From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Ok, ok, Im sorry

Yes, read the title. Titles explains things sometimes. I just want to show this comment I did:

GameproGirl Says:
June 26, 2009 at 2:39 AM   edit

Yes, I know it’s rude to ask but I couldn’t sleep last night because I overreacted…

But, am I still your bffl? Well, because I was being all rude yesterday and stuff… And I just wanna say Im sorry. Im not use to quitting so I got overreacted. 😐 Sorry…

And, I was really offended that boot camp is the ‘e’ word. The reasons I go to camp is that my uncle make my sisters and I go to learn how to defend, fight, and a lot more. Mostly about… well, something that I dont like to tell.

So, Im sorry again. Oh, and, were you on today like at 2:00 PM? On DW because I knew you were at summer school and I am the only who knows your pass. It just bothers me when your not responding…

Just want to say I was sorry ’bout yesterday. Sorry.

~gamepro ♥

PS: I know this has nothing today with the sorry thing, but…

I still quit DW. I promise I will go on sometimes. If you need me, I’ll be on OW.


Comments on: "Ok, ok, Im sorry" (9)

  1. Vinathi: ME TOO! O.O The nightmare one. I can only remember one though, it was when there was a bunch of ghosts and one started ripping my garage off (o_o), and i screamed and ran to helix, then everyone else, and they ignored me! -.-

    Your boot camp is the ‘e’ word? I dont get it. 😐 My dad has this fighting defend book thing, so i could defend myself. My brother and his friend saw something in there, and decided to demonstrate it to me…well it was very disturbing.

    Dosen’t quit mean like never ever go on again? No one ever quits when they say they do, they just do but don’t realize it. They quit when they forget about dw. Like when they neverrrr everrrr go on. I think. o_o

    You say its cold at your place, its BURNING here! Aaah! Its even nighttime at its hot! D:

  2. Ya its REALLY hot here. Oh and sorry I logged out without telling you today I was stuffin oreos in milk when my computer froze COMPLETELY and wouldn’t do anything ata ll then my mom came out of the hshower and I had to shu t down my computer beore she saw

  3. kka2297 said:

    I just watched Transformers. Its a good movie. Except almost all of the “funny parts” are too inappropiate to me. :/

  4. Just watched ice age. Its a good movie. Most movies I get bored of after the first time and I never watch it again but I’m in lllllooooooooove with Ice age. I’ve watched it like HOW many times?

  5. kka2297 said:

    I wanna watch Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs!!!

  6. Theres an Ice Age dawn of the dinos?? I HAVE TO SEE IT D:

  7. kka2297 said:

    Its in theaters tomorrow, I think. On July 1.

  8. supergirltoo said:


  9. She says she quits, but she still goes on. =D

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