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I quit my blog… kinda

Ok> I’m sick of Dizzywood.  I hate it. I’m not quiting. I’ll still get on when ever I can but, I quit my blog. Kinda… sorta… Ok not REALLY. I’m just going to change it to “Vinathi’s Guide For Bored People” Ok? Which means I don’t do Dizzywood Stuff anymore. But for the record, this is all because of the drama. THe last dizzywood thing I will ever post is that if you’re not gold or silver, there’s this survey you can take and you might become one. It might or might not pop up when you log in.


Comments on: "I quit my blog… kinda" (26)

  1. She went on wobbly to block all the goldies in wildwood xD

  2. who? what? is this an Insult? I hate everyone

  3. o.O
    I don’t hate you though. Of course you would hate me. I knew it from the very beginning. Ok, not really. But I suspected it.
    Because the drama happened all the time, even before I met you.

  4. Ok. That saves me a lot of hating. I don’t hate you anymore 🙂 (hugs kka) Please forgive me for being so stupid and almost losing my best friends over Drama. THat sounds really funny when you think about it 🙂

  5. 😀 [hugs] I forgive you. lylas =]
    (does the happy dance)

  6. GameproGirl said:

    You hate me? Almost everyone hates me. Well, sorta. All I know that my best friends in real life nevers…

    Do you really hate? Really really? From the time I met you? From the time you met me?

    You really hate me? 😥 Be that way. Im sorta use to it.


    YOu quitting is all my fault isn’t it?

  7. mysisterthevampirefan said:

    O.M.G you hate me!why why i did nothing


  8. GameproGirl said:

    Well, Mysisterthevampirefan has a point there. Most of us didn’t do anything. What’s the reasong of hating ppl even though they did nothing to you.

    Never said I hated ANYONE!!!!

  9. I dont hate anyone on dw. [Except for the person that said I look like dog puke]


  10. Okay. Lets forget it.
    Hey what happened?
    What did I just say?
    What does what did I just say mean?
    What does what does what did I just say mean?
    What does what does what does what did I just say mean mean? 😯

    Ok. I’ll forget it but……. yea I think you know what I’m about to say 😉 YOu were never mean to me. Frosty gets on my nerves tho. Remember how you followed me yesterday? when I said “Hi” when frosty was there no one answered me. That’s not the only reason tho.

  11. GameproGirl said:

    Is that an insult?


  12. I have been commenting on every Dizzywood blog about this, so:
    If you want to be in my play, please go to to audition.

    OK How’d I get so many comments?

  13. Well i guess this is goodbye….

  14. not really. I just switched what my blog does!

  15. GameproGirl said:

    Good bye…

    That’s one of my favorite songs. Good Bye. It use to be on my MP3, then I gave my MP3 to my cousin.
    I thought you meant it for good.

  16. coolshun said:

    no i can only have dw or cp workers

  17. Oh. OK. Bye then 😥

  18. frosty♥ said:

    dang sara i didnt say hi cuz i was BUSY. you didnt have to get all drama-ey and walk out, but when you did i went after you. dude like you think i get on YOUR nerves? yeah. sure.

  19. ok, watch me cross out this post (which I should’ve done last month)

  20. Wait a minute! What’s wrong with frosty? I mean, if you check her blog, she said she doesn’t talk much on DW! That shouldn’t be a reason of why she ticks you off! I’m not trying to make a fight or anything, but I’m just making my point.

  21. You don’t really have to make a big deal about frosty. I mean, she’s a GREAT person once you get to know her. If she doesn’t talk to you, so what? She doesn’t have to say hi if she doesn’t want to, And besides, she might have been on brb.

  22. kka2297 said:

    Meow…? meow meow meow, meow meow. o.O

  23. I crossed out the post for a reason! FORGET ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. OK! You don’t need to yell! I was just making a point! I KNOW I WAS LATE VINATHI! You don’t need to yell at me! GEEZ!

  25. I’m sowwy. ^.^
    By the way frosty talks alot on DW. YOu have no idea.

  26. kka2297 said:

    Wowie… 😯
    This post has gotten alot of views 😯

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