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Which character are you? =] I got Ares. O.O I just don’t get it. 😐


Comments on: "Percy Jackson and the Olympians Quiz" (296)

  1. you are SO not ares

  2. but you proabably chose red for the first one and did one other thing. I got artemis. I dont like her. But i am kind of like her O.O she has brown hair that she braids loves animals and children and protects the moon. Except she hunts. I dont hunt.

  3. but you proabably chose red for the first one and did one other thing. I got artemis. I dont like her. But i am kind of like her O.O she has brown hair that she braids loves animals and children and protects the moon. Except she hunts. I dont hunt.

  4. kka2297 said:

    Yeah I chose red. And a dog. =/

    And sorry if I left like once you got on OurWorld. >.<

  5. kka2297 said:

    My friend came over, and she dosent know I play OurWorld. And she would ask a lotta stuff if she saw meh. -.-

  6. kka2297 said:

    She would make meh go outside to play something else. :\

    haha its ok. None of my friends know I have a blog or use the internet at all except they know I check my email 🙂 I told them about dizzywood once and they asked me like 30 questions I didnt feel like answering probably the account that lasted the longest was menna 🙂 Oh and none of frosty’s friends in real life know about her blog either 🙂

  7. GameproGirl said:

    I got Artemis. And I wasnt trying to pick her. :/
    wow O.O

  8. kka2297 said:

    Cookies are good.

  9. I guess I like Artemis now cuz I go hunting a lot now with my cousins. But I also like Athena. :/

  10. I like Athena. =D She smart.

  11. I know. I like Athena too. ^^ im mostly like her. 0_0 I almost got kicked out of school until I got this really hard 8th grade question on the test thingy that i got wong. =P

  12. kka2297 said:


  13. Did you watch the Ice Age movie?? I like the part where Buck (I think its buck. o.o) was telling everyone a story, where grabbed the thing in the big dinosaurs mouth and started swinging back and forth. It showed him saying “back and forth and back and forth” while floating in air.
    And the laughing gas.

    Laughs are very contagious. :/

  14. GameproGirl said:

    I didnt see Ice Age Dawn of The Dinosaur. o_o probably i dont like watching pg movies that much. :/

  15. kka2297 said:

    o_o do you like watching scary movies?

  16. GameproGirl said:

    Yes. I mostly watched R movies. xO And PG 13. Ima gonna see Orphan! 😀

  17. kka2297 said:

    O.O Did you watch the Grudge?

  18. GameproGirl said:

    No. I never even heard of that movie. o_o

  19. o.o its scary. Search it up. 😛

  20. GameproGirl said:


  21. GameproGirl said:

    Oh, yeah, it worked!!! =D

  22. GameproGirl said:

    I searched it up. I dont think im gonna enjoy it. idk why. o_o

    btw, do u know there’s gonna be The Lighting Thief movie from Percy Jackson and The Olympians? It’s gonna come out in Feb 2010. ^^ I also saw the trailer.

  23. kka2297 said:

    Ooh lala I must watch it right now

  24. kka2297 said:

    Aww it didnt play the funny music in the elevator xD

  25. GameproGirl said:

    lolz, kka. I never even thought of kistening to the elevator music. 😛

  26. GameproGirl said:

    lolz, kka. I never even thought of kistening to the elevator music. 😛

  27. GameproGirl said:

    lolz, kka. I never even thought of kistening to the elevator music. 😛

  28. O.O There’s 3 =D

  29. keep talking

  30. GameproGirl said:

    WHoa, I didnt mean to repeat that. o_o

  31. GameproGirl said:

    Hehe. I ish on the plane to Asia. ^^ At least the plane im on lets u use the labtop. =D

  32. GameproGirl said:

    8 more hours until landing. :/

  33. Cool! Asia is AWESOME!
    I miss that place. D:

  34. GameproGirl said:

    This is the third time im going to Asia. Mom’s science trips again. -.- i dont feel so good. xP
    We’re gonna be back home somewhere in September. This time, were going to, China and Thailand.

