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Help meh

I need help. I dont like my wordpress avatar can anyone tell me how to change it?

Update: WOOT Its my brother’s graduation I am so mad at him this week and now I never have to see him again.. what? I still have to wait until he goes to college in August I think. He looks magestic in his graduation suit and his “cape” is flying and all :]


Comments on: "Help meh" (4)

  1. GameproGirl said:

    To change your gravatar, log in, then go to this thingy that says “Hello, {your username}”, there will be this thing tat says “Change your gravatar” and then click therer. ^_^

    My second oldest sis is graduating and she’s going to collage too. She wants her graduating suit to be hot pink. 😐

    where does it say hello?
    lol a hot pink fress would be cooL 🙂

  2. Lalalalala BOOM bam bam boomy boom BOOM

  3. how do u put a picture when u comment

  4. Uh, i take that back. It doesnt say “hello” it says “howdy” =P

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