From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Okie dokie.. so I was searching in crazymay’s blog and I found this picture =] But she says she didn’t draw it.

I wonder who did?

Anyways check out theese drawings drawn by some guy on youtube that does digital art and his own songs to go along with it. This one is probably my favorite one 🙂

Like I sed.. A – M – A – Z – I – N – G

And I was voting in the Mellow Yellow contest in ourworld and there was this guy with a yellow dress xD You’d have to wanna win really bad to wear a yellow dress. but I wasn’t able to take a picture of it 😦


Comments on: "Its early and I haven’t posted in 4ever" (14)

  1. Heh the picture is very cute. Except hey have no mouths. o_O


    lol a guy with a yellow dress..??? Did you throw a rose or tomato at him? Or popcorn. Or nothing. Hehe lol

  2. lolz ya they are cute. but they cant talk D:

    And that guy rocks. My brother says that he dosen’t get artists that draw that detailed when they can go take a picture 😛

    And it was on me sister’s account and she refused to throw tomatoes at him :O

  3. kka2297 said:

    I found the picture CrazyMay put in her blog! I remember she posted another picture thing. I cant find it though.

  4. I had this dream that I had to meet some person in this house, then I was like Ok! So then I came with two other ppl I didnt know and there were big fluffy monsters in the house. They didnt see me and the others at first but then one saw us and started chasing us. My legs felt like I couldnt run and they were shaky. The two others made it out, but I got caught and the monster said I had to live in a room. O.O I ran out and she started chasing me again, but I made it out. Then I forgot what happened. ^^

  5. You have weird dreams, kka. O.o no offence tho

  6. Heh none taken. My friends irl have weird dreams too. 😛

  7. supergirltoo said:

    I would say it was awesome but that would be a insult to how awesome it is… So what do I say?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

  8. supergirltoo said:

    LOL You had to live in a room! I had a dream this one time I think I dreamed it IDK. Anyway I was on dizzywood and these people started zapping me and I’m like what thats not possible how are they doing that…. I have horrible dreams too… I had a dream this one time that I was in my Mom and Dad’s room the lights were turned out the only light was form the hallway and my mom says she saw feet under the bush then all of a sudden a bush was in her room and this dude jumped out he had a gun and he was shooting at us I told my Mom to duck I went and grabbed a hone ran out of the house callled the police but there was a problem I left the door open… And as soon as we see the guy again the phone goes 911 whats your emergency… Then I woke up

  9. Once, I had this dream, like last year (idk) that everyone gets turned into an animal. My sisters and I got turned into a bear, and there was this old lady who has this gun. We climbed on that lady’s roof (i dont think bears can climb. o.O ) to try to kill her, but then she shot us, and when she shot meh, I was the only one who turned back to human. I went to a lake and went canoeing, and then there was this shark who ripped my jeans. Then I woke up.

    After I woke up, I had another dream (a dream in another dream O.o) while still in my sleep. When I woke up in the dream, the shark who ripped my jeans told me (told meh in English terms) that he or she was my mom. o_O Then I officially woke up.

  10. kka2297 said:

    Hehe lol everyone has weird dreams. xD

  11. when I was little i had an evil teacher so I had a dream about her turning into a monster and threatning to kill me O.O and while I was fighting it I fell out the window. then I woke up (AHHHHHHHHH) lol

    and I had so many bad dreams that some bad dreams were just continuations of other bad dreams 😛

  12. GameproGirl said:

    lotsa weird dreams. o_O

  13. kka2297 said:

    Heh…yeah. I had a dream that the school bus was this twirly thingy that we had to crawl into, and at the top were the seats. I had no idea where the driver was and how it would move.

  14. vinathi said:

    heh I want that dream 😛

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