  35. Have fun (i guess 😛 )

  36. GameproGirl said:

    I dont think “fun” is in science with my mom. -.-

  37. point being. The correct thing to say is “Don’t die of boredom! “

  38. kka2297 said:


  39. kka2297 said:

    WHy won’t my avatar show. D:

  40. GameproGirl said:

    Your new avatar shows up. Well, for me. o_o

  41. kka2297 said:

    Oh. O.o Mine dosent show up for meh. Thats odd. 😛

  42. GameproGirl said:

    Coolio, were on at the same time!!! =D

  43. kka2297 said:

    Oohh yeah.

  44. kka2297 said:

    I just stay here and refresh the page a lot. xD

  45. GameproGirl said:

    oh. xP
    btw, did u get the Augest gem codes? The July might come out tomorrow.

  46. kka2297 said:

    Yeah, I saw your post in CrazYMay’s blog. 😛
    I shall get the gems then spend it again. lol i always spend mine.

  47. GameproGirl said:

    I’ve been saving mine lately. Well, sorta. 😛 I had 59, then I got the glow thingy, and now I have 31. xP im saving for the 50% flow booster thingy.

  48. I have no gems 😛

  49. GameproGirl said:

    I thought u had 20. o.o

  50. GameproGirl said:

    Oh, and vin, I logged out and went back in, but u werent on anymore on ow. 😦

  51. kka2297 said:

    Hi vindaloo!

  52. GameproGirl said:

    This is fun. =D

  53. not anymore

    And plus me dad walked in so I had to close

    HI KKA A LOO 😀

  54. GameproGirl said:

    Oh, I knew that. 😛

    WHat site r u on, kka?

  55. kka2297 said:

    Yeah lol xD

  56. Im on this site


  57. GameproGirl said:

    Im on this site, ow, and dw.

  58. kka2297 said:

    This one and neopets. i might start going on youtube

  59. GameproGirl said:

    Oh.I dont like neopets. xP

  60. I’m also on crazymay’s site

  61. kka2297 said:

    lol. i like neopets then i thought it got boring, and now i like neopets again.
    i shall check crazymays site to see if theres a new post. 😛

  62. I dont like it either

  63. GameproGirl said:

    Oh. I think im gonna log off from dw.
    Im getting airsick.xP

  64. I would if they didnt delete me account

    But then I would have never joined Dizzywood if I hadnt had me account deleted.

  65. kka2297 said:

    o_O The only person I know who actually plays neopets still and goes on dw is super. xP

    o.o I said shall again

  66. GameproGirl said:

    creepy. o_o

    I use to have neopets, but they deleted it. :/

  67. LOL yes you did kka 😛

  68. GameproGirl said:

    Get on ow, vindaloo and group meh.

  69. kka2297 said:

    they deleted kka0797. Say I made kka2297. 😛 kka0797 didnt have anything special anyways.


  71. GameproGirl said:

    get on ow, vindaloo. 😦

  72. kka2297 said:

    I shall now go on YouTube.

  73. kka2297 said:

    Right after I finish listening to a song…

  74. GameproGirl said:

    5 hours until landing :/ im getting airsick and getting a headache.

  75. I shall go on ow (ya right 😛 )

  76. GameproGirl said:

    Ya right what? oh, and group me

  77. kka2297 said:

    brb my friend called me

  78. GameproGirl said:


  79. kka2297 said:

    okie back. lol theres a lot of comments on here xD

  80. ow is taking forever and ever

  81. hi kka a loo 😀

  82. GameproGirl said:

    Your not on ow yet, vindaloo. D: hurry up. Im also thinking of turning off the labtop to go to sleep. :/

  83. kka2297 said:

    I just finished Nerds and M&Ms. O.o


  85. kka2297 said:

    nooo game!
    but if you want to, go ahead. O.O

  86. GameproGirl said:

    ur finally on!!! Now group meh. I might not answer. im eating peanuts.

  87. I have a box of chocolate. One of those big hearts things with normal candy bars in them 🙂

  88. GameproGirl said:

    what the pie? AFter u grouped me,vin, it wont load. 😡

  89. I grouped you 4 times game

  90. kka2297 said:

    I dont like peanuts. Or peanut butter. Or peanut butter jelly sandwichs. But I like the song peanut butter jelly time. xD


  92. GameproGirl said:


  93. tell me when you almost out of batteries gamee

  94. kka2297 said:

    I don’t hold grudges very long. I felt like saying that. Maybe for a few minutes.

