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Its about time too O.O

Since there are like 200 comments on the other post I figured it was time for a new post 🙂

Wow I just figured out how much I’ve changed ever since I met kka and then gameprogirl. A lot. Before I didn’t even know any smileys and now I write it as a habit even when I’m writing reports on paper O_O

Anyways, I’m going to work my brain to think of something to say….


I got it 😀 So here I am searching cookie in google images and this picture pops up of zuhchinni cookies. Eww. So I searched some more and got THIS to make up for it 🙂


Which made me think of dancing cookies. WHich made me think of looking up dancing cookies 🙂

So please enjoy thie animated GIF of cookie monster stealing your cookies 🙂

 Wel now I feel like looking up glittery stuffs 🙂

soo enjoy this word all fancy and all.


And a picture I felt like making:

Your custom giant cookie

Well guess what? I SURVIVED the post. YES! I am completely running out of ideas for people who are bored 😛



Comments on: "Its about time too O.O" (34)

  1. PRETTY!!!!!! *eats giant cookie*
    sowwy. o.o
    and i was about to post on here scince there was no new post. xP

  2. Heyyy Glassgiant erased what I wrote. It was a heart cookie that sed “Friends are the chocolate chip cookie of life”

  3. GameproGirl said:

    Do a favor for me, take off: coolshun188, crazyfuun09, omg1189, and meekay100 from ur list. Why? I HATE them so much. Even my cousin. Block them too. If u dont, I will go on ur account to take them off and block them.

    I HATE it when my cousin and meekay100 talk to each other in real life. kay is always SICK. I dont want my cousin to know. It’s TERRIBLY sick.

  4. woahhh I thought meekay was your friend so I added her but I really don’t like her.

    And it’ll be my pleasure to take omg off along with meekay.

    But taking off cool shun and crazyfuun won’t be a pleasure

  5. GameproGirl said:

    Why? Your on there side?

  6. polkadot55 said:

    What…idk who omg and meekay was so yeah.
    Why do you and coolshun hate each other so much?? 😥
    And please dont go on my acc and take them off.
    There are no sides. =| I want to be your friend and crazy’s friend.

  7. polkadot55 said:

    Oops. O.O Im kka2297. My neighbor left it logged on. :\

  8. GameproGirl said:

    omg1189 is my cousin and meekay100 is my friend in real life. They started talking to each other a LOT and stuff that i dont like hearing. They both like each other. And now i hate them. 😐
    We hate each other cuz shun was like “take this chimchar back!!” i said no, and he was like acting like a baby. Then he cussed at me. I cursed at him. 😐
    I wont. I sorta forgot ur email… O.O
    I hate crazyfuun. Yesterday, vindaloo and I was laughing at this and crazy randomly came and started yelling mean stuff at me then i ditched them.
    I kinda wanna quit ow forever. :/

  9. polkadot55 said:

    Gamepro wow that is like alot to say in one blog so uhhhhhh welll dont quit cuz everyone would be sad

  10. don’t quit 😦 if you do what would you switch to next??

  11. GameproGirl said:

    Panfu, Kidzworld, Fantage, or quit using the computer. In real life if i quit, I would be doing my sisters homework, doing extra projects, um, nerdy stuffs, or play with my dog.

  12. o.o I tried Panfu once. i didnt get it. i tried fantage twice. lotsa member stuff.

  13. Idk what I go on a lot anymore…other than wp. 😦

  14. me too kka. I feel the little string connecting you to the rest of us broke O.O

  15. Ive felt like that since forever. :/

  16. GameproGirl said:

    doesnt feel like that to me. o_O probably i care about my real life friends than virtual friends. No offence…

  17. None taken. o.o
    Friends are awesome. (:

  18. I have a cut on my foot. It hurts. And its annoying. I was in the mall ( i dont really like them… ) walking with flip flops while wearing a band aid and it started getting loose. 😐
    So I was walking all weird so it wouldnt fall off and people would see, and once I was alone I threw it away. :/

  19. I probably care about virtual friends more. If you asked me who my best friends are I’d say Sammy and Katie. And if you asked me if they went to my school I’d say I moved or something 😛

  20. The good thing about having moving and having vitrual friends is that when you move, you arent really moving away from them. o.o
    lolz, better to say than Game and Kka. They’d think those are weird names. Irl. I only have one friend (the other’s got her email deleted i think bcuz it wont work) that I moved from and still email.

  21. GameproGirl said:

    Yeah, virtual friends dont move away. 😐
    WHoa, kka’s real name is Katie? I never knew that. o_O
    I only give me yahoo mail to my friends irl. I only give my gmail one to virtual friends. xP i dont rlly care if i get hacked on my gmail.

  22. GameproGirl said:

    WHAT THE FUDGE?!?!?! My ow player isnt working. 😐

  23. I keep at least 30 emails. Including Vinathi’s. I told her it was impossible to forget her name xD

    I met you guys a month before I moved. December 26th 🙂

  24. woahh I had a dream that there was a break that WASN’T summer that was 100 days long but for my school it was like a week long and one of my best friends from where I moved from came to surprise me. (who has the cutest baby brother who looks nothing like her)

  25. My brother finished the x) box game portal last night and I watched him when he was playing it on the x) box a lot so he said he loved this game and it made him feel “smart” and he let me watch the ending it was SOO funny I went to sleep (near 4:30) laughing like crazy

    I woke up kinda late today my dad thinks I should sleep early

  26. GameproGirl said:

    Wow. Making him feel smart? lol. =P what was the last part about?

  27. o.o Yeah…

  28. I know that made me laugh a lot too but its kinda a puzzle game so it does make you feel smart. It just wouldn’t make since if I JUST told you the end I guess you have to know the whoe story line to understand it. BUT ITS SOO FUNNY

  29. I guess I could just post a walkthrough to the game and you could watch the whole game xD.

  30. UGH Game i think u dont want to talk to me and leave her outta this its not her war its ours now leave her out of this
    we will settle this tomorrow or maybe today sheesh

  31. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Hmm, let’s settle this until wild boars fly.

  32. Your blog is very interesting and nice.

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