From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

colorful-bleeding-rainbow.jpg colorful smear image by stella_pearl
 Ooooooo Ahhhhh Pretty :mrgreen:  I’m bored out of meh mind. HELP!
purple-flowers.jpg night flower image by taommy
I think I found something. I forgot 😦 Omigosh! Look  at this: too pretty to be real! A bunch of flowers are growing  outside! YAY! Here are some pics I took on my dad’s camera caz’ I was bored 😛

My sis drew That ^^


I have a board at home and I do News about our house on it. Then we take pics 😀 Yea…. so theese pics are a little old. Oh well.


 Even Teddy bears dress up.


A barbie from when I was little wearing my sister’s sun glasses.


April Flowers Bring May Showers (Even if it IS on your pillow)


Or your lamp.


Or your blanket. -.- Wow I have a flowery room. Then again I have to share it…..


I hope Molly dosen’t eat all the flowers……


My silk Painting. Yea. I know….. I suck :/  My brother calls it an optical illusion. Look at the next picture…..


You should see an ocean and the sun. My brother found that out the second he looked at it O.O He LOVES Optical illusions. It’s hung up on my wall right now. I didn’t mean to make an optical illusion. He says most of them are by accident .

Th-Th- Th- Th- That’s all for now folks!

OH AND I LOVE THIS TUNE! I can copy it exactly.

P.S. My sister sings every morning “Dipity Doo Da” and dosen’t shut up -.- and today around this time. Oh no I just reminded her. Here we go again -.-

P.S. (again) OmiGoSh! I  forgot what I was gonna say 😛

Just Another P.S. This is my 101st post!!!!! WOOHOO!


Comments on: "Lookin’ for sum thang to post about…." (8)

  1. kka2297 said:

    Really? Last time I checked how many posts I Me not you 😛 had, it said 156, and that was somewhere in Jan-Feb. 😯
    lol I meant I had that many posts 😛 But if you mean me then thats kinda weird O.O

    for the silk painting thing, that was AWESOME!!!!!!! Because I see the ocean and sun, AND a duck/swan!!! For the first picture. Its black and blue. Did you mean to do that??? 😯
    Lol. THe first picture is the real picture 😛 I meant to do a crane and the background was a colage of colors, they got mixed up and dried black. Some of the crane was supposed to be black.

  2. And the green dried up as black 😛 I did that painting on China Day at meh school.

  3. Is your paint thingy on plate?o.o
    Nope. Silk 😛

  4. Silk is made of silk coccooons 🙂

  5. That does not look like silk to me. O.o

  6. I have a bad camera 😛

  7. Is that your handwriting on the board? It looks like mine a little but I write bigger and I don’t put the little dots on top of i’s. =P

  8. Yes it is 😛 My handwriting. I do news for our house. My dad turns every favor into a chore -.-

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