From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Sorry this post is so late, its a Halloween post. I kept forgetting to do it and then remembering and forgetting and remembering.

Its sort of a horror movie. God I have soo much to write for this Halloween post that I think I need to put all the pictures in a video so it the post isn’t reallly long.

Please watch it I put a lot of work into it 🙂

EDIT:  I’m going to start doing a fact of the week (I get them from my planner and some website)  and this month’s fact is: Elephants are the only other animals living on land, that can cry (besides humans).


Comments on: "I AM DA GHOST OF LATE POSTSSS" (28)

  1. heh the playlist and vid is playing at the same time and it sounds cool 😛

  2. Ққa2297♪ said:

    lolz that video was cool. The pumpkins are creative. 😀 And the little ghost is cute. x3 And the elephant. :mrgreen:

  3. thanx 🙂 Haha thats like the first time forever you commented about my actual post.

  4. Ққa2297♪ said:

    lol xD
    I have commented about the posts, right? o.o I cant remember

  5. no I mean we always use the posts to talk about life instead of the post.
    lol my brother thinks this is a forum he doesn’t believe its a blog

  6. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Oh yeahh, thats true. xP That’s why there’s always a bunch of comments.
    lol my brother is pretty sure its a blog.

  7. Yeah lol. Oh btw no school tomorrow
    Tell your brother to tell my brother that I am not a lier
    what does your avatar say?
    I just got a new avatar. Should I change it?

  8. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Hello againn!!!
    My sisters says this is a blog unlike my cousins. xP
    School tomorrow! Yay! Staying home with my sisters is crazy.

  9. hey hey!
    good 😀

  10. Ққa2297♪ said:

    NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took like 5 minutes typing my comment. D: I take long writing comments. 😛 Then I just had to get disconnected. ¬_¬
    I just got a drawing art program thing called GIMP. Its confusing, but I can learn. 😛 But took me a few hours to learn how to Deselect the cropping thing.
    I forgot what my other avatar said. I changed it to pretty stars. I might change it again, though. My comp still shows it as my Dw avatar.
    Is your avatar the monkey one?
    What do you want for X-mas..? :mrgreen:

  11. mee too. I take a long time too.
    I was doing a survery with 1000 questions and I was done with 500 when it crashed -.-
    I post some pix you make with the program on my blog 😀
    Should I change my avatar? BTW I change my blog’s name

  12. Ққa2297♪ said:

    woww. Thats a lot. 😛 How long did 500 take?
    Oooh. Where? :mrgreen:
    Hmm..if you want to. 😛 lol Okie.
    I don’t see it. -.-‘ I’m gonna check on my computer downstairs. 😀

  13. er.. about 2 hours. It actually only took her two hours to type up all the questions.
    I meant, post the pix you make with the program on my blog sorry 😦
    Really? awww.
    Okie. should I change the theme?

  14. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Ooh. That’s long. xD
    I had to do a summary with a chapter that was 18 pages long, and my summary was 8 pages long (with double space. 4 without double space. xP) Then I still have to do another summary due on Wensday and the chapter is 17 pages long. I dunno how long the next chapter is though.. Dx But its better than doing a summary for pages 60-100 in a book.
    Ohh. I don’t really make pictures with it…yet. I still look at tutorials. lol. But I can post I pic I kinda edited..Well, its just a road at night. I added sparks to it. It looks pretty, to me. =D
    Now I see it. :mrgreen: Its artisticy. That’s not a word.
    You should change it if you want to. lol you’re giving your blog a makeover. =D

  15. Yeah lol xD
    I takes me about an hour to come up with 10 questions 0.0
    My summary would be no more than a page long xP
    Ohh. Sorry. My brother is learning how to combine animation with programming to make games
    post it 😀 This IS a blog for art.
    artisiticy lol nice word
    Yeah its getting boring.

