26. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I don’t play ourworld that often anymore… I’m usaully watching Xiaolin Showdown or on facebook. xP
    The pic workedd. (:
    I eat lunch at 1-2PMwhen there’s no school.

    Xiaolin Showdown is so addicting. I keep watching it over and over again. xP And Bleach, too. 😯

    This is weird. Whenever your watching a cartoon, and you see this guy, you start to have a crush on him? Lol, that happens to me, but then I realize that I’ll never have him since he’s a cartoon character. That gets me sad. xP

  27. I’m always on gaia theese days.
    Lol game. Hey maybe you CAN have him if you convince the people who made the movie to make a new character and that character can be named Sammy or something and she can play a romance role. Too complicated. I’d rather just be sad 😛

  28. Ққa2297♪ said:

    I’m always on…blogs and dw these days. o.O
    Awesome. =D
    I used to watch that. xP I used to watch a lot of cartoon shows, but then I just stopped. o.o Like cartoon shows on Cartoon Network.
    lol yea, that happens to me. o.o

  29. Me too. I used to watch a lot of TV on the computer too.
    Not me. Maybe if I tried really hard…

  30. Gameprogirl said:

    I’m always on facebook. xPP
    I’m totally obsessed with XS. On this website, I signed this petition for the XS people to make season 4. xP
    It’s scary. I’d rather stay sad, too. 😛
    This video makes me laugh everytime I watch it!

    Jack: Aha aha aha aha *gaaasp* AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!


  31. Not me xD
    They probably won’t read it. XS has better things to do then search the internet to find petitions against it.
    Thats a really weird video..
    We had a spelling bee entry pretest today. I’ve only had one before in my life so I always wanted to see if I could make it in. I probably won’t because I got 12/20 right xD
    Also our teacher made us write what we want to accomplish in 2010 on a piece of paper and she says shes gonna give it to us at the end of the year so we can see if we had a successful year or not. She also let us put whatever we want in it. Some kid put his referral to the office in there xD I put candy in there. Its gonna be really old when it comes out.

  32. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Woah, exactly 8,008 hits. Awesome. xD Its palandromic! I think that’s the word. o.o

    I want a facebook. But my mom will probably say no. lol I was at a party and a kid wanted to get on his facebook and so when he typed it, my friend just moved the mouse from the password box, so he typed it out on the web adress one. xD He was looking down at the keyboard when he was typing it.. o.o

    Yeah…but I would want them to read that stuff.

    lol the video sounded funny xD He does sound like a baby at the last one o.o

    xPP I wouldn’t make it into a Spelling Bee…I might be able to if I just practice is more, but I don’t want to. I don’t like spelling in front of people. O.O

    That’s a good idea. I made a paper…I added another resolution thingy too. Learn another language. I only know English. ^^;

  33. Thanks 😀 Ikr? Last year, my new years goal only said I wanted 100 hits that year and instead I got 8000 xD Nice word. My sister and I were playing hangman and it was my turn to choose the word so I just looked into my Twilight book (I’m reading the first book all over again) and pulled out the first word I saw and it was like 13 letters. she never would’ve guessed it but I started singing this song and accidently replaced the lyrics with the word xD

    Can we stop talking about facebooK?

    I dunno.. if you were an extremely rich TV director wouldn’t you have better things to do than read petitions against you?

    Wow the guy behind me got into the spelling bee and he only got like two points better than me. Now I’m sad. I was TWO points away from FINALLY getting into the spelling bee -.-

    Learn Japanese. People say its a very easy language. Or learn Spanish. If you know English and you live in California(which you do), that’s the right language to know

  34. Ққa2297♪ said:

    If only palindromic was palindromic. o.o lol, what was the word?

    Heh. Okie. xP I had this dream that I got shoes that could make me jump really high. So I used them, and it was fun! xD Then later on in the dream, I recognized it was a dream (I’m slow), and then I said out loud in the dream “This is a dream!” and I started feeling all..vibrating..ey. So I controlled my dream and went through walls and stuff xD

    I guess so :mrgreen:

    Its okie. You’ll have another chance next time, right? I don’t like messing up in front of other people O.O I spelled ‘coherent’ wrong. -.- And yet I spelled ‘pseudonym’ right.

    Okie. 😀 I could try Spanish, then Tagalog. If I’m not too lazy to practice. 😛

  35. Palindromic was the word. Cool word 😀

    Lol I wanna have that dream (:

    I had a dream during the summer that I met you irl (and you looked just like your DW character xD) and we got lost and we were on a beach so you went looking for our parents while I got a job at the icecream parlor downtown so we didn’t starve and my boss was evil and he like taught me how to do my job and even gave me a poster and then I met you when the sun set (it was so pretty ♥ actually all my dream was pretty it was the most realistic dream in the world) and I was happy to not be lost alone and have someone with me and then I went to work the next day and when I came back you were gone and I was really worried so I went around asking people if you they saw you and eventually I gave up and the dream ended with me crying staring off into the street with the cars going by and the pretty lights on in the dark wondering if you were safe and if I’d ever find my family again. It seemed so real D: It wasn’t really a bad or good dream

    thankies 😉

    I really doubt it. The stupidest guy in our class ended up winning. Also the guy behind me was in the spelling bee and he was all ‘I’m in the spelling bee and you’re not’ and so I was like cheering on anyone who wasn’t him. he is the runner up it was so close to him winning. When he didn’t win I like threw a party xD

    lol yeah. I like Spanish. Such an easy language to me

  36. more long comments O.o

  37. Gameprogirl said:

    I use those really long kind of words a lot. And then whenever I say it in front of other people in 8th grade, they always ask me what it means and then i would crack up. o.o

    I’ve never been in spelling me and I don’t want to.

