From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Ok I was on Glitter Text Generator and I made a few blingees so I’m gonna display some 😀 My username there is SPARKLEY21 I made that account long ago so that’s why the username isn’t vinathi or something.

Little Monkey

Beach Bum

Angel in the Seas

So those are my most recent. Oh and the last one was really just a hair less clothes less stick man I drew just so I could stick a face to it 😛 Hope you enjoyed 😀


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  1. theese took me a loong time to make O.O

  2. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    im doingg homework Dx I got lost twice at school today. -.- When I was switching third period to 4th and at the end of the day. I couldnt find where the place where the buses picks you up to go home. -.-

  3. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    I still need to finish my satire. And one of my eyes are bugging me, too much comp again. I was almost tardy for my 6th per class on the first day of school. o.o Its so scary. O_O
    My knee popped during P.E…It hurt, until I moved it back in place. o.o

  4. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I finished my homework in less than 30 min. But if I finish my homework early, I need to practice the clarinet. -.-

    I saw my friend =D She was in my class in 2 grade and we became bffs. I never knew she was as smart as me. She skipped 6th and 7th. ^^ I’m not a lonely anymore!!! =D

  5. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Fast.. -.- Its the next day I need to finish my SS notes. But I only need 3 questions left.

    Yay! =D
    Happy 09/09/09! xP

  6. Happy 09/09/09 to you too 😀
    I’ve been reading your comments, I just don’t have anything to say.

  7. okay ive really gott LOTS OF HOMEWORK TOO!!
    grade eights a killer anyways LOVE THE FIRST PICTURE!

  8. thanks liljade 🙂 I got lots of homework too. we have to go somewhere tomorrow so I have to do 2 day’s worth of homework.

  9. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Homework stinks. D: I am so tired. -.- I’m working on another story that’s probably due on Thursday. I don’t know though. Better to be safe than sorry. :mrgreen: I dont know how long its supposed to be though. >_< So I'm trying 2 pages.

  10. good idea 🙂 whats the story about? tell me 😀

  11. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Ah. Yesterday was not a very good day. Or the day before that. o_o My partner did not like the story I did.
    My math teacher says she accidently forgot to put only “odds” in the homework, so I did 37 math problems that night, evens and odds.
    My story was do on Thursday, but then my teacher moved it to next Friday. >.<
    Again with math. D: My teacher wrote homework on the board, and on her website it was totally different. So I had to do two pages of math homework and one of them would be nothing.
    The story is about me in a desert with my 'tribe'. It was actually fun to write about. There was a sandstorm, then I found an oasis and after I battled with another tribe. I named my camel Bob. :mrgreen:

  12. lolz nice 😀 I’m gonna go check my email.. you know why? BECAUSE ITS A WEEKEND!! god this week was supposed to be 4 days long but it felt like 14

  13. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Lol I just checked my email. The week went by fast for me. I realized earlier that I never went ice skating before. o_o Its strange. But I might go ice skating next Friday. 😀 Maybe not though. D:
    You have 5.999 hits. xD I was the 5,999 hit today.

  14. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Well actually, no.

  15. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Sunburst said I quit Dw.
    ?!?!? O.o

  16. you quit everything.
    Except wordpress.
    I’ve gone ice skating 😀
    Once 😛
    oh woww thats a big number 🙂 I wonder i I can move it to 11,111
    on 11/11/11 😛

  17. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Elloooo. I havent commented in FOREVER. Soo many homework Dx 5 pages per day. +_+ I’m so sleepy at school. :/ I hate my humanities class. The teacher makes you write in pen. If you don’t, she’s gonna get really, really grumpy. -.-

  18. my 6th grade teacher could only read pen xD
    she this problem with her eyes.
    I’m starting to think she made that up 😛
    I kinda noticed you were gone -.-
    Sleep in REAL late tommorow game~!
    I have this sleeping log thingy where I have to keep track of how many hour of sleep I get
    I’m gonna fill it out.
    its really easy on week days because I wake up at the same time every day

    Woah long comment O.O

  19. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Nu uhh. D: I was on ow and dw yesterday. except i was on ow for a few minutes. o.o
    lolz that would be awesome.
    sorry, game. D: my english teacher lets us write in pen or pencil, but i always do pencil. o.o im so used to it.
    I woke up at 10:00. xP
    I had 6 hours of sleep one day, the day before the ss story was due (on thursday). i was working on it until 12. Then when he moved it to next friday, i got frustrated. that was a hard week. o.o

  20. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Oh. And I go to Poptropica. I got a Multiverse thing. My code is: BFF75
    Thats so cool. =D It has Bff in it. xD
    People can only enter when I am online. Idk if they can enter if Im not in there though. o_o

    i suck at math u noe and i everyone got a check mark and i got a check mark plus a very nice (faints) i hardly get good marks in math

  22. oh and the whole point is i quit skatine the first day i went on the ice heh heh

  23. omg you got a multiverse thing 😀
    It won’t let me in :/
    I guess I can only go in when you’re there.
    I have a costume collector.
    I am in L-O-V-E with it.
    I’m saving up for a follower 😀
    I woke up at 3:30 PM.
    I went to sleep pretty early for a weekend though.
    I went to sleep at 12:30.
    Thats reallly early for a weekend.

  24. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    D: It wouldn’t let me go in either. Even though it was mine. So I made another one. But..i don’t feel like typing it because I forgot about it. I say it later. o.o
    I got the medusa thingy on my other acc, and its funny. I put everyone’s hair as the medusa. Except I think they don’t see it. 😦
    I’m saving up for the balloon thingy, with the smiley faces. ^-^
    o.o I woke up at 10.
    I always go to bed at 10:30 – 12:00 now. :{ Homework not nice.

  25. I go to sleep at 11-12 now. 😛
    According to my sleeping log I get like 8 hours a night.
    I was going to save up for balloon. But then I saw the followers 😀
    I have the flower power thing on my other acc
    you click space and it plants a flower
    it grows immediately o.o
    Have you ever read diary of a wimpy kid?

  26. i’m gonna go watch an episode of monk and ice age 3 dawn of the dinos 🙂

  27. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I havent been on the computer for forever. :/ Too much homework. Dx
    Today is the first day of Sunday school. Also known as my advance school. -.- And church too.
    I hate riding the bus to school. I keep getting lost.
    My mom is going to Africa this month and I’m not going.
    The multiverse thing isnt working.
    I’ve read those books… they’re so short. O.O

  28. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    brushing teeth.
    always on comp o.o
    I didnt check my homework last night. I didnt want to anyway. My mom and dad wouldn’t let me go ice skating. o_o
    me too. even though i dont ride the bus.
    i havent been anywhere for a long time. just staying home. except for school.
    yeah. theres some glitch with it. it wouldnt let me inside. o.o
    me too, exept for the last one

  29. you guys changed the subject.
    I hate it when when people changed the subject when I still have something to say
    oh well.

    Did you know that the author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid created

    One more day and I would’ve thought you were dead.

    I’ve never rode the bus before. Only the school bus :-/
    My bro has.
    My mom tried to get my brother to ride hom eon the bus every day so he took out his worst clothes that are ripped and all and he decided to go to school with them.
    my mom asked him why he was wearing that and he answered, “If I have to ride the bus I have to look like someone who rides the bus” xDD
    Eventually she gave up. Then he moved out.

    I just go to home and school.
    The only places I ever go to in my life are vacation, home, school, and my religious center. Sometimes I take a walk around the neighborhood or go shopping though :-/

    That is the longest comment in the face of the world.
    I should receive an award.