  95. GameproGirl said:


  96. GameproGirl said:

    Um, we brought like 9 labtops with us in case we run out of batteries. o.o

  97. I hold em’ for a day. unless its reallyyy bad

  98. kka2297 said:

    Im already crazy.

  99. GameproGirl said:

    that’s nice, u left. :/

  100. why you crazy kka

    and LOL game 9??

  101. I never left. Your the one whos leaving 😛

  102. GameproGirl said:

    yeah, 9. In case we run out of batteries. xD

  103. GameproGirl said:

    i have a problem. brb on ow

  104. kka2297 said:

    O.O Uhhhh.

  105. wow 105 comments O.O

  106. kka2297 said:

    lol i was gonna say that. xD

  107. GameproGirl said:

    Back on ow. xP I asked my mom how many labtops we brought, and she said 11. o.o

  108. I knew you could do it game! it worked *throws confetti*

  109. kka2297 said:

    Woah. O.o 11 laptops. My house has 2 computers, and 3 laptops

  110. GameproGirl said:

    My house has like over 20 PCs. Not a single one of em is dead. o.o

  111. mine has many many broken laptops 😛

    and like 4 computers left xD

  112. GameproGirl said:

    idk how many my family has. -.-

  113. wowww laptop ppl xD

  114. GameproGirl said:

    including computers. brb!!

  115. game went on brb I feel so alone 😥

    and kka isnt answering

    WAKE UP 😀

  116. kka2297 said:

    lol I was watching you guys talk. O.o

  117. YAY 😀 and the scroll thingy is getting LONG

  118. kka2297 said:

    Yeah. xP
    My brother is watching Ice Age.

  119. I NEED TO SEE IT D:

  120. IM washing the dishes too

  121. kka2297 said:

    I washed a poon today =D

  122. tell yo bro bro to gimme a cookie 😛

  123. GameproGirl said:


  124. kka2297 said:

    I mean spoon.
    lol okie

  125. kka2297 said:


  126. GameproGirl said:

    Ello. ^^

  127. I need me cookie D: oh and hi game 😀

  128. GameproGirl said:

    What’d I miss?

  129. GameproGirl said:

    me lip is bleeding. D:

  130. Im washing the dishes and talking other then that barely anything

  131. kka2297 said:


  132. GameproGirl said:


  133. kka2297 said:

    o sorry vin lol *gives cookie* 🙂 now brb

  134. kka2297 said:

    okie back. hello. [:

  135. GameproGirl said:

    Ello, kka. ^^

  136. kka2297 said:


  137. kka2297 said:

    Gah. Im burning.

  138. GameproGirl said:

    HAPPY NEW TIME!!! It’s 4 o clock. =P

  139. kka2297 said:

    Lol! xD
    im on ow.

  140. GameproGirl said:

    Guess what!!! I can go back to the USA anytime I want to if my oldest sis goes with meh. Only next week. I am so gonna come back.

  141. kka2297 said:

    YAY!! lol im still at this blog. xD

  142. kka2297 said:

    I was checking my email and the spam said 66, but then it said 67 so I knew someone commented. 😛

  143. hi kka 😀

  144. GameproGirl said:

    Hi, kka and vindaloo. 😀

  145. GameproGirl said:

    It’s snowing in dw. o.o

  146. wow 😀

  147. O.o It is??? Or is that some glitch. o_O

  148. GameproGirl said:

    its not a glitch

  149. GameproGirl said:

    and, make an account on and search for gameprogirl and addmeh there. 🙂

  150. It does work. O.O
    Okie I shall (shall) make an acc. After I eat lunch. xP

  151. GameproGirl said:

    It’s 5 in the morning in Thailand and I cant sleep. I can never sleep in Asia -.-

  152. kka2297 said:

    How long does the email for the activation take? I cant find mine. ill try looking after an hour or something. xP

  153. kka2297 said:

    Woah. Hey Game!

  154. kka2297 said:

    Its funny how sometimes we comment near the same time. O.o

  155. GameproGirl said:

    I didnt want to fix my clock and date on my labtop. Too lazy. =P

  156. kka2297 said:

    ooh heh

  157. GameproGirl said:

    my computer is being so slow. :/

  158. GameproGirl said:

    Im so stupid. It’s 8 something PM now in Thailand. -.- probably cuz I havn’t went outside or even looked out the windows.

