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Good with Puzzles?

Lol. Find out the puzzle. The numbers at the top make a sentence. You find out the code by doing the Math. Here it is:

A= 11

B= 8

C= (IDK)

D= 17

E= 10

F= 2

G= 5

H= 19

I= 13

J= 7

K= 26

L= 26

M= 22

N= 20

O= 15

P= 16

R= 9

S= 23

T= 12

U= (IDK)

V= 25

W= 4

X= 18

Y= 21

Z= 14

The sentence says: Paige is bad at math. LOL! Now read the last section of the comic 😛


Comments on: "Good with Puzzles?" (2)

  1. Uh…I don’t get it…. -.-

  2. It’s a hard puzzle,
    Paige is the girl (sister) reading it,
    He said “Think of a challenge to prove me wrong”
    Because If she can figure out the puzzle she isn’t bad at math. XD

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