From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

I figured out that I haven’t updated my I ask you page since March O_O Soo I’m gonna ask you something just because.. you know why.

I guess I’m just gonna ask a bunch of would you rather questions.

  1. Fame or Fortune?
  2. Favorite Phone Feature: Camera or Texting or Calling?
  3. Travel the world or travel space?
  4. Brains or Beauty?
  5. Diamonds or pearls?
  6. Time Travel to the past or future?
  7. Who would you rather be for a day: Your best friend or worst enemy? (probably my sister but oh well)
  8. Which is worse:  Speak to a crowd or write a research paper?

I underlined what I chose.


Comments on: "In a moment you will be.. ASKED!" (12)

  1. 1. Fortune
    2. Camera
    3. Space
    4. Brains
    5. Diamonds
    6. Future
    7. Best Friend
    8. Speak to a Crowd

    Wow I chose most as you. O.O That funneh. lol.

  2. GameproGirl said:

    1. Fortune
    2. Camara
    3. Space
    4. Brains
    5. Pearls
    6. Futre
    7. Your best friend
    8. Speak to a crowd

    Wow, mostly the same. o_O

  3. Yeah. xD
    Heres one: Would you rather be able to be really strong or really fast?
    And is it just me or is vinathi’s twitter not working on her blog…? o.O

  4. nope I haved tweeted lately. I’m to lazy to type in TWITTER.COM

    I guess I’d rather be really strong 🙂

  5. Me too. xP
    lolz I’d be really fast. ^^

  6. GameproGirl said:

    i would be strong too 😛

  7. I Have a small bag of skittles rught here. But I can’t eat it. It’s my sister’s. She says shes eating one a day. And its sitting here saying eat me vinnyy eatt mee

  8. I sat down on the computer once game said gtg I’ll be back and I’m waiting for her to get back 🙂

  9. GameproGirl said:

    I know. Im getting on. BUT MY OW ISNT WORKING!!! ahhh!!!

  10. I havent been on since forever. o_o Why am I saying since forever now. 😐

  11. lol when i move my mouse over “Kka’s Dizzywood Tips” It says “Thanks.” Heh idk what you mean, but you’re welcome. xD

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