From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


Crazyfuun or tennis (or who ever it was) really hate me. Its a very bad feeling. Why do I feel she’s one of those pple? I know it was just a poem, but after that. Why were they so mad at me? I MEAN REALLY? What did I do to her??????  I didn’t do anything. Thats why I left. Who would want to be in a party if someone there hates you. She probably dosen’t hate me that much yet. But I can tell it was going to be a bad ending, so I left. Make sence?


Comments on: "WhY?" (1)

  1. ….i think its bcuz u said “ARE YOU MOCKING ME?!” on caps….idk….
    and im sorry about the xchat. I wast looking at it, and my volume was off

    It sounded like it, every time I said something she said something in a dramatic form. No one told me it was a poem until after. I was confused. Oh well. Idc about the xchat. LYLAS 🙂

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