  30. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    ¿uʍop ǝpısdn-un sıɥʇ ǝʞɐɯ ʇsnɾ ı pןnoɥs

    ˙ǝsuǝɟɟo ou o‾o ˙ǝɯ ɹoɟ ƃuıɹoq ɐpuıʞ sʇı˙˙˙ɥɔnɯ ʇɐɥʇ (sǝoɥs puɐ sǝɥʇoןɔ ɹoɟ) ƃuıddoɥs ǝʞıן ʇuop ı ˙ǝɹoɯʎuɐ ǝıd ǝןddɐ ǝʞɐq uǝʌǝ ʇuop ǝʍ ˙ʇuop ǝʍ ǝɹǝɥ ʇnq ˙ooʇ ʇɥƃıu ǝɥʇ uı puɐ ‘ǝɯıʇ ǝɥʇ ןןɐ sʞןɐʍ ǝʞɐʇ pןnoʍ ı puɐ ʎןıɯɐɟ ʎɯ ‘ǝʌıן oʇ pǝsn ı ǝɹǝɥʍ ): ˙ǝɹoɯʎuɐ sʞןɐʍ ǝʞɐʇ ɹǝʌǝu ı

    ˙sʞuıʇs o‾o ˙ǝsןǝ ǝɹǝɥʍǝɯos ƃuıoƃ ƃuıʌןoʌuı sǝıʇɹɐd oʇ oƃ ʇuɐɔ ı ˙ʇuoʍ ʎןqɐqoɹd ı ɥɔıɥʍ ˙snq ǝɥʇ ǝpıɹ oʇ ǝʌɐɥ ɹǝʌǝ ı ɟı ʇɐɥʇ op pןnoɥs ı ˙zןoן
    ˙uıɐɹqunɟ uo sɐʍ ı uǝɥʍ ɐɔıdoɹʇdod punoɟ ʇsnɾ ı o‾o ˙ou ˙ɥɐoʍ

    ˙ɹǝɥƃıɥ ɹo pןo sɹɐǝʎ ǝʌןǝʍʇ ǝɹ,ʎǝɥʇ uǝɥʍ ǝıן uɐɔ ǝןdoǝd sʎɐs ʇı ‘ƃuıpɐǝɹ ɯı ʎɹoʇs ɐ uı zןoן ˙ɹǝpןo ɹo ǝʌןǝʍʇ ǝɹɐ ǝןdoǝd ɟı uǝʌǝ ˙ǝıן oʇ pooƃ ʇou sʇı ˙ǝɯ ʇnoqɐ ǝsןɐɟ ƃuıɥʇǝɯos ɹo ‘ʇınb ı ʎɐs ǝןdoǝd uǝɥʍ ʇı ǝʞıן ʇuop ı

  31. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    I bet that shows boxes. Or not. Because I typed this on my comp downstairs. o.o Downstairs when I type upside down it shows boxes, upstairs it shows letters.

    Oh well.

  32. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Oh well, vin. I’m good at changing subjects. Just yell out a random thing and start talking about that.

    Yes, I know. It says it on the back of the book. I don’t remember which book though.

    Um, ok? I just have been busy lately.

    I hate riding the bus. The 8th grader (REAL 8th graders. The one who haven’t skipped grade(s)) are really sick. Gross stuffs. -.-
    Crazy brother, I guess.

    I miss my friends. 😥 But the good thing is that most of my bffs lives in my neighborhood or so.

    I can’t read it. Well, maybe I can flip the labtop upside down, but it might break and it’s mine.

  33. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I’ve been on facebook more lately. Maybe because I got more friends. Idk.

    Good bye to all. I might not go on the computer anymore. Maybe. Probably twice per week. I can’t tell the reason because it’s family secret.

  34. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Heh. I do that sometimes. xD
    I’ve been feeling so tired each day. :{
    Yes. Lots of people are sick. And mean. Horrible. Some 8th graders even start sitting next to me and poking me. :/ Whats wrong with those people? They just start making people hate them.
    You can do what I do. Copy the screen with Print Screen SysRq, then go on Paint and flip the page over. ^^

  35. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    I don’t have facebook. I don’t think my parents would let me get one anyway. I have a friendster though. o.o
    Except my page is private. BUAHAHHA. o_O

    Aw. Goodbye. 😦
    Miss you…

  36. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I know, it’s intresting.
    SO have I. O.O
    I hate 8th graders. Um, not myself or friends. Well, you know what I mean. 😐
    I’m too lazy to go to Paint. Too lazy to do anything.

  37. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I have a facebook, myspace, friendster and bunch of other stuffs. o.o Word challenge on facebook is fun =D

    Btw, I might not go on starting next month.

  38. Sorry game but I’m not making an account on any of that stuff.
    I have a facebook but I don’t actually use it.
    KKa how did you make that upside down :-O
    I read without any trouble at all.
    I don’t ride the bus either.
    The person who picks me up is very easy to talk to.
    her friend had a monkey back when it was legal xD
    Yeah, I stopped talking walks after we moved too.
    Mostly because we sold my bike 😛
    *sighs* good-bye game 😥

  39. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    I dont like them either. Except my friends in that grade. xP
    I am so happy today. I actually got one paper of homework only. :mrgreen:
    Well, you’re typing. [:


    Where I used to live, after Sunday School my friend’s mom would drop heliX and I back home and while she drived, she would drive us through this jungle thingy and we could see monkeys. =D
    I don’t ride my bike much anymore. O.O I like heliX’s bike better. Its bigger than mine. xD
    I miss the old days… :’|

  40. ¿¿¿sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ noʎ pןnoɔ
    ˙ǝʇıɯǝsoʎ uı ʇou ǝɹ,noʎ ‘ɹǝǝp ʎןsnoıɹǝs
    d: sdƃ ɐ spǝǝu ʇı ʞuıɥʇ ı
    ˙ʎɐp ןןɐ ɔıɟɟɐɹʇ dn pǝssǝɯ ʇı ʇɐɥʇ pıɐs ɯoɯ ʎɯ
    (= sǝsnoɥ ǝɥʇ ǝɥʇ punoɹɐ ƃuıddoɥ sɐʍ ʇı ˙ǝɹoɟǝq ǝuo uǝǝs ɹǝʌǝu ǝʌ,ı
    o˙o ɹǝǝp ɐ ʍɐs ı puɐ ןooɥɔs oʇ ƃuıʌıɹp sɐʍ ɯoɯ ʎɯ ʎɐpoʇ
    ˙ןooɥɔs ɹǝʇɟɐ ʎɐpoʇ ɹooןɟ ǝɥʇ uo dǝǝןsɐ ןןǝɟ ı
    ˙pɹɐɥ ǝuo puɐ sɹǝdɐd ʎsɐǝ oʍʇ ʇoƃ ı
    ¡ɹǝdɐd ǝuo ¡ʎɐʎ
    /: ooʇ pıʞ ɐ ƃuıǝq ssıɯ ı
    ˙ɐʞʞ sʞuɐɥʇ

  41. I recieved an email today saying that I won the lottery.
    It said a number and then it said that attached to the lottery card was my email.

