From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry is one of my favorite shows in the world. I’m suscribed to some guy who uploads at least 140 a week if not more. So here ya go 🙂
Tom and Jerry
Not my best, but a blingee is a blingee 😀 I’ve made a lot more blingees lately

What’s your favorite parts? Oh and by the way I changed the twitter widget on the side bar. It’s now a recent posts thingy 😀


Comments on: "Tom and Jerry" (8)

  1. I LOVE TOM AND JERRY TOO but theres this whole seperate episode “TOM AND JERRY BLAST OFF TO MARS” its so ughh…

  2. my bad i wrote it wrong

  3. oh ok I’ll make sure I don’t watch it.

  4. do you like the blingee? :/

  5. yea i like blingee not that im tell you not to watch it its just embarssing watching with other ppl cuz its sorta rearded 😳

  6. oh haha I get it 🙂

  7. this is the post I was talking about

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