  159. vinathi said:

    okie dokes I shall make an accounty
    I wil be vinathi (duh) 😛

  160. vinathi said:

    oh hi ppl I didnt see that =P

  161. vinathi said:

    never minds everyone left >.<

  162. vinathi said:

    you 2 always leave when I come

  163. kka2297 said:

    O.o Game and I commented at 1 PM (our time) and you commented at 3:17. THats like 2 hours.
    I have to wear piggytail braids. D: im dooooooomeddd!
    Im kka2297 😛

  164. GameproGirl said:

    Im gameprogirl (duh) =P did u guys activated ur account on kidzworld yet? I tried searching for u guys but it says there’s no username for that. o_o

  165. GameproGirl said:

    I only have one friend on kw. 😛 He’s from dw. You probably dont know him.

  166. kka2297 said:

    Okie mines activated now. ^^

  167. kka2297 said:

    Um it asked if I know you in real life. O.o If I say no will it not work??? O.O

  168. kka2297 said:

    Oh I’ve heard you talk about that 😛

  169. GameproGirl said:

    Say “no” it also works as cyber friend.

  170. kka2297 said:


  171. You know I’m always on your blog vinathi waiting for comments by you or game? xP

  172. Well now I wont be because I’m going to sleep. O.o Good nighttt….BUAHAHAA

  173. ITS 1 47 and I cant go to sleep.

    BARELY anyone’s on wobbly O.O

    its an empty world D:

  174. O.o I was awake at 1 something. I probaly fell asleep at 1:30. 😛

  175. kka2297 said:

    Well, I’m bored. o_O

  176. I shall show you a video.

    Enjoy. Has anyone even invented exploding pie irl? Like an actual bomb one? O.o

  177. Well guess what?

    I fell asleep last night (FINALLY) at 4 in the morning 😛

    And me dad wakes up at that time and slept at 3:55

    thats 5 minutes of sleep xD

  178. GameproGirl said:

    5 minutes of sleep. o_o

  179. kka2297 said:

    Thats nice. 😛

  180. kka2297 said:

    Well, not really. o_O

  181. chihuahua09 said:


  182. kka2297 said:

    The good thing is Neopets dont die. 😛

  183. kka2297 said:

    Is everyone gone?!??! o_O

  184. GameproGirl said:

    No, everyone’s not gone. xP

  185. GameproGirl said:

    WHy wont my new gravatar show?!?!?! SHOW!!!!! D:

  186. kka2297 said:

    Mine’s not showing either, in my laptop. But its showing in my computer downstairs. O_O

  187. GameproGirl said:

    Yes, it’s finally showing!!! But u cant see the words. :I It says “You stole my COOKIES!” A picture of Harry Potter saying it. xD

    Intresting. o.o

  188. O.o Its not showing up on my screen.
    Heh that sounds funny. xD

  189. GameproGirl said:

    Tell the wordpress person about that.
    Watch this vid!! It’s funny! xD

  190. I dont see your gravatar game

    at all

  191. kka2297 said:

    LOL! I saw it Game, on liljade’s blog at the Author widget thingy. xD

    Just go to liljade’s blog and look at the Authors.
    It funneh. xP

  192. GameproGirl said:

    I know. I found it on Facebook the app flair thingy. It always makes me laugh when ever I look at it. xD
    It also shows on crazymay’s blog.

  193. I see it heree noww =D

  194. GameproGirl said:

    see what? o.o
    and, can u help me get gems again? Because whenever I go to the surveys, and click on one, it says “sorry! This page is not found”

  195. The avatar.
    And I tried asking you for the email again in ow, but it probaly didnt come up because you never replied. O.O
    So can you meebo me it again plz? I forgot to save it -.-“

  196. GameproGirl said:

    Oh, it’s ok… I guess. I changed my password again. O.O and, dont email me at the one i gave u, I forgot the pass to that one. 😛 If u are going to email, do it at

  197. Ohhhhh! Okie.
    Because I found the email in my very old comments and tried it but it didnt work

  198. 😦

    how come kka is always on ourworld or dizzywood or meebo when I’m not.

  199. oh welll O.O

  200. I feel like I’m growing far away from my BFFs and if I quit then it would make no difference then what’s happening now…

    ..COME BACK!!!!!!!!