  42. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I hate it when I can’t read what your talking about. Really pathethic trying to read. Total waste of time. I’ll probably stop coming here if you speak something I don’t know. :/

    Woo, Kevin Skinner won America’s Got Talent! I was on his side for the whole thing. Too bad Recycled Percussion didn’t win. 😐

  43. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    dx ˙ןoן ˙ǝuoǝɯos oʇ sʇuǝɔ 05 ǝʍo ı ˙uıɐƃɐ ǝɯ spuıɯǝɹ ʇɐɥʇ ˙sɐƃǝʌ sɐן uı (ʇoƃɹoɟ ı) ןɐɯıuɐ ɹǝɥʇouɐ puɐ ‘ɐɹqǝz ɐ ‘uoıן ɐ pǝsɐǝןǝɹ spuǝıɹɟ sıɥ puɐ ʎɔɹǝd ˙suɐıdɯʎןo ǝɥʇ puɐ uosʞɔɐɾ ʎɔɹǝd uı ʇɹɐd ǝɥʇ ɟo ǝɯ spuıɯǝɹ ʇɐɥʇ zןoן ˙ɐpuıʞ ןןǝʍ ˙ƃuoן ǝq oʇ ʇno uɹnʇ sʎɐʍןɐ ʎǝɥʇ d: ˙ʎɹɐɯɯns ʎɯ pǝɥsıuıɟ ı ˙pǝʞןɐʇ ןןɐ ǝʍ ˙ǝɯɐɔ ǝɯɐƃ puɐ ǝƃpǝ soʇsǝɹd uı ǝɹǝʍ ı puɐ ɹǝdns ןıʇun ʇno ƃuɐɥ ʎןןɐǝɹ ʇupıp ǝʍ uǝɥʇ ^-^ sǝʎ pıɐs ı ʎןıʞɔnן ʇnq ˙ou pıɐs ʇsoɯןɐ ı ˙ʇsǝnbǝɹ ɐ ʇuǝs ǝɥs ‘ƃuıɥʇ ןןnʞs ǝɥʇ ʇoƃ ǝɯɐƃ ɹǝʇɟɐ os ˙ʎɐp ʇɐɥʇ ƃuıdןǝɥ ǝʞıן ʇןǝɟ ı ssǝnƃ ı ʇnq˙˙˙ʎq ʞןɐʍ ʇsnɾ ı˙˙˙op ʎןןɐnsn ʇuop ı ˙ǝןıd ʞɔoɹ ǝɥʇ ɥʇıʍ ɹǝɥ ƃuıdןǝɥ sɐʍ ı uǝɥʍ ǝɯɐƃ ʇǝɯ ı ˙ǝɯɐƃ puɐ [: ˙noʎ ƃuıʇǝǝɯ ɹǝqɯǝɯǝɹ ı o˙o ˙uıɐƃɐ ƃuıʎɹɔ ǝʞıן ןǝǝɟ ı ˙sʎɐp pןo ǝɥʇ
    ˙ɥǝɥ ˙ǝƃɐd ǝɥʇ pǝddıןɟ ı ןoן ˙du

    If you don’t wanna read that one, reading this one. xP

    np. lol I flipped the page. heh.
    The old days. I feel like crying again. o.o I remember meeting you. :] And game. I met game when I was helping her with the rock pile. I dont usually do…I just walk by…but I guess i felt like helping that day. So after game got the skull thing, she sent a request. I almost said no. But luckily I said yes ^-^ Then we didnt really hang out until super and I were in prestos edge and game came. we all talked. I finished my summary. 😛 they always turn out to be long. Well kinda. lolz that reminds me of the part in Percy Jackson and The Olympians. Percy and his friends released a lion, a zebra, and another animal (i forgot) in las vegas. That reminds me again. I owe 50 cents to someone. Lol. xP

    This is a long comment. O.O

    Lolz. Sometimes in the mail, there’s this paper thing saying to scratch the paper thing out (with a coin), and see if the numbers match to win something (i forgot). Mine did. but duhhh, it was fake. XDD I put it on my binder.

  44. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Woah. You were here while I was typing my message game 😮

  45. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Well you probably aren’t here anymore. ¬_¬
    Good night. xP

  46. lolz I knew game wouldn’t be able to read it. I’m fishing on gaia. ANd talking to someone really nice. I ussually don’t get on much though

  47. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    I haven’t been on gaia for so long. I don’t get it. I prefer Fuzz Academy. xP
    I left my watch in 5th per. D: I bet someone took it already. It was the only watch that I actually used for more than 2 months. And I gave my Science Notebook to someone so she could copy something down. And I have to copy something down too from someone else. And the notebooks due tomorrow D: I don’t like Science, or my science teacher. He dosen’t repeat anything and talks fast.
    I probably won’t like this year.

  48. I remember meeting game. If you don’t remember then you can flip through some of my really old website comments 😛
    And kka. On Friday December 26, 2008 I couldn’t figure out a stupid old mission on Dizzywood so I looked for that one mission and the only people who had it was some girl named puppies and kka. Puppies didn’t really have it, she just wanted someone to tell her where the spiders were. Anyways when I got on your blog, you happened to be on meebo. Lolz.

    To be quite honest, I remember the day because a few months back I looked for that post. January 3rd 2009. I’m not going to post the first post I talked to her on because its way too embarrassing to look back on what I said a few monthes back

  49. no you won’t. omg it must have taken forever to write that comment because when I was done, you had already answered me

  50. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Hey. Hi! You probably arent here either. xD

  51. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Woah. You are here. O.O

  52. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    I remember that day. :mrgreen:
    Lolz. Looking back on my comments on kod’s blog, I saw I was ridiculous. xD Not the bad type.

  53. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    I still have to finish my homework…It seems like a lot…but it probably isnt…
    Hmm…I shall type it. O.O
    SS Notes.
    SS Story.
    Study for Science Test.

    Hey…that’s actually not a lot. But it feels like it.

  54. theres a bad type? I have a diary but when I look at what I wrote a month ago it makes me wanna throw away the diary. Its like “I was like THAT???”

  55. I write down my homework and when I’m reading it from my planner it seems like a lot but when I do it its nothing

  56. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Well, ridiculous can also mean something like..uh…silly? No. Trouble. dumb. o.o Nvm….
    I used to have one. Except I dont write “Dear Diary” and decorate it with hearts. But then my brother took it, and luckily he didnt understand everything because he stinked at reading. So yeah. No more diary. o.o Its all in meh head. xP
    One of my comments said “youuuu dontt know who i ammmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!”

  57. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Yeah! Same. Well for today its the same. xP

  58. lolz thats nice 😛 I need to see that comment xD
    I don’t do that kinda of stuff with the hearts either ♥
    btw the best part of gaia is zOMG
    but it stopped working for whatever reason
    maybe because it got so popular.
    I always live in fear that someone will read my diary. if my little sister or big brother gets his hand on it I don’t think they’ll read it but if my mom finds it…

  59. I have an illuminated acrostic poem for social studies.
    IT has to spell out “TheChurch” And the the T has to be illuminated (by that I mean fancy and stuffs) and I have to use my vocab. words. He told us to chose out 4 words we knew VERY well in pen then after we were done he said we had to use every word but the underlined ones 😛

  60. mines almost done

  61. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    I think its in Chatroom A in Kodrunia’s Blog. O.O I have a different name on that one. You’ll know if its me or not. xP
    That’s what my friend irl said! It is pretty fun.
    I never understood fishing. Some part wouldn’t work for me, or I would do it wrong, but I forgot what it was.
    Anyone in my family would read my diary. -.-” Except for my dog. She wouldn’t tell anyone. And maybe, maybe, maybe HeliX.

  62. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    I have to make a picture design, using Arabic words. I forgot which one I chose. xP I think translations, or maybe translated. I choose the ones that look like they have the most smiley faces. =D

  63. well my brother probably wouldn’t becuase I don’t have many pictures and he has better things to do and my sister wouldn’t because it looks like a normal composition book

  64. lolz. I speak arabic I could help you 😛

  65. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Lolz. My family actually opens the book to see whats inside, just like me. xP

  66. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Its okay. :] I have a dictionary.

  67. I wouldn’t. It would probably be 1+1 anyways 😛
    A year back my sister had like 1 worksheet per 2 weeks. anyways my mom was like “Did you do your homework” and shes like “Yes.” “Are you sure” “YES!!” anyways, the next morning I was getting ready for school and I found her homework on the table. i looked through it and there was a math problem. For the answer, in big letters, she wrote “I DON’T KNOWING.” I could not stop laughing that day =P

  68. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    LOLZ. One time heliX didn my homework. o.o I got in trouble…
    i gtg finish my homework now. 😦 sorry! lylas. 😥

  69. awww you wouldn’t!!


