From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


I’ve had a twitter for a long time now and I just felt like posting about it. I’m Vinathi on Twitter 😛 Duh.

ANd DW is following MY twitter

AND btw you can ut twitter as one of your widgets. Lookie down there

AND I updated my twitter

And I won’t get on DW this weekend unless I sneak on the computer (like right now)

And I just finished Tokyo Mew Mew Book 1 (I know that has nothing to do with this)


Comments on: "Twitter" (10)

  1. Mine is kka2297. Duh. =P


  2. GameproGirl said:

    xD. Mine is GameproGirl. Duh. =P xD


  3. lol mine seagirl9099 =D


  4. lolz…I just stop playing comp a lot…my eyes have been getting teary. :”(

    Ow. 😥

  5. I go from XD to 😥

  6. dw is following me on twitter also and i’m following you vinathi lol


  7. my twitter is ydoggy and dizzywood is following me too i have only 4 followers i think

    cool 🙂 i gonna follow you.

  8. i follow you too ydoggy lol

  9. coooooooooooooooookies….yes……..muaahhahaahaahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


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