  201. I wanted to shout that here scince we werent chatting a lot. O.O
    I go on your blog everyday vindaloo.
    And…i only went on ow once today… -.-
    You quitting will making a very BIG difference D: I wouldnt be able to talk to you againnn!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or eat cookies with you!!!! D:
    (add to that)


    I’ve been feeling like that (the far away part) for a while…I miss everyone.

  202. GameproGirl said:

    Sorry I havent been on today. 😛 haha. I went to Newport, Oregon to this aquarium thingy with meh sisters. It was soo boring. After that, we went to Lincoln City to go to this outlet to buy stuffs. I got a watch and backpack from Nike.
    And, tomorrow, im gonna be going to an orientation at middle school. Busy week, my friends…

  203. GameproGirl said:

    And, dont quit. O.O I might quit for the school year, but I shall be back.

  204. Me too! Well not the imightquit part. O.O Just the myorientationistomorrow part. Im so nervous. The picture for my id is also for the yearbook… o_o
    I hope i get good teachers…dun dun dun dun….

  205. OH NOOO orientation!!


    And don’t worry I just said I feel like it would make no difference not that I will quit 🙂

  206. My second oldest brother made me a cursor with my name on it. How awesome is that? and it changes when it loads to a stopwatch and sometimes a banana 🙂

  207. lol i wonder if i can put a cookie one on my blog. eh…nah.
    mines just the regular cursor. the original. xp
    one of the comps at my school has a cursor as a bannana. and one has a dinosaur.

    aah orientation! im so nervous…and excited. O.O I just want to have the first week of school then done. i think.

  208. GameproGirl said:

    Just got home from my orientation thingy. ^^ It was at 7 in the morning. O.O

    My cursor is the original one too =P

    I always get good teachers. O.O it’s weird… o_o Im gonna be in 8th grade this year, and the principle is thinking i should get the advance teachers… o.o

  209. GameproGirl said:

    uh, I meant advance and really strict teachers. dun dun dun…

  210. AHHH *screams from dun dun sound*

  211. You can change your cursor,

    Just go to start, Control Panel, Printers and other hardware, Mouse, cursors, and get one from the drop down list 🙂

  212. GameproGirl said:

    I like the dun dun sounds. o.o

  213. I really don’t wanna go back to school O_O

  214. GameproGirl said:

    I like school. Sometimes. Just the field trips. When Im going to Suma (me middle school) we’re gonna go on field trips every week 😀

  215. I don’t wanna go back because I’m gonna start wearing my scarf and I told everyone we were moving xD

  216. GameproGirl said:

    Your gonna be movie?!?!?! :O

  217. GameproGirl said:

    srry, moving. -.-“

  218. GameproGirl said:

    btw, get on ow. Im on there. 😐

  219. noo I thought I was. and ok

  220. GameproGirl said:

    ohhh, i knew that, i think. o.o

  221. i see you ppls have been talking. o.o i be talking soon…trying to beat Tabuu. ROAR

  222. GameproGirl said:

    whats Tabuu? o.o

  223. super smash bro brawl. o.o

  224. polkadot55 said:

    hey im polkadot55 or xxbellxx kka2297 and i are good friends and i would like to be all of ur friends on dw and wordpress

  225. polkadot55 said:

    i have a wordpress but i have no subjects so i will get on it for u all to comment on

  226. I got adv la and adv ss… =|
    I wanted adv math and adv science! i dont even get la! and i dont like ss…i dont even know what an independant clause is…
    math is easy. science is interesting.

  227. my orientation was at 8:30. o.o

  228. GameproGirl said:

    I get advance on everything in elementry (even tho ur not suppose to) the advance for elementry is homework. I get extra homework all the time. >.<

    In Suma, Im gonna have to get advance on everything. The only class that I dont rlly like is Writing. I always get A's on that one. No A+ or anything like that. :I

  229. GameproGirl said:

    The orientation at Suma is early. It was at 7 in the morning. That time, I’d be still sleeping. =|

  230. GameproGirl said:

    The reason why I dont get A+ on writing is my spelling and organizing it. 😐

  231. My brother says that gameprogirl must be one of those kid geniuses. Girl, you’ll be graduating college before your older sis xD

    I have no idea when my orientation is :/

  232. woahh is someone else on my blog at 12:30? YESS I THOUGHT I’D DIE OF BOREDOM

  233. ohh hi pokadot 🙂

    Woww its so weird that both you and game have presented a friend you have in real life and all I have is the friends I moved from :/

  234. whoever’s here obviously won’t show it. probably left their computer on.