  70. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Ugh, just finished my homework. 16 pages altogether. -.- Well, without my third oldest sister’s homework, so that would mean 25 pages… :/

    I have no idea what you guys are talking about. o.o

    I can’t wait for Halloween. =) All the free candy, but the worst part is dressing up. It’s another way of embarresing yourself, so I just wear my regular clothes. xD

  71. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Btw, new gem code: f58F-9e22-AaEe-10bD

  72. Thanks 🙂
    Wow game when I met you I was so blind. Now that I know you better it seems like you’re a whole different person.
    I don’t celebrate Halloween. but that doesn’t matter too much because I have my own holiday coming up 😛
    its kinda not that hard to follow through on that conversation. We just talked about how we met you and school. To me, your conversations are impossible to follow through no matter how many times I read it, I can never understand them.

  73. I’m beginning to memorize where most of the letters are.

    Lol I just realized something! Game writes the only short comments here 😛

  74. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    No prob, I guess.
    Um, ok?
    I celebrate Halloween. WHat’s your on holiday? o.o
    Your comments are really confusing to me. o.o I lose track. xP

    I know, I’m too lazy to type long commentes.

    I just noticed I need to finish memorizing Chinese numbers and I need to finish my Greek mythology homework. -.-

  75. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    2 people are on. o.o

  76. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Whatever, I’m going to sleep. Buh bye person who’se on. o.o

  77. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    heliX did my homework when I was in 2nd or 1st grade. o.o
    Thanks for the code, Game. :]
    Me too! Candy is good. =D Sometimes I like dressing up, but the part I don’t like is going to random people’s houses and getting the candy. xP And its kinda creepy in my neighborhood. o.o last year I only say like 7 families while i was trick or treating.
    What letters? I missed something. O.O
    Sometimes we all type short comments. xP
    Is the Greek mythology homework easy? I have to learn about Arabia. Muslims created Algebra to honor their god, Allah.
    1 person is on. =D I usually comment in the morning, or 4-5 o clock

  78. i was the second person 😛
    I went somewhere and forgot to close this
    My holiday is Ramadan usually. But this year it started in August. The last day is Saturday.

    I comment once I get back from schooL and sometimes at night. 🙂
    I go crazy over chocolate. Nothing in the world is better than chocolate. Not even chocolate-chip cookies (to me).

    Muslims did not create Algebra to honor their gods. They did not “create” it. They discovered it. My dad says that so much. I’m sorry if I offended you or something.

    I’m studying Arabia and Islam in Unit 3. I know them both by heart. And right now I’m studying Christianity (again) which I also know by heart. And Greek Mythology. Yet I still get B’s in History. It’s not even fair!

    Huh?? what letters? you’re confusing me kka!
    Speaking of letters I had a pen pal in 2nd grade. We’re all like pen pals, we write back in forth. Except we don’t need to be all “Dear bla bla” and use money on stamps.

  79. that was a REALLLLY long comment O.O
    You know, its amazing that I’ve had a new post up for days and you 2 haven’t even read it even though you go on my site so often 😛

  80. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I’m so sad now. I don’t have homework to do over the weekends. 😦 I just hope my friend has homework so I can do it for them. -.-”

    Im gonna comment more later. I gtg bye.

  81. homework?? SAD??? Well there are one or two times in my life that I was so bored that I wish I had math homework O.O

    And you guys use this smiley -.-” a lot. At first I thought it was a typo but now I don’t think that so you need to tell me what it is.


  82. 2,000 something hits. Wow. My new years goal was to reach 100 😛

  83. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    …Is that another one of your friends, game?
    xP Does she know that you did that? I think..because I saw it in CrazyMay’s blog. or KrazyMay. Oh well.

    Oh, my, cookies. My fingers hurt from tracing pictures on my laptop. o_o

    Lolz. I’m not mad that you don’t like chocolate-chip cookies better than chocolate. Its just that you like chocolate better than cookies. D: Jk. o.o Everyone has their own opinion. ^^

    Okay. o.o I don’t choose my words carefully, only in homework or summaries or school stuff. xP Blah.

    I’m studying Arabia too! I got 17/20 on my test. D: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I kneww ittt. I chose democracy instead of republic, Jesus instead of Abraham, and Pompey the Great instead of Augustus. Gah. Those were such easy questions.

    “I’m beginning to memorize where most of the letters are.” -Vinathi.
    That’s what I meant. :mrgreen:

    I never had a pen pal… o_O Heh. Idk what that actually means. Well I kind of do though.

    I started choking on my water during 1st period today. D: And it was silent…But everyone ignored me. At first. After I while they all started staring at me, and I kept trying to say “Stop staring at me!” But I kept choking. -.-”
    I was supposed to get in a group of 5. But instead I got into a group of 7 (including me). So I got moved to a group with a bunch of guys in it. D: All they talk about is guy stuff.

    Ugh. I am the opposite. Even though I only have 4 SS Questions, and 5 math problems. xP I dont like homework.

    Lolz. -.-” Is a smiley meaning…uhh…annoyed. Something like that. I did the Ctrl + F thingy and I found that I typed that smiley 2 times in this post. Well actually, 4 now. Maybe it missed some, because I just typed it in and it only did the ones I typed in this comment. So I copied Game’s and it did the ones in the post.

    Wow…I am so sorry. o_o

  84. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Oh, and there’s this spam thingy I found in my Spam Folder saying:


    thanks for the great quality of your website, every time i come here, i’m amazed.

    I would like to invite you to discover the real blue pillow .
    you’ll find a lot of stuff dealing with the blue pillow ,

    You can buy some blue pillow , rent blue pillow , steal blue pillow , or find
    the ultimate blue pillow on our site of blue pillow .


    [insert name here].

    blue pillow

    you’ll find here also some good blue pillow . ”

    Lolz. I edited the Bold.

  85. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    FINALLLLYYYYYYY. I can go on the internet!!! :mrgreen:
    While I was on Dw, I somehow got disconnected and seriously, I spent 40 minutes trying to get connected to the Internet. It felt like forever. D: When I got connected, I was like “Huzzah!” And I went on Wp, then my laptop turned off saying “You should charge your battery” thing bla bla bla. And the battery thing was connected. It was so annoying. -.-” So I left and watched my bro play Ssbb for a few minutes. After that I came back here and tried turning the laptop on but it didnt.
    Yes. I got frustrated. So I slammed my fist on the keyboard and pressed the On button and it turned on. o.o
    My laptop is so strange. -.-

  86. Wait whos that in youravatar game?
    Thanks. My brother has been bringing home chocolate for the last few days 😀
    I chose my words carefully.
    Heh. i do that a lot to on my history tests.
    By letters I meant on the keyboard. I’m practicing typing. Sorry if I confused you.
    A pen pal is just someone you don’t really know in real life that you talk back and forth too. We’re like pen pals to each other 🙂
    LOL! nice editing 😉
    I’ve choked on water once before. At home. Everyone ignored me though.
    Guys are sooo guy-ish D:
    I have 10 math problems and 1 test to study for
    Sorry for what? Are you talking to game?
    That always happens. But usually its because the power went out because my bro is vaccuming

  87. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    The gravatar thing is a pic of my friend. And she knows that I used it. We’re really close friends.
    Nice brother. o.o
    Um, ok?
    Yeah, that’s what pen pal means.
    That’s weird, kka. o.o Many “blue pillows” lol
    I’ve chocked on corn at school before. o_O It was during lunch. My friends kept laughing at my.
    I want homework so badly. Dx

  88. oh well, i don’t have many friends here. And no “close” friends. She looks like someone I used to know O.O Freaky.

    yeah. My mean brother moved out not my sometimes-nice one.

