From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


Like my outfit. I killed plants for it :O Nope they’re fake 😀 I’m wearing a earth jacket, a flower hat, and a grass skirt. Wanna dress up like everyone else? Well to start, GRAB AN EARTH AND PLACE IT ON YOUR HEAD 🙂


Get them from Gilbert Square East. THere will be a huge banner. Click it.  And if you want the people on your earth to be happy. Send them rainbows XD


Anyways, every little thing counts. Think of it this way, huge amounts are caused little by little. Every drop thats polluted goes into the big amount and every drop that goes green will make a big amount someday. YES EARTH IS SAD!!!  Sadly, It’s a fact that humans can’t live without polluting the planet. And we’re just kids.  SO do as much as you can. Air polution have killed millions.  Second, Don’t get clothes that say go green. Companies are taking advantage of this go green thing making purses and everything. BUt think about it: Unless the clothes are organic or something THEY’RE not going green.  AND REMEMBER DONT JUST BE GREEN!!!! GO GREEN!!!! EVERYDAY IS EARTH DAY!!!

gogreen.jpg GO GREEN image by goldmansax

go_green.jpg go green artwork image by cinchcoalition


Comments on: "Stay ALive. Save the planet. GO green" (4)

  1. Green! =D

  2. I had more pics to put up here :mrgreen:

  3. Greenday26 said:

    i like that
    anyways vin we’v met before rember

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