    I’m gonna go try to change my avatar

  235. GameproGirl said:

    He said that? The one who’s basiclly on the xbox or the other one? Im confused about ur brothers. xP And, gameprogirl is like those ppl that gets really high scores on games. geekprogirl is probably a geek. O.O

  236. Im good at games. I get high scores sometimes, but not a lot.
    im just a kid who works hard to get A’s. Most of the time. xP Sometimes Im just here when I should be studying (:
    Its okie, vindaloo. Its cool that Vinathi came here. =D None of my friends irl know about this. Just polkadot because whenever she comes she sees me here. My friends never went to my house before. :/

  237. GameproGirl said:

    I mostly play games I shouldnt play like “house of the dead” 😐
    Im a kid who’s a total nerd. o_O The only thing I hate is writing. My spelling sucks and it’s not always organized. I usaully do my homework at school when im done with school work.
    Only my friend Tiffany knows about my blog. Non of my other friends do. 😐

  238. I bored. o_o

  239. My Ow isn’t working… x_x

  240. nonne of my friends know about this either. Well they did but they left (its a good thing too)

  241. GameproGirl said:

    only my friend Tiffany knows. She lives in NewYork 😛 my famly is thinking we should move there.

  242. Then time would be different and you would be sleeping when Im awake. o.o

  243. GameproGirl said:

    I know. Then i’d have to stay up. 😐

  244. Did you know that the most bee stings sustained by any human (that survived the bee stings) is 2,443 bee stings. At once. And this was in africa so the bees are like HUGE!

    The question is.. what did he do to deserve them?

  245. He probably walked and stuck his and in a hive or something. o_o

  246. ♥chihuahua09♥ said:


  247. Are there a ton of comments? xD
    There’s supposed to be a meteor shower tonight, I think.

  248. GameproGirl said:

    There is going to be one, I think. I dont rlly know. .It says it at my Yahoo front page thingy.

  249. GameproGirl said:


  250. It shows on my Yahoo thingy too. o_o

  251. GameproGirl said:

    srry, im testing this… xP u guys can continue the subject

  252. GameproGirl said:

    It doesnt work. How do u change ur name on wordpress? I forgot. Well, the logged in kind. o_O

  253. Sammy Woods ♥ said:

    Oh yeah, it works how 😀

  254. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    ive never seen a meteor shower before. =/
    heh im eating cream puffs again!

  255. Sammy Woods ♥ said:

    Me too. Well, not the hehimeatingcreampuffsagain
    I havent eaten cream puffs for a longg time. o_O and, my ow doesnt work. :/

  256. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Mine dosent work the first time too, so i exit the not connected thing, then refresh it.
    One reason I dont like OurWorld: It gets stuck all the time, so once I can move again what everyone says while im stuck pops up…and gets me stuck again bcuz theres a lot. o_o
    To Vinathi: I was talking about meteor showers. There was gonna be one tonight, at midnight to 5 am. That’s all. But you left. -.-

  257. 5 am? I bet I could stay up that long xD.

  258. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    I mean tomorrow. Not tonight. O.O I get so confused a lot. I thought an eclipse was at the day I thought it was, but it was the next day so I missed it. -.-

  259. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Gah Idk! Ill just stay up both nights -.-”

    AH!!!!!!!! Im serious, I am BURNING. Okie not really, but its SO HOT IN HERE! >O< Even the fan's turned on!!!!! Im sweating like crazy. 😐 I will leave my very very humid room.

  260. its not hot here. and we’re both in Cali :/

  261. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    well you’re somewhere else. o.o

  262. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    I thought u live in Ohio, vin. o_O I live in Oreogon. ANd today was RAINING!!! My friends Aaron, Kenzi, Kayla, and Becca came to my house to pick me up so we can go out and hang out at Elmonica (our elementry school in Beaverton). And it was raining. SO CRAZY!!! 😐

  263. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Oregon* not Oreogon. -.-“

  264. friends.. 😦

  265. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    lol Oreogon. xD
    Its okay, vinathi you’re our friends. And you’d make more easily because you’re very funny and kind. (:

    Today is my first day of school. And I dont even know where my rooms are even though I went to the same school last year. :/

    lol I have the spongebob part stuck in my head, where Patrick goes “And that’s when I punch him, right?” while he’s wearing a boxing glove. xD

  266. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    lol, kka.
    Yeah, ur easily to make us laugh and kind.