    I don’t 🙂

    Wow A short comment 😀

  89. I don’t feel like going to school tomorrow.
    She dosent look like someone I knew. o.o
    I saw game at dw. 😀 Vinathi you havent been on dw for a long time D:
    I feel so…un-smart. xD My laptop didnt work again today bcuz one of the things in a plug was loose. i thought I checked to see if everything was in place, but I missed one. Again. -.-” And I found out a few min ago. So the whole day I was using the comp instead of my laptop. D: Nooo.
    I still need to finish my SS Notes. o_o
    I havent had a power out in a long time. Well actually I had one in summer. o.o The time I was in the hallway alone and heliX locked the door, and the lights turned off. I started hitting the door.
    If I started choking everyone would look at me. 😛
    You should see my profile picture before I change it. Its the evil bunny. :/

  90. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I wasn’t on dw yesterday. My friend was. The one in the gravatar pic. She’s even watching me type now. o.o

    Short comment. o.o

    PS: I havent seen you guys in ow in forever 😦 What time do you guys usually go on?

  91. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Oh. O.O
    I wanna put one of my friends irl as my gravatar. xP But I won’t.
    Uh..I don’t really go on Ow a lot. o.o But I guess I go on Ourworld like at 3-9 PM. o.o

  92. mean either 😦
    I don’t play Dizzywood anymore. I quit.
    lolz thats a mistake I would make 😛
    I had about 5 power thingys last summer.
    I think I quit OW too because the only person I ever talk too there is you and you’re never on because of school :-/
    I think I should change my gravatar but I don’t know what to change it too.

  93. I wanna read Eclipse so badly. Its on hold for me and I’ve been waiting a month.

  94. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Awww. D: Yeah. How will we take videos and pictures and stuff? I’m gonna be leaving sooner than I expected. o.e
    Wow. o.o I used to have a bunch of them where I used to live. I remember opening my book once then the power went out.
    I didn’t. Not yet. o.o When everyone’s gone and I’m like the only one there, I’m quitting. And I only joined it to see the ppl who quit dw.
    I like bright pictures like my gravatar. 😀 Do a gravatar of your Dizzywood character, if you want to.
    Ooh. The time I put Eclipse on hold, it took so long I forgot about it until I got the slip saying that it was my turn to get it. O.O

  95. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I hate playing the flute. Dx
    I got you guys each 10 gems by downloading the ow toolbar. So you get to gems each. Your welcome.

  96. So what do we hang out on now? Just our blogs?
    I don’t wanna do my dizzywood or ourworld character. thats so.. i dunno I just don’t want a picture of something I don’t use.
    Well its about time to quit then.
    I don’t think I’m ever getting that book am I??
    I have nothing to read! I started like 10 new series after Daughters of the moon and my library dosen’t have the them so I have to go to the public library
    I hate playing all mouth instruments.
    I just downloaded the toolbar O.O
    It’s pretty cool. You can access twitter, get the REAL code of the month quickly, check your email, and even translate spanish words. The only problem is that the tool bar is blue and my internet theme or whatever is pink.

  97. should I post more blingees?

  98. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    I don’t know.
    No. I don’t want to leave my friends now.
    You’ll get it.
    Thanks game. :]
    If you want to.

  99. OMG!! Theres a flood where I just moved from? The swine flu just moved there too! Wow, I got out just in time!

    Er.. kka? I have no idea what you’re talking about in that comment up there -.-”
    I used the smiley :-O

  100. Does anyone else think we’re pen pals? Or is that just me?
    Oh and I just figured out about a website for online flash cards
    Game might need it now that she’s in 8th grade 😉

  101. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Don’t quit. ):
    Try reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians or Inkheart. If you want to.
    I’m getting use to the fltue. it’s just that whenever I’m playing during class, and other people are playing at the same time, it makes it hard for me to blow.
    Oh. I never knew that.

    We’re pen pals, I think.
    Thanks I guess, but my mom and oldest sister made this program that’s sorta like that, but I barely use it.

  102. Wow game your comment looks kinda like kkas 😛
    I would read Percy Jackson but that’s at the public library which I don’t go to for like a month.But after I’m done with the 10 series I just started I’ll read Ink Heart and Percy Jackson

    I had to play the recorder in 3rd grade. I played for 2 years and I only got past the first song (which is short and simple) I didn’t get such a good grade. And after I passed the first song my teacher was so happy she gave me an Outstanding 😛

    =) I guess we are.
    ohh ok. My brother used flashcards like 24/7 starting from 8th grade so I thought you might need them 😉

  103. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    I have to do flashcards about every 2 weeks. I just use my ruler to cut the paper.

  104. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I use to play the recorder in elementry since third grade too. o_O I played for 2 years too. o.o When we have new students in my class, the teacher lets me help them.

    I always to mental stuffs. Sometimes. I ask my mom some hard stuffs, and whenever she says the answer, it’s ALWAYS right.

  105. oOoSammywoodsoOo said:


  106. oOoSammywoodsoOo said:

    Ok, that works. (:

  107. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Did you know 111111111 x 111111111 equals 12345678987654321. o.o

  108. oOoSammywoodsoOo said:

    No. o.o

    Woo hoo ur on 😀

  109. kkÄ2297♫ said:


    In the
    1400’s a law was set forth in England that a man was allowed
    to beat his wife with a stick no thicker than his thumb.
    Hence we have ‘the rule
    of thumb’

    ——— ——— ——— —-

    Many years ago in
    Scotland , a new game was invented. It was ruled ‘Gentlemen
    Only…Ladies Forbidden’.. .and thus, the word GOLF entered
    into the English language.

    ——— ——— ——— —-

    The first couple to
    be shown in bed together on prime time TV was Fred and Wilma

    ——— ——— ——— —-

    Every day more money
    is printed for Monopoly than the U.S.

    — ———— ——— ——–

    Men can read smaller
    print than women can; women can hear better.

    ——— ——— ——— —-

    Coca-Cola was
    originally green.

    ——— ——— ——— —-

    It is impossible to lick
    your elbow.

    ——— ——— ——— —-

    The state with the
    highest percentage of people who walk to work:
    ——— ——— ——— —-

    The percentage of
    Africa that is wilderness: 28% (now get

    The percentage of
    North America that is wilderness: 38%
    ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———
    The cost of raising
    a medium-size dog to the age of eleven:
    $ 16,400

    ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———

    The average number
    of people airborne over the U.S. in any given
    ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———

    Intelligent people
    have more zinc and copper in their hair.

    ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———
    The first novel ever
    written on a typewriter, Tom Sawyer.

    — ———— ——— ——— ——— ———
    ——— –
    The San Francisco
    Cable cars are the only mobile National

    ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———
    Each king in a deck
    of playing cards represents a great king from history:

    Spades – King David

    Hearts – Charlemagne

    Clubs -Alexander,
    the Great
    Diamonds – Julius

    ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———
    111,111,111 x
    111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321
    ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———

    If a statue in the
    park of a person on a horse has both front legs in the air,
    the person died in battle. If the horse has one front leg in
    the air, the person died because of wounds received in battle.
    If the horse has all four legs on the ground, the person died
    of natural causes.

    ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———
    Only two people
    signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, John Hancock
    and Charles Thomson. Most of the rest signed on August 2, but
    the last signature wasn’t added until 5 years later.

    ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———

    Q. Half of all
    Americans live within 50 miles of what?

    A. Their birthplace

    ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———

    Q. Most boat owners
    name their boats. What is the most popular boat name

    ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———

    Q. If you were to
    spell out numbers, how far would you have to go until you
    would find the letter ‘A’?

    A. One
    ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———

    Q. What do
    bulletproof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers, and laser
    printers have in common?

    A. All were invented
    by women.

    ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———
    Q. What is the only
    food that doesn’t spoil?


    ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———

    Q. Which day are
    there more collect calls than any other day of the

    A. Father’s

    ——— ——— ——— ——— ———

    In Shakespeare’s
    time, mattresses were secured on bed frames by ropes.
    When you pulled on the ropes, the mattress tightened,
    making the bed firmer to sleep on. Hence the
    phrase…’Goodnight, sleep tight’.

    ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———
    It was the accepted
    practice in Babylon 4,000 years ago that for a month after the
    wedding, the bride’s father would supply his son-in-law with
    all the mead he could drink. Mead is a honey beer and, because
    their calendar was lunar-based, this period was called the
    honey month, which we know today as the honeymoon.

    ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———
    In English pubs, ale
    is ordered by pints and quarts. So in old England , when
    customers got unruly, the bartender would yell at them ‘Mind
    your pints and quarts, and settle down.’

    It’s where we get
    the phrase ‘mind your P’s and Q’s’.

    ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———
    Many years ago in
    England , pub frequenters had a whistle baked into the rim, or
    handle, of their ceramic cups. When they needed a refill,
    they used the whistle to get some service. ‘Wet your whistle’
    is the phrase inspired by this practice.

    ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———
    At least 75% of
    people who read this will try to lick their

    It was a fwd message I got.

  110. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Oh. 😀 I have to finish my math homework. xP
    i used a caculator. o.o

  111. oOoSammywoodsoOo said:

    I’m still reading it. Long comment. -.- This line really offended me. “Intelligent people
    have more zinc and copper in their hair.”

  112. oOoSammywoodsoOo said:

    Oh. I already finished my homework.

  113. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    I cant believe simplifying variable expressions can be so hard for me. =/ Maybe its because im always thinking about other things and not paying attention. I have the hiccups.

  114. oOoSammywoodsoOo said:

    Intresting. o.o I don’t pay attention all the time, but it’s really weird especially if your really smart, o.o I haven’t had hiccups since last month. xP

    My principal might make me go to high school this year. :/ I don’t wanna go. Dx

  115. oOoSammywoodsoOo said:

    I just weigh myself. I weigh 84 pounds. I lost about 9 pounds this summer. 😀

  116. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    People say I’m smart, but I’m not one of the really smart people who get A+’s in every test. I wish I was though. o.o OKay. i dont wish that. o_o Math is pretty easy for me, so its kinda strange that I can’t write down variable expressions. But I’m doing pre-algebra, O.O
    i had hiccups once during class and it was very quiet, so people would hear my hiccup a lot.
    Aw. D: Tell your principal that you don’t want to or something. o.o

  117. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    o.o I forgot how much I weighed. Last year I weighed about 87 pounds. I totally stuffed myself during summer. I can’t do 15 push-ups anymore. -.-” And I my time for the mile was 10:12. D:

  118. oOoSammywoodsoOo said:

    I always get A+’s. Not bragging or something. The only thing I don’t really like is writing. Don’t wish your too smart. It’s not really awesome. Dumb people sits next to you to copy your answers. So I sit at my teacher’s desk. xD Varibles are easy. So is algebra.
    I barely get hiccups.
    keep telling my principal I don’t want to, but she said that middle school is too easy for me. My mom is thinking. SHe doesn’t want me to go to collage before my third oldest sis. Idk why.

  119. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Wow. I’m 93 now. o_o

  120. oOoSammywoodsoOo said:

    That’s the weight as an average 7th grader. Or even more. Idk.

  121. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Its okay. Its hard to not brag if people say they get A’s or something. I don’t like writing too. I had to write a satire, and I got a B. -.-
    Are you in advances classes? o.o Well like advances classes in the school.
    I found my watch. 😀 it was on my teachers desk. So I took it. I lost it on 09/05/09. O.O
    Well let your mom talk to the principal about the college thing.

  122. oOoSammywoodsoOo said:

    Right now I’m doing a writing sample in my homeroom. Ibet I’m gonna be getting B to A.
    Yeah. I hate advance. The teachers are mean. In all of my advance classes, there’s like 19 students. I do 8th grade advance. Not 6th or 7th. =/
    Wow. How’d you lose your watch?
    I think I know why. Because I’m going to go to a smarter collage instead of my sisters’. And, the collage I’m going to go probably more expensive. Like 30,000 i guess.

  123. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Oh. I have to make my arms stronger to get better at pushups. Or lose weight. im brushing my teeth.

  124. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    You’d probably get an A+. 😀 I have to do a Power Point. Its easy. Just putting like types of sentences and examples.
    Yeah. Well, most of them. I don’t get why my Language Arts teacher is an ADVANCED language arts teacher. o.o He spells things wrong. “Flah Cards, Analyz” etc. And he’s rude. O.o
    I like my social studies teacher. He’s a funny advances teacher. But both social studies teachers are funny at my school (for my grade), advanced or not. o.o Heh he said that my langauge arts teacher was a baby at teaching. xP
    I accidently left it at class. o.o I usually take off my watch.
    Don’t scholarships pay for the college?

  125. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    I accidently scratched my knee. I forgot why. =/

  126. oOoSammywoodsoOo said:

    I gtg bye 😦

  127. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Bye. 😦

  128. its amazing that you 2 don’t comment for a week I leave for a day and we there 30 more comments than before. I haven’t had a very good day I just wanna scream.

    I’m too lazy to read all the comments. But I did happen to read the one about 111,111,111 x
    111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321. I was going to comment about that. It was in my planner last week as fact of the week!

  129. hey other person thats on

  130. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    I thought you quit.
    I have a headache and I have to study for two tests. I have the cough. My legs ache.
    I want to scream too.
    There was a fire near my school today. Those ones where helicopters have to come. My friends and I tried waving at them. During 4th per an announcment came on about the fire and everyone suddenly became quiet. They don’t normally do that. o.o
    Heh thats funny. I’m in pain. 😦

  131. Fine then other person. Be like that 😡
    Oh well :/ I’m so bored I just read that forwarding email. I wonder where the phrase “oh well” comes from. hey guys would you mind if I stopped visiting this website so often? We could talk on ourworld like once a month I guess?

  132. err ok? quit what?
    God what happened? did you get burned?

  133. oh hey kka 😀

  134. I didn’t understand your conversations AGAIN! Why’d you have to go talking about math and the number 93?

    Btw game, no body has to know that you’re smart. If they don’t know they won’t cheat. But its too late now isn’t it?

  135. kka left didn’t she? oh well. I better go do the dishes 😦

  136. I don’t wanna do the dishes -.- I’m gonna do both.

  137. I’m losing my patience. Maybe I should do the dishes.

  138. wow. I can only comment so many times in 2 minutes O.O

  139. I talk (type-talk) too much. I don’t talk so much in real life. I’m gonna go do the dishes 😦

  140. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    D: I didnt know you were here. 😦
    My language arts teacher reads everyone’s grades out loud. -.-
    Idk how the fire started. o.o I guess it was a wildfire. Its fire season.

  141. fire season?? whaddya mean fire season? you mean theres a WHOLE season where you’re supposed to EXPECT fires? Stupid California 😦

    hey you’re on again. I have about 10 minutes til mom comes home and I have to leave. I might leave without telling you

    Oh wow. Well she’s just asking for people to cheat 😛

  142. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Okay.. o_o
    There’s floods in the southeast, there’s fires here. There was a sandstorm in Austrailia.

  143. i have a cold. Except in my colds I just sneeze. I barely cough. The funny thing is I’ve been drowning myself in Germ-X yet I still got a cold

  144. in georgia we just had rain. no flood. No anything else. Never mind there were hurricanes

  145. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    I might get sick. My throats starting to hurt now.
    I think I got the cough because almost all my friends were sick. And then my science partner started coughing today. Oops.
    I have to color a picture.
    I have to get a parent signature for my math paper.
    I have to copy my science microscope thingy from my math notebook to science notebook.
    I felt like listing what I had to do because I’d forget a lot.

  146. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    When were you in georgia?

  147. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Well there’s not a whole season with fire. O.O I think…There’s flu season too, kinda like fire season. Not that you get flu’s during a fire or something. o_O
    I actually got most of my science thingies right when I studied.

