From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

If I were to choose out a cake for you (or make it) then that would be your cake 🙂 Grab a knife and fork spoon and plate then eat up 😀


Yum Yummm Yumm oh and save me a slice 🙂

Hope you have the happiest of birthdays and I would have so made you a glitter thingy if my pictures of you hadn’t been deleted 😦

Oh and I had the weirdest dream ’cause I went to sleep thinking about my day and your birthday. We were lost at a beach far away from home for like a week and at the end we found our way home 🙂


Comments on: "Happy Birthday to Miss Awesomees" (18)

  1. Aw thanks!!! =D
    That cake is perfect . I would’ve chosen that one too. ^^ Its like a cookie! Or is it a cookie? xD With M&ms!!!!
    Yum yum I likey.
    *gives slice to vinathi*
    Who wants some?!?!?!?? *eats slice* 😮 It looks and tastes like a cookie! With M&ms!!!!! And sweet stuff!
    You didnt have to make me that. Im just happy that you even thought of that. lol xD

    What do you want for your birthday? Like coins or something. 😉
    The old smilies are back!!
    Yaya we found our way back ^^ We will survive, hey hey!
    😮 I didn’t say shall this time! Yaya! Well I did then I backspaced it and typed will. xP

    its a cookie cake 😀

  2. Annamh♫ said:

    Happy b-day kka its my birthday too 🙂

    and selena gomez ‘s birthday 🙂

  3. kka2297 said:

    That’s cool! I like her. :]
    Happy birthday Annamh!!! 🙂
    have a slice!

  4. GameproGirl said:

    u ppl r lucky. U get bithday posts for ur bday. i never even gotten one. :/ I only got 2 “happy birthdays” sayings. well, in dw. the only person who came to me and sang happy birthday was Cadett. He’s te best of the best besties i’ve ever had. But he quit. That’s also another reason y i quit.

  5. GameproGirl said:

    oh yea, im also thinking of quitting ow for the school year. Should I, or should i not?

  6. kka2297 said:

    Just wait till next year. 😉 If we’re all still here, which we will be.

    And…why are you thinking of quitting during the school year?

  7. GameproGirl said:

    I dont think i’ll be here next year. Well, maybe on ow. Not on dw.

    Im thinking about quitting ow for the school year, cause lotsa homework and 8th grade school stuff. -.-

  8. GameproGirl said:

    Whoa, u wake up wayy earlier than I do. o_o

  9. kka2297 said:


  10. kka2297 said:

    D: Tuna pie. Thats tuna pie.

    I had to wake up at 4 this morning because I had to drop off my dad somewhere.
    Btw heres the video. Hopefully its okay…

  11. GameproGirl said:

    Thank you, kka!!! =D btw, i never knew u can comment videos. o.O I watched the vid u made on utube. xP

  12. GameproGirl said:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH KKA!!!! =D FOR THE FIRST TIME, MEH GOT GEMS ON MEH OWN!!! =D thank you so so so much!!!

  13. kka2297 said:

    =D You’re welcome! It actually worked! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. kka2297 said:

    You just paste the URL. xP

  15. Annamh♫ said:

    thanks 🙂

  16. kka2297 said:


    I just made a new avatar. O.o Not showing up. Oh well, itll change later xP

  17. vinathi said:

    Thanks for the vid kka 🙂

    Lol you 2 have a thing for chatting on my posts

  18. Hehe yeah. xD

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