  16. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Hi, again.
    Last week, I did a summary 25 pages long. It was suppose to be 20, but I did extra credit by doing 5 pages.
    Dudeee, tennis is so harsh. We have to run around the court like a billion times. Yesterday, we had a contest of some sort. Everyone has to run once around, there will be a table with bunch of water in cups. The liquid was veggies liquid. Which was gross. You have to keep running and drinking and if you stop to take a rest or whatever, your done. The starters were left, and I’m in the starters thing. We kept doing it for the next 2 laps, none of us got tired yet. So, the captain told us we’re going to race. If your last, then u have to drink a 5 cups of the liquid thing. So, we ran. We kept pushing each other around. None of us got last except for this girl. She was fat. xP
    Yesterday was so awesome. I went to a basketball game with my school for free. It was Trail Blazer’s vs. Pistons. Search it up if u dunno what that is. xP

    Now I shall leave you. Freaking bed time.

  17. Hola.
    Haven’t heard from you for a while.
    Summaries are summaries not books people!!
    You play tennis?? I suck at sports.
    Okay now I shall settle for the fact that you are a jock 😀
    Buenas noches.

  18. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I know. -.-
    Tennis is okay, I guess.
    Um, okay then.
    Get on dw. There’s free gold untill tomorrow.

  19. Ққa2297♪ said:

    Hey. Haven’t been here for a few days.
    My next summary was 13 pages long with friend said something similar to yours Vinathi. Something like “Its not the whole chapter!”
    I had to watch a Turkey Trot. Its like a race thing, with each PE class. One student from one pe class. First prize gets turkey. But its boring in the middle because we have to wait until the others are running to the finish line.
    Its sad to be, I don’t really wanna say fat, but like..i dunno. Some people have problems in their body which causes them to be like that. Or, they chose to eat a lot and didn’t care. o.o
    That liquid thingy does sound gross. My friend mixed apple sauce and butter together with a few other things. It was sick. I remember a few years ago, there were a group of girls who mixed their food up, and one girl got a spoonful and ate it. o.e
    Wow. =D I barely get anything free. I had to play football last week. Flag football. I like practicing it with friends but not playing the actual game. Everyone starts being competitive in a bad way most of the time.

    Gonna go sleep now. I still need to brush my teeth. 😐
    I haven’t been going on Dw a lot, I admit that. I want to keep playing though. o_o

  20. Ққa2297♪ said:

    -.- … Long comment.

  21. Really?
    I would have never bee chosen for that race.
    For some people it’s DNA. They are doomed.
    Some are doomed to be extremely skinny.
    don’t ever mix chocolate and strawberry milk together. Blechh

  22. Ққa2297♪ said:

    I might be able to get in if I tried harder. I want to get in next year. Maybe. I should’ve joined the Running Club…even if it starts at 7 am. I dunno when it starts though.
    Yeah. Its sad. :[

    Okie! I take your advice. Don’t drink juice with milk! xP

  23. Lol thanks I’ll remember that 😛
    I don’t think I’ve ever typed something more than two pages long.
    I bet if I ran in a mile while everyone else is running I still wouldn’t be any where near not being last.

  24. Ққa2297♪ said:

    My gosh. Someone keeps posting stuff in my blog. >.< Is it okay if I made you a contributor for now? I have too much authors, and now either one of them is posting terrible things, or there's a person who knows my password. But I know they don't know my password because then I wouldn't be able to go on Dizzywood.
    The person who's posting it changes the author of the post so I dunno who it is.

  25. Ққa2297♪ said:

    O.O I found out who it is..

  26. Oh sure make me whatever you want 😀
    really? who?
    Oh well. I wish you luck finding him!
    Who was itt??

  27. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Hello again. o.o
    Aha, yesterday during tennis was chaotic. I got a big scratch on top of my left eye. The reason I got it was that I swung the racket too hard while hitting the ball, then my opponent hit it back to hard with lots of force than she accidently let go of her racket than it hit the net pole thing and broke in half and the bottem part hit me and that’s hot I got the scratch. -.- Now I have a big band-aid on my left eye. Dx

  28. Ello =D
    That’s why I don’t play tennis. Also I suck.

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