  148. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    I think you left already.
    Talk on OurWorld? I get on Dw more. I missed a hat. -.-

  149. oh aww poor you! what happened? do me a favor and don’t kill yourself.
    I always color pix in Spanish
    I get parent sig. on my math tests for whatever reason.
    omg I’m using microscopes too :O

    I write it in my planner. no worries I don’t care if you list it

  150. Oh listen to “You belong with me” by taylor swift then listen to this

  151. could you watch it after I leave though because I gtg randomly soon

  152. never mind you’re probably already gone :/

  153. bye ❤ have fun watching! don't kill yourself! ♥

  154. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Heh. Funny. O.O And creepy.

  155. thats what my sis said :O
    georgia was where I was before I moved to California
    I aced my spanish test today 😀
    We had flu season in georgia too!

  156. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    O.O Heh.
    Ohhhhh. 😀
    Cool! I actually got 100% on my test and I was sick. I still am sick. 😦 I feel like today’s Saturday. Because I had to take a nap, and Idk why but there were tears coming from my eyes. o.o
    I think because I had too much computer or something..

  157. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I’m backkk!!! I went on a quick vacation. It was to see my dad who lives in California. (: I forgot to tell you guys. -.- Oh well. Well, I’m back at myhouse too. o.o

  158. Game it seems like you’ve been on a trip since school started :/ I live in California 😀 I feel likes todays not a weekend. Anyways I’ll be doing homework for the rest of the weekend.

  159. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Hi Game!!! 😀 I can barely go on vacations anymore, because of the house bills and stuff. Where I used to live I’d go on vactions about every year because we didn’t really have to pay for the house.
    Yeah. I feel like i’m absent from school because of my sickness.
    I have to finish coloring a picture that’s due on Monday.
    I’m reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians over again. xP For the 4th or 5th time. Its a great book.

  160. I am considering reading the first Percy Jackson book. That’s on hold for me too -.- I keep seeing the 5th and last book and then I run up to it and read the title and get sad 😦
    Gahh my dad hates taxes. Did you know taxes go to military funds? The taxes are used so they can have one more bomber to blow up Palestine. This is not America’s war anyways! I swear this is exactly like the Holocaust for the Palestians!
    I just make my sister color for me 😀 She likes it.
    I managed to get on the computer 😀

  161. ok people I’m gonna go post something 😀

  162. my brother is a master at it. First he mastered paint, the he used paint to make videos on power points (which he then mastered), then he mastered animating, and now he’s making games by programming.

    really? aww 😦 I would be mad at him for risking his life to kill my people but I don’t want to rub in the fact that your dad left.


  163. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Haa, I remember that part. (: This is one of my fav part:

    “We went searching, and found him still playing Virtual Deer Hunter.
    “Grover!” We both shouted.
    He said, “Die, human! Die, silly polluting nasty person!”
    He turned the plastic gun on me and started clicking, as if I were just another image from the screen,

    I’m not great at drawing. Whatever you guys are talking about… but my second oldest sis is. Some of her drawings are hanged up in the museum un the state I live.
    My oldest brother is in the navy too. 😦 He’s coming back like at March.

    mean either.
    I’m not going to read the quotes because, they are confusing and I’m not going to spoil the book for myself.
    Oh yeah I went to the public library today and now I can finally read Eclipse! I didn’t even have to put it on hold

  165. yeah they are
    I’m not that good. Sometimes I am. I dunno.
    still have no idea what you’re talking about…
    at my school library but the public library which is far away from our home had it 😀

  166. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Ah, now I feel so sad. I went so hard to type that qoute. Took me an hour because the book kept closing.
    I’m going to Idaho for a 1 months because my Great grandma is about to die. Dx I’m also going to school there too.
    I found out my crush likes me. Even though he’s 2 years older in me. He might be asian, but he’s SO (f word) hot!

  167. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Oh, hi kka. o.o

  168. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I read Percy Jackson and the plympians 7 times already. o.o
    No, I was talking to vin. o.o
    Thx, I guess? He’s in all of my classes. WHich is weird. o.o

  169. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Yeah, me too. =D
    I only have some friends in all of my classes. Well, only a few. o.o

  170. hey hows it going?

  171. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    oh hi vin!!!

  172. i only have one friend in my classes.

  173. hey 😀 I just got out of half an hours labor. Me and my sister are trading every ten minutes but dad managed to get 30 minutes outta me.

  174. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Well, not all of my friends are in my claases. not pe except for the guy i like btw im eating something

  175. I’m eating cookies dipped in powdered sgar

  176. sugar i mean. oh wow that sounds weird in english 😛

  177. what in the world are you talking about kka?
    my brother just deleted 2 gegabytes worth of passwords saved on websites I have accounts on. TWO GEGABYTES! my computer is so much faster.

  178. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    ok im done eating. bye kka. 😦

  179. wait what?? how come you always leavewhen I come -.-

    Stupid labor 😥

  180. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    what? me?

  181. hey 😀 at least you didn’t leave.

  182. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    o.o im also txting my friend on the phone while on here and on ow o.o

  183. i’m going to ow. k?

  184. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:


  185. did kka leave her computer on?

  186. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:


  187. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I think so.

  188. nope she didn’t. she’s gone.

  189. I have an important annoucement thingy. read it:

    K, so I’m probably not going to this blog as much. BY as much I mean I’ll read the comments but I won’t comment, I MIGHT post like once every 2 months, and well, I won’t go on the internet that much. I can’t keep sneaking like this. It makes me so miserable. IF I am on, I’ll talk to you. This will all end next summer.

    … and so I leave you, possibly even forever, not knowing the real me, or any part of the real me…

  190. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I got u guys 10 gems again on ourworld. xP
    But, still try to be on a lot, vin. 😦 I’ll do your homework for you if your gonna leave. Maybe.

  191. God ok take that comment up there back. I can’t stand reading your comments and not commenting back 😛
    lol. No its ok I don’t want geniuses doing my homework 😉

  192. oOoSammywoodsoOo said:

    I got u guys each 20 gems.

  193. really? how? thanks 🙂

  194. oOoSammywoodsoOo said:

    Gem codes, vin. o.o
    Ach, I have a project due next week. After I finish 5 sections of it, ima gonna walk to school with my new best budd. =] Right now I’m on the 4th section. xP

  195. Thanks kka 🙂 More songs?
    Good Job!
    I don’t think I can :-/
    I knew that Game 😀
    New best bud? how many do you make a year?

  196. oOoSammywoodsoOo said:

    Only 2. o.o

  197. oOoSammywoodsoOo said:

    Woo hoo, only 11 more parts to go. Im ahead of everyone in class. =]

  198. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    WHa? o.o

  199. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I’m reading something with “preduce of the zombies” something like that. I forgot the title. o.o WHile I was skimming through the book, there were like scary pictures like zombies eating people. It was gross. o.o

  200. Ewww. 😛
    I thougth you were on. Whenever me and someone else are on the other person dosen’t wanna talk to me :-/

  201. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    It’s actually “Pride and Prejudice and Zombie” o_O
    This Sat and Sun, my family and I is gonna see my oldest brother because it’s going to be his birthday. =]

    Peace out, I got a bus to catch. :/

  202. OH. on you have to save the school from zombies 😛 I can’t believe I still remember the name O.O
    I don’t think we’d go to see my oldest brother even if it was his birthday. That’s because he’d rather spend it in Georgia with friends than here with family
    Have fun on the bus!

  203. hey peoples 😀

  204. how is it that 3 people were here but not a single person said hi?

  205. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Omgomgomgomgomgomgomg!!! HEP MEE!!! My enemy (meekay100) is going to MY school!!!!Omgomgomgomgomg… I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!! 😦 I keep cussing so much. 😦 😦 She’s also going on MY bus! Sh sh sh sh sh. :/ She’s starting tomorrow. What am I going to do?!?!?!