    I can’t really remember any of my dreams. I would always forget them.

    I’m gonna learn Japanese in high school! I think. xP

    WHile I was searing if Japanese is easy to learn, when I typed the “is” and one of the results said “is ladygaga a guy?” o.O

  38. I wanna use unnecessarily long words for no apparent reason and crack up when someone asks me what it means! No fair 😛

    I did. I was always good at spelling when I was little. Before I started chatting xD

    that happens a lot.

    Have fun learning Japanese! Teach me some!

    lol. Her name kinda says shes a girl: LADY gaga

  39. Ққa2297♪ said:

    My language arts teacher told everyone that if they could spell onomatopoeia, then they would be able to…i forgot xD But yeah. A bunch of people tried and failed.

    Spelling me? xP

    I kinda forgot what my dream was last night…I don’t really care either because I didn’t really know what to think of it. xP Imagine if DW Characters came to life O.O Do we have big heads on dw? Dreams of sunsets are very pretty. :mrgreen: I had a dream of one before, but then it turned into a nighttmare. >.<

    So far I hadn't done any of my resolutions. o.o I need to get more serious about them. xP btw I like your gravatar. 😀 Is it new..? Because I was on my computer and they looked the same as the other ones. o.o

  40. I love the word onomatopoeia, fun to say. I’ve always known how to spell it because I use it so much (the word)

    I had a dream last night about my bob theme song. I didn’t like the tune so I messed with it a little and practiced it and when it was time to record it I was no idea what the LYRICS should be so I said random things about bob xD
    Well, you didn’t necessarily come to life I just always imagined you looked somewhat like your DW Character

    Our heads are average don’t worry xD Yeah mine was a nightmare too. Its kind of a shame. It would have been not so bad if it weren’t for the ending.

    I can help you if you want.

    yeah, thx for noticing. its my gaia person. I like yours too. 😀

  41. Ққa2297♪ said:

    I don’t. xD I know how to spell “cookies” though. 😛

    lol bob. 😛 I had a dream, but I forgot what it was. I just forget the ones I don’t really like. Well I do kind of like them, I just think they they’re..boring. A little. :mrgreen:
    Maybe I do. 😀 Maybe I don’t.

    I don’t like it when fun dreams that you really like turn into nightmares. >.< Its annoying. One time I had a nightmare that I was at a massacre at Lowes… D: Then I saw my fourth grade teacher marching around outside. 😐

    Okie! ^^

    Its hard for me to get coins on Gaia. O.O heh ty. :]
    School starts tomorrow for me. I need to finish a project. -.-"

  42. I do too! lol 😛

    When my sister was little she would wake up every morning and tell me her dream and it would be so stupidly confusing like ” AHH MI BRAIN D: ”

    Ikr? Stupid night-dreams (or Dreamares lol)

    What do you want to accomplish in life? Anything?

    I have a riddle: What can bring back the dead; make us cry, make us laugh, make us young; born in an instant yet lasts a life time?

    Oh money is easy to make if you work for it. Most people in gaia have at LEAST 500 k (k means thousand) if not more. I have 28k. I’m selling an expensive dress and hopefully I’ll have 40k.

  43. GameproGirl said:

    Once, while my second oldest sis was dreaming, she said in her sleep that she will someday grow up being a crab eater. xD

    My sister asked my other sister the same riddle. And guess what my sister said? Make up.

    How do you get that much coins on gaia???

  44. Lol. Was she dreaming about crabs or something? God I would love to get paid to eat crabs. Not only would you get free food but you would be PAID for eating it xD

    Lol make up? really? that makes no sense. The answer is memories. Here’s another riddle
    What has roots that nobody sees, and is taller than trees.
    Up, up it goes, and yet it never grows.
    What is it?

    I got mine from zOMG, commenting, Pming, and forums.

  45. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Lol yeah! I like crabs. :mrgreen: When I bring food to school, I bring rice most of the time with other stuff like bacon or crab or something. Its kind of annoying when people think something’s gross because it looks weird. Everyone looks at my lunch. 😐

    Ooh, that’s true! What’s taller than a tree? Hmm. I shall be thinking of the question/riddle. 😛

    I just do my daily stuff. 😀
    I’m so glad its the weekends..I can rest once again xP
    I was thinking of something..but I forgot what.. >.< I wanted to do something…

  46. I like creative lunches. If I saw your lunch I wouldn’t think it was weird I’d think it was cool.
    The riddle is very easy I got it right on the first try
    This weekend went by fast. It’s a good thing we have Monday off.
    Well, you can do your daily stuff. That works too xD
    Um.. did it have to do with cookies?

  47. i got this as my random post (:

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