From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

It’s always a beautiful day in Dizzywood, and with today marking the first day of Spring, it’s time to get your hats and sunglasses on, and have some fun with your buddies!

Here’s how the Dizzy Team likes to spend their Spring time in Dizzywood:

How are you going to spend your Spring time in Dizzywood? We’d love to hear! Don’t forget to use your Dizzy Cameras to capture all the fun moments with your friends. If you’d like to share your Spring time pictures with us, send them to:

Your friends are waiting for you, so head on to Dizzywood now to continue your adventure!


Comments on: "First Day of Spring In Dizzywood" (4)

  1. Dont give up.
    And why the cookies do you think you’re a fishin’ GHOST?!

  2. Oh yea! I did say that on frosty’s website. I’m not gonna give up. 😉 I promised myself.
    Oh and I meant ghost in real life.

  3. GameproGirl said:

    Fishing ghost? 😯 What’s what?

  4. maybe it’s another word for, holy cow

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