From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

Happy St. Partick’s day!! :D Whoo!!! Make sure to wear green!!! Heh. I drawd smiley faces and a four leaf clover with green marker on my face. I also wore this shirt that says “Kiss me, Im Irish: 8O The weirdthings is that Im not Irish. 8O Oh well.

HappyStPatricksDay3.gif Happy St Patricks Day image by classyladytwo

IrishBlessing.gif Happy St. Patrick's Day! image by frostygirl58

4103.gif Happy St. Patrick's Day image by xoxpashyxox

~ Gamepro


Comments on: "Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! :D" (8)

  1. YAY! Happy patty day!

  2. er nvm about a spelling mistake.

  3. GameproGirl said:

    Yeah, I did. I type to fast. Well, sorta.

  4. I like the blingee.

  5. So was that a mistake or not? 😯

  6. GameproGirl said:

    That was a mistake. I was at my mom’s closest freind’s house, and they have a kid who’s really annyoing, and I think he was bothering me. Or was it my dog…

  7. I’ve expeirenced that!!

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