From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

First things first~ My laptop broke. my brother used it (I have 2 older ones the second older broke it)

He broke it because I let him use it and it ran out of batteries so he put it in the trunk and it crashed around in there while my oldest brother was driving. And my laptop breaking also means all my pictures of you guys are GONE and the bob movie that took me forever to make but I was too lazy to upload. And than it Also means that I have to use my oldest brother’s laptop which is very slow and dizzywood BARELY works on it which means my tabs dont work (the friend tab, my clothes tab, and so on)


Sorry there just letting out my anger 😆 And the second thing is that game thinks I have changed and I can probably give reasons why I have changed in the parenthisies (how ever you spell that ):

  • I dont try to make her happy anymore (actually she sed that after I accidently ditched her so whoop dee doo )  
  • I’m never on her side any more ( Im a religious person and my religion believes in PEACE not hating people [no offense])
  • my attidude is rock bottem (what does that even MEAN??)
  • Im not a big mouth anymore xD (I can fix that 😛 )
  • I dont post/comment as much (finnne I agree with that)
  • I wear weird clothes (btw my tabs are messed up so chow was on my account changed the clothes and I can’t change it back)
  • I talk more on OW than DW now (I like
  • I’m lazier (not really but okie doke)
  • I go on brb a lot (There are a lot of reasons for that)
  • I leave randomly a lot (what do you expect if my parents found out I would never be allowed to touch a computer again)
  • I dont annoy people as much (I thought that was a good thing xD)
  • and some more stuff she told me that I can NOTTT remember

