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Cool Tour Glitches

OMG! Tours may seem like stuff for new pple, but they have lots of cool factrs about Dizzywood. For example did you know that Curreum Reef’s king (that octopus)  became king by finding a sunken boat with treaure in it, then he claimed the land. The animals there beleived him and he does a good job protecting it from Emperor withering? And the garden has some cool facts too. Just keep clicking fun fact for more facts. Here are the glitches………..

When you’re going up, the sky turns black.



And because you are small during the tour if you wear a skateborad before the tour, it hovers under you. At the moment my skateboard is invisible but you can see the wheels :mrgreen: 

So yea, and if you want to see something awesome look at the post below called Egypt


Comments on: "Cool Tour Glitches" (1)

  1. ooo black sky lol
    i went gardening at 8:06 a.m. o.o

    Yup. It’s pretty.
    I hate gardening. Ima plant killer 😦

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