From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Lookie! ♥

I drew a clown on paint ’cause i was bored. Btw I’m deleting the ask you page. Later on the weekend I’ll just put it on my side bar



Comments on: "Lookie! ♥" (7)

  1. I orginally wanted to make clouds but the hair was too poofy and square like so I colored it orange and made this 😛

  2. hi vin its been like sooo long since we talked missed yah havnt been on dw lolz XD anywayz how r u?

  3. Yeah it has -.- I’m at the library right now 😀
    I haven’t been on dw or ow 😛
    Just on my blog

    I’m going on ow right now!

  4. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Hi kodrunia!!! 😀
    Hi vinathi!
    I was with heliX when you came but we were on a different page so we didn’t see you D:
    I guess I’m mostly gonna be on on Saturday.

  5. thats lame. Oh well. Dizzywood is going crazy for money. Ourworld too. Have you seen the boardwalk lately? The only website I play on theese days are moshi monsters. I don’t really talk to anyone there, its not really fun either, I just like it :/

    oh.. so helix told you I said hi?

  6. do you like the clown? :/

  7. LOL that’s one way to think about it 😛
    idk how to get points
    moshi monsters is a website.
    My monster is vinathi1
    Why the crying/straight-facing?
    good 😀

    I’ve been watching Phineas and Ferb lately.

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