and the good news is that.. uhhh .. UMMMM I’m still the same old me and as happy as ever 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :))))

~~~LYLAS ❤ ~~~ I need to stop this habit of long posts xD


Comments on: "Bad newss & some more bad news wrapped up with good news" (68)

  1. There’s new smiles! 😀 But :mrgreen: looks like a sick person who’s happy. O.O
    I told you to upload the Bob movie!!!! O.O
    Too much OurWorld. -.-” No one needs to click my character anymore. I wont play.
    Pictures are gone! Except the ones you have on your blog? You can save those ones… =D
    You happy….I happy. ^^ Kind of.

    I have the video on youtube with a bunch of pictures still 🙂 you wont play ourworld? aww 😦 games taking a break from ourworld

  2. Yesterday I found out the I love Rock and Roll song is on my Ipod. O_O

  3. GameproGirl said:

    okie dokieee, im back for ourworld. 😀 but, i might still take breaks since im waaay too lazy to level up. meh just leveled up and 112 flowies to go. -.- and my stupid friend wont help me lvel up! 😡

    Uh, attitude rock bottem means ur attitude isn’t regular or normal anymore like u use to be sooo hyper and now, ur not. Which adds, ur not that obnoxios or hyper anymore. :/

    U barely go on DW. Barely tweet. Less crazy. uh, n more i forgot. -.- Too. :/

    what the enchiladas? ur gonna rip the American flag! (once again ur against me) that’s harsh. seriously. o yea, and on ur list of what i told u who u r now, your not really ‘religous’ because u said u believe in peace AND u said if ur family is dying, you’d rip the American flag to pieces.

    barely tweet? craziest thing I ever heard
    less crazy? nopee Im craziERrrr
    and yes I am still “religious” ’cause if America made you pay taxes and then used the money to bring war against your OWN family I bet youd kill the flag too 😛
    and I do beleive in peace because Im against blood black and that stuffs

  4. GameproGirl said:

    Oh yeah, and crazyfunn is also my enemy. I thought you knew that because remember that day when I told you to delete crazyfunn off your lsit because she wants my account.

  5. Lemme list my enemies on dw.

    1: crazyfuun

  6. Oh yeah, and also coolshun.

  7. Vinathi said:

    gahhh thats a lot of enemies O.O I knew about fuun she already quit I go on her account xD I tweet a lott youd have to be crazy to think I never tweet xDD

  8. y chihuahua?

  9. There’s a penguin storm 7 now. What’s the difference with 6 and 7??? o.O

  10. GameproGirl said:

    chihuhua cries a lot. =P

    penguin storm 7 is the newer version. If i were you, go with the newer version. They probably updated it to have better stuff.

  11. oo yeah. u can be sensei, a puffle, and flip yourself and the screen. Its really hard to win while doing the ski race upside down. and during beans the bean thingies go down, then they fly up. xD

  12. I have noo idea what you twoo are talking about O.O

  13. GameproGirl said:

    Coolio! I never knew that. Well, I just downloaded it, but i didnt have the chance to play it. =P

    You can be a puffle? o.O

  14. Yeah. But it stinks how no one can see you like that. o.O

    Vinathi: Penguin storm. xD

  15. Its funny how we just make a post then start chatting on it. O.O

  16. cookies 😀

  17. kka2297 said:

    Cookies! I have a lot of pictures of everyone saying cookies. :mrgreen:

  18. 6DD4A907580C6CFB

  19. how many Gems do you have now?

  20. 20 🙂 tank you

  21. I had 83 and now I have 46. xD Im gonna wait to 50 then get a Flow Booster.

  22. I see that you wasted your 46 gems. You got the awesome hair. xD I was gonna waste it on that, but naah, i used it up on the mystery box and I got an eye patch. xD

  23. I also was gonna buy Paris hair, but it looks too girly on meh, and Im not a girly girl. -.- It explains why I basiclly wear shorts every single day even in winter.

  24. lolz. Yep. xD
    I had 1 gem, then I did a Survey thingy and got 9. Actually, idk how I got 9 gems. I didnt do a survey with 9 gems. O.O

  25. Maybe you did a servey and you got 8 gems. o.O
    Can you also tell me how to do the serveys and get gems?

  26. Okie!
    After I eat dinner. -.-
    I’m actually gonna make a post. D:
    And whenever the thing asks for the adress I just put Hollywood adresses. xD

  27. What do you mean by Hollywood addresses? o.O

  28. kka2297 said:

    I search Hollywood Adress on Yahoo answers, one question has an adress and a zip code. o.o

  29. GameproGirl said:

    Oh. o.o Weird when u think about it. O.o

    Heh. now we’re talking about ourworld on a random post after cp. xD

  30. yeah lol xD
    Ugh I feel like sneezing but i cant and now my eyes are watering. D’:

  31. That happened to meh before. I slap myself when that happens and its gone when I slap meh. xD

    Btw, is it okay is i give you my ow acc so that you can help me get gems? I dont even understand it. :/

    To Vindaloo: i saw may made a post for you about these games, so heres another link: 😀

  32. lol. I think it happened to me because I kept my fan on during the night. It dosent have a timer. :/
    Sure. But I might just get only like 5-15 gems. Its hard. xD

  33. Oh. xP I hate my fan thingy. It’s too noisy. Well, mines not a fan. 😛 Mines an air conditioner thingy with a timer. I hardly ever use it.