  206. I thought she was your friend? you forced me to put her on my buddy list! O.o Oh well. You’ll live. Just keep a distance away from her so she can’t report you to the office for something you didn’t do. People who really hate you will bite themselves just to report you.

  207. Sammy Woods Rocks said:

    SHe’s not my friend anymore. I didn’t force you! I barely see her. Except when MY class is forced to help her class show the way around school! veryday, we have to show the 6th grade classes about the school. And somehow, my class is ALWAYS grouped up with her!

  208. Sammy Woods Rocks said:

    I was going to posts until I saw this:

    Funny how friends say forever,
    people never seem to stay together

    You told me not to worry, told me not to cry,
    you said we were best friends, it was a lie.

    To have a bond like we did was amazing,
    but you picked a quitting over that, over US, just replacing.

    You hurt me so bad you will never know,
    and the pain I keep inside I will never show.

    You’d probably see it if you just tried,
    and know how many nights I have cried.

    But don’t worry I’ll be fine,
    I’m not the one who left all my friends behind.

    You also quit too.

  209. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Ohh, there’s 2 people on. Hi ppl 😀

  210. But you barely know the school! You haven’t even been there for a full year! how are you supposed to guide people around it?
    Wait where did you find that poem? I’ve heard it before. Maybe I posted it, maybe I saw it somewhere else.. idk.
    btw if you see 2 people on, the 2nd person is probably just kka leaving the computer on.

  211. Sammy Woods Rocks said:

    Well, we each get a partner. So, my parter usaully guides the group.
    You posted it :/ It was for me not to quit dw.

  212. ohh. so is this every month or something?
    I have a bad cold.
    oh yeahh. MY intention when I posted that poem was for you not to leave forever
    yeah I kinda realized that after all those times someone else was on but didn’t talk to me.

  213. Sammy Woods Rocks said:

    No, every week. We have to show the sixths grader around the school, scavenger hunts EVERY week in the hallways, 6th grade parties, and a bunch of other stuffs.
    Woo, no school tomorrow because it’s “fermal” day. I think I spelled that wrong. idk

  214. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I haven’t gotten tests lately. Except for P.E. The mile run, pacer tests, and flexibility.

  215. don’t you think the 6th graders would know their ways around the school by now? I went to Science today and realized we were supposed to take notes on a section and we had a quiz on it. It was one of those quizzes that are open-note but you only learn the stuff in one day. 😳

  216. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    No, they don’t. The middle school I go to is HUGE. There’s 2 levels. Even I get lost if I’m not with my partner.
    Summer weather is still lingering in Oregon which is awesome because during summer, there was cold weather and it was raining. And, I can still hang out with my friends.

  217. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    And, I never knew Gaia could be so fun now. o_O

  218. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Weird. o.o
    I like playing Gaia now. xP

  219. gaia ROCKS! I spent all day on it 🙂 Whats your username game?

  220. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    What ?

  221. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Um, i use my gaia for real life friends. o.o

  222. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I was on dw today.
    Yes, I know. Or we.
    Well, yeah.
    Yes, we know, kka.

  223. Oh well.. comment can work 🙂 Plus I’m not a chatting person anymore so having a conversation with me would be kinda boring. I always lose my chatting person-ness during the school year because my parents are always watching over me so I can’t chat with you. Tell you what, I’ll be on DW tommorow after school

  224. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I only go on Dw for celebrating with my friends. Like special ocasions with friends. Such like Christmas, Halloween, and yeah…

  225. Me too. But tommorow IS a special day. It’s “Vinathi finally gets to chat with her BFFs” day. Sorry I can’t go on right now, today. Oh and btw by tommorow I mean Tuesday.

  226. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Oh, ok?
    I have another project. It’s like really hard, so everyone in my class keeps asking me if I could be their partner. I said no, then later I changed my mind so I’m working with my partner. xP He’s gonna come over to my house soon, so I won’t be on.
    I’ve been going on dw lately. Idk why. Dw seems so childish now. :/

  227. Oh ok. I won’t be on today either. It was hard to get on this blog by itself
    Is it just be or does kka not comment on weekdays?
    It’s RAINING it’s POURING the old man is SNORING
    Childish? CHILDISH?? You’re not game!

  228. hey game 🙂

  229. Sammy Woods Rocks said:

    Ok then… :/
    I dunno.
    This morning it was raining so hard. Dx
    Well, yeah, dw IS childish now.
    This morning, when I went on the bus, I couldn’t stop laughing because my friend, he shaved his head, and all of my friends kept saying that he was like a monk. xD
    This morning (again), my 2 friends was late for the bus, so their sister had to call them, when the bus left, they got out of their house and started to run to the nect bus stop in the rain. xDDD When they got on the bus, we started to crack up. xD

  230. I guess dw is childish. But still, since when do you say childish?
    Oh wow. Shaved? scary O.O

  231. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Umm, I dunno. o.o
    Yeah, he looked like a monk. xD

  232. Sammy Woods Rocks said:

    I’m bored. I just read a book called “Lockdown” by Diane Taullson. It’s an awesome book. =]

  233. I’m reading the first book ever written in English but it was written in Old English so we’re reading the translated version in Language Arts. I’m also reading the 3rd Twilight book and the next WImpy Kid book. After that I have like 3 more series I wanna read

  234. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Oh. :/
    I’m finally reading the Daughters of Moon. But I haven’t started it.
    I’m sick. =[ I got home early today. I won’t go to school tomorrow.

  235. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    No offence, but you guys comment slow. 😐

  236. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:


  237. Yes, I do comment when I’m not being held prisoner 😛
    Really? I just realized I have read books SO much better than Daughters of the Moon in the past months.
    Lucky! I would love to get sick on a friday 🙂

  238. Really? Whats it about?

  239. I don’t comment all the time. But really, I go on this blog a lot.

  240. Sammy Woods Rocks said:


  241. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I feel like I’m gonna die of boredom.

  242. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I know why it seems that kka doesn’t go on ourworld anymore. She’s always on stealth mode. 😐

  243. I know that kka (:
    LOL! A carebear 😀
    I’m checking my youtube suscriptions.

  244. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I know. o.o
    Dang, I forgot what I was gonna say… oh yeah, vin, can you go on ow now?

  245. I feel like drawing on paper. But eventually I’ll throw it away soon and I don’t want to waste paper.
    I’ll recycle it. Silly me.
    I don’t go on OurWorld because I don’t play OurWorld a lot.
    That’s a cool carebear.

  246. ._.

  247. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    No, your on stealth mode.
    Thanks. My second oldest sis made it.

  248. I know right? I hate when you wanna draw, but you don’t wanna use paper. After that I end up midlessly drawing on my Homework 😛
    I’m not in the mood for Ourworld.
    It is 🙂

  249. I drew a happy face on Paint. Yay.
    I don’t go on OurWorld.
    I won’t ever be able to make one of those. Its too hard.

  250. I am making an online comic book 😛

  251. Kewl! What’s it about?
    I was on your blog and refreshed and found the fridge. I go on here a lot. 😛
    There were 3 people here, and now there’s 2, so you might have left already. Good night. heh.

  252. A teddy bear that transforms into a superhero 😛
    I know I know 🙂
    I’m here!

  253. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Um, is it ok if I can buy a flow booster for you, vin? It’s 48 gems for the 50% and you have 50 gems. You can pick what color u want.

  254. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I guess I’ll move to a different post.

  255. Did this post have more comments than the Percy Jackson and the Olympian Quiz one?

  256. Yea I know I’m saving up for that. You can buy it 🙂
    Yup it has more comments.

  257. Oooh. Okie.

  258. VINATHI!!! thats A LOT OF COMMENTS can i please work here!!! plzzzzzzzzzzz

  259. yeah sure. but they’re all from the same ppl.

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