    My first day oh school starts after Labor Day. o_O starts at 9 something and ends at 4.

    When does ur school starts and ends?

  267. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    lol, game. xDD

    I can’t wait for Summer!!! Of next year. :/ I want a different schedule…I feel so awkward. None of my friends are in any class, except choir. And its about 45 minutes. And in PE there’s a girl who always asks me questions about myself, but she’s kind.

  268. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Oh and it starts at 9 AM, then ends 3:10 PM, if you meant time. And all Mondays are minimum days! =D

  269. awesomo 😀

    My school starts on the 24th.

  270. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Ur school starts early… xP mine’s late. :/

  271. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    wait what early? like the time or date? o.o
    vin: thats that same day kieki’s start. 😛
    i have homework. 😮 but you know, sometimes im here when im supposed to do homework. :/ ima eat cream puff now. -.-

  272. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Cookies are good. Again.

  273. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Date… :/
    At my school, we dont get homework a lot. Just like 3 times a week. They’re like seriously HARD homework. Especially for meh. :/
    The school im going to, ur gonna need to buy “uniforms” Girls wears gray skirts with tights (o.o), white t-shirt, gray vest, and any shoes u want to wear. For PE, girls wears black shorts and a tie dyed t-shirt… same as guys. o.o
    Im gonna look horrible with those… xP

  274. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Oh yeah, and on Mondays and Fridays, u can wear anything u want. ^^

  275. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    I used to wear uniforms in my old school. They were white t-shirts with an eagle on it, and the bottom was pants or a skirt. There was only like 1 day each month that we could wear anything

  276. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Everyone’s gone. 😮
    I go play with my dog instead. -.-

  277. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Yeah, I know :/ I just comment sometimes… cuz im usaully sleeping. :/

  278. kkÄ2297♫ said:


  279. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    i take that back, i have to do my “pre” homework. :/

  280. should I go make aother post?

    Today was my birthday (:

  281. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Wait…Woah. o.o isnt today the 21st? Unless your bday is the 21st. 😮
    i must make sure first. typing on a keyboard while brushing your teeth is hard. ah im so busy today.. -.-

  282. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    yesss, my new gravatar finally shows upp =D my gravatar is a pic of my friend. o.o
    Wait, i thought 20th not 21st… o.o

  283. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Thats nice. o.o does he know that?
    i just realized i was eating ice cream sandwich (rectangle) called Little Sammies. o_o theyre better than Fat Boys though. Weird name and they bread is hard. Plus its a square. i dont have anything against squares though. 😛

  284. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    No. o.o
    Sammy my name. o.o Coolio! They named ice cream thingies after meh! xD Fat Boy sounds funny. =P

  285. Are you ever gonna show him? o.o
    O.O im eating it again while commenting. im repeating history 😛 kinda

  286. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    Sometimes when I try going here, it says “Internet cannot display webpage” or something like that. o.o Then i have to fix it. o.o

  287. oOoSammyWoodsoOo said:

    Probably not. xP
    Im eating an ice cream sandwhich too. o.o
    I’ve been playing Panfu more now. Even tho i dont like it. Probably getting bored of play ow now. o.o and dw

  288. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    so much smilies. o.o 😛
    this time im not eating an ice cream sandwich. i just woke up..
    i dont get panfu. i havent really been playing anything except for going on youtube and wp. im trying to make a video. o_o i played penguin storm for like 2 min yesterday…and fantage a few days ago. im gonna try to start playing gaia again. probably not…

  289. kkÄ2297♫ said:

    WOOOOO! LAST COMMENT!!!!!!! =^^=
    I have to finish getting ready for school now. I actually did really good on my state testing =D

  290. WOOT! I GOT POSEIDON!!!!!!!!!!!

  291. IM LIKE THE #1 FAN OF PERCY JACKSON I READ THE WHOLE SERIES AND I KNOW EVERY CHARACTER IN THE BOOKS! I wonder why the movie is so different the weird thing is my cousin watched the movie like 8 times 0_0

  292. I am Athena. Honestly it makes sense

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