From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Wow~ Long time no post~

Ok………  Can you do me a favor and completely forget about the post down there? Thanks. I just needed to say that. The only part I’m not changing is that this is still a guide for bored people. Oh and I wanted to congratulate kod and gmaeprogirl. Kod for being allowed to go on DW again (I barely know her) and game for getting so many hits when tho just started her blog a feew months ago! 🙂 Lalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, and I owe everyone an apology. Pwease forgive me 😦


Comments on: "Wow~ Long time no post~" (7)

  1. kka2297 said:

    I forgive. =]

  2. GameproGirl said:

    I forgive you, too. :] Lylas.

  3. kka2297 said:

    That puppy looks kind of like Pepper. Change the brown fur to black fur, and the eyes to bright blue.

  4. Who’s pepper?

  5. kka2297 said:

    My dog.
    Well, she used to be my dog anyways. 😥

    I was just looking at that page when you commented. 😯 I’m so sorry. MY friend has gone through a lot of pet deaths. Her dog got ran over by a car when she was little. She had to give away her cats when she left for the Summer bc she couldn’t find anyone to feed them. She had fifteen cats 8O. Her bunny ran away. Her fish ate each other.

  6. Whoa…

    Wait, never mind. Hehe.

    This is actually da real game. I iz at my friend’s house using my different email. =P

    Never mind what?

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