From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

First of all I wanted to show you bobby the naughty little monkey.

Sup bobbers 😀 um anyways drop bob an apple (no wait I meant banananananananannanana 😆 ) So anyways theres a new poptropica island coming out June 10 and you can buy early access with this new money you get when you finish an island or transfer real money into poptropica money I knew the free stuff wouldnt last O.O but oh well if youve done all the islands so far you should have 800 moneys.  Now if you’ll excuse me Im going to go blow my money on the first thing I see 😛


Ahem UPDATE: I just heard from my very smarty brother that if cheerios get any more vitamins or healthy stuffers put into it then cheerios will be classified as a medicine so if you cant find your cheerios on the cerael rack you know where to find it :]



  1. Yeah new stuff! WOOOO! But the sad thing is, you have to buy (with $$) to get more credits. 😦 At least hey give you some credits. 750 actually. I think. 😛

    my brother said sooner or later whole islands will be only for ppl who pay credits. he says sites like to lure you in then charge you. He was right about dizzywood…..

  2. You get 100 credits every island you beat and 50 for the advertisements

  3. GameproGirl said:

    Haah, I don’t play Poptropica anymore xD Ijust played it 2 days ago and I FINALLY beat the game show island thing… It’s makes me so mad…

  4. Lol gamey, the game show thing was hard 🙂 But poptropica is seriously the best game website I have ever seen in my life. Just amazing ❤

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