    I’ll put it on ur meebo thingy. And, the email address I will give you is my fake one. I only use that for signing up for 13+ games. xD The words in it isn’t really my name. The last name, I took it from my dad since that’s his real last name. Cindy, middle name. 😛

  34. 5,000 hits vindaloo!

    I always have kka in mine. Well the ones I share anyway xD
    When the gem thingy asks for my first and last name, I just put Qwerty Tuop. xP

  35. Heh it says I typed that at 10:00 PM. But its actually AM! I think I understand now. =D

  36. I just read through the whole conversation 🙂

    YOu 2 have fun talking 😛

  37. To vinathi: Um, in Oregon, we dont pay taxes. Well, only the house taxes and something about the city. I dont remember. o_o And, why would I even fight my own fam?

  38. I never said you’d kill your family.

    ohhh you dont. Well most taxes go to the war and I have friends and family dying because of the war. So I take it out the flag. Makes perfect sence to me O.O

  39. Eh…I still don’t get what youre talking about. There’s a war going on right now?!??! O.O

  40. I thought I wrote a comment saying:


    But I probaly backspaced it then left. o_O

  41. Are you kidding? it might not be in the news but its every else! Its been going on since me granny was born 😛 And its killing my peoples!

  42. I won’t be on much (Im barely on much. D: ) on the 20th and 21st. Going to my friends birthday sleepover party. And idk about the 19th. I think thats my bday party or something…

    I seriously have to start running outside and stuff. All day I’m on my laptop or laying on my bed staring at my window.


  44. Oh. I never knew that. I dont watch the news. I take one look and do something else.

  45. Keep keep keep on refreshinggg. o.O

  46. To tell you the truth only my peoples that live in america know. No one else has a clue. But there are a lot of my peoples in America. Bassically its like the holocaust all over again. Except this time the JEWS are torchuring MY PEOPLE D: and Palestine dosen’t have weapons at all. Just like the halocaust, they keep it a secret from everyone else.

    We both on 🙂 AND OMG YOUR B DAY????

  47. Eh nvm… D:
    that was like 5 min ago. O.O
    Do you have a neopet acc? Im kka2297. Again. Haha. xD No one has an account called kka2297. Or kka0797. O.O

  48. VINDALOO YOURE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. what does kka even mean?
    And whens your birthday? how come you didnt tell me?? peas tell me 🙂

    And I used to have a neopets account with extremely rare items during beta time and came back 1 month later and they completely deleted my account so I didd have one

  50. kka is uh……my name. Well not my actual name. O.O

    I thought I told you on meebo. o.O Its thee…22nd. Ima Cancer. That reminds me. I still have to check my horoscope. I do that.

    I used to have one that was kka0797. But I left it too. Then it got deleted. D: heliX had one too, except it got frozen because she accidently left it on on one comp then logged in on the other. Hers is ecoster.

  51. Yesterday was Kiko day I think so we all got Kikos. =D
    When my acc was kka0797, Kikos were regular. So once i got kka2297 I was like NOOOOOO KIKOS!! They were my favorite, with jub-jubs.

  52. My horoscope:

    It feels as if you have something to hide, but your new open book policy wins out once you start talking. You truly have no reason to keep secrets, and your eagerness to belong to a tribe or a social network can have you spilling the beans in no time at all. Forget about the consequences. Just come out of your shell and do whatever you can to be a sensitive and forthright friend.

    O.O It always gets me. Even on the other days!

  53. I gtg eat breakfast. :/
    Ill be on meebo or something. If youre still there. xD


    my b day is on the 22nd but next month O.O Im a month younger then you

    Unless you’re going to 12. OH NOO YOUR GETTING OLD D:
    and the older you get the closer you get to quitting dizzywood 😦

    I barely check my horoscope but Im going to right now.

  55. Um whats the day me computer set wrong O.O and the time 😛

    Tells me both 😀

  56. Its July 18, Saturday. Heh. I just came back upstairs. O.o

    Lol ty. xD Im one of the youngest out of all my friends. o.o
    Ill remember that!!!! :] Just wait.

    Im going to 12. :/

  57. There 3 ppl on 😀

    Whos the third one…

    Aww byez 😦

  58. Gah the “Forget the consequences.” part is stuck in my mind now. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  59. Huh… on dw or something? Bye D:
    meh probaly back at 11:30 or something. i see ya soon! bye! D:

  60. Im definetly the youngest. deffinetly

    Now can you tell me the time 😛

    and I be on dw.

  61. Okie. Here I come. =D

  62. Now u guys are talking to each other.
    U guys have cancer? 😯

  63. GameproGirl said:

    Wait, have u guys beens going on ?

  64. O.O Yes, horoscope thingy. But not
    Ima Cancer, and Vinathi is a Leo. What are you? =D

    I forgot most of the thingies which said about me. That didnt make sense. I remember one saying I was shy. Duh. O.O

  65. Meh’s a Pices. Birthday: Feb 23.

  66. I go to Ima tiger in the Chinese tiger thingy. ^^ No wonder why im always angry and stuff. o.o

  67. I mean, Chinese calander thing. o_o

  68. kka2297 said:

    Chinese Zodiac. 😛
    I’m an ox… o_o

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