From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

~ ChEaTs~

One day I post too little one day too much 😛

I have two awesome DW cheats (yea, I kno I quit but I felt the URGE).

Second Me- I posted about this before. I just wanted to say I saw her again. When kod came I was like: I’ll see you someday second vinathi (I also call her vinathi_hr) she creeps me out. AS a joke, I made an acc named Vinathi_hr

Silver hair- I found a way to wear silver hair (BooYa)

  1. Click change my look
  2. Wear any silver hair you want (don’t click exit)
  3. Save it as  look
  4. log out
  5. log in
  6. wear the look
  7. Hi-five me!



How to steal clothes from the store-

  1. Wear the outfit you feel like stealing
  2. Save it to your look book — FAST!
  3. Leave
  4. Wear it
  5. Say BooYa!


*****NOTE*****  You can not use this to steal hats (sadly)

If you put one of these on your blog, gimme credit XD oh and  I’m working on Bob.





Comments on: "~ ChEaTs~" (11)

  1. kka2297 said:

    ooo I did the silver hair one but by taking a pic then logging in and out. But I think that one dosent make me talk…or it dosent work…idk…

    I found another way to steal clothes from closets! =D But it might only work for gold (idk bout silvers)….
    Meh gonna try it out.

  2. kka2297 said:

    Yea…it only works for gold explorers… 😦

  3. GameproGirl said:

    Who’s Bob?

  4. Its her little show thingy. Its on YouTube too. 😀

  5. He’s a stick man =]

  6. Really? cool 🙂 post about it!

  7. You just wear the clothes in the closet, press Change Your Look. Then sign out and sign in.

  8. I put your cheats in my blog and gave you credit. =) And a link to your blog. 😉

    Thanks 😛

  9. GameproGirl said:

    Barely anyone gives me credit. 😯

    Wanna bet?

  10. But do you have a cheats page????? 😯

    Yup. Help in DW

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