From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


More activated Repellant

Find the Tough Mirthwood Bark, Burly Butterfaux Root, Electric Energy Jolt and a Collection Bottle to assemble the repellent! It really isn’t worth it but whatever! I have no other missions to do. And like what I said below none of my friends are going to be on DW with me 😦 . Oh look, there goes another one of my friends to Canal City where I can’t go! WAIT!!! THERE’S MORE! THIS IS TORCHURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Enoough talky, it’s mission time!

Tough Mirthwood Bark- Wildwood Glen in front of rock next to tree

Collection Bottle- Beach next to tent

 Butterfaux Root- Garden when you enter, go to the oppisite half of the garden next to the pillars.

NOOOOOOO! Canal city has every girl running around with the same hair style. THEY’VE BECOME EVIL MUTANT TWIN PEOPLE!!!! 

zap- skytown. You can’t miss it.

Fishing for Longullet

Oh wait! I can’t do it.  I can’t go into Canal City until Monday 😥 All my friends are in Canal City! I HATE YOU FOR THIS DIZZYWOOD 😥 Let all of us in next time! Since all of you want the ‘sneak peek’ (which I don’t blame you for) I guess there’s no use of getting on DW until next Friday. Cya in a week!


Comments on: "Missions" (2)

  1. I did put on my status asking if you wanted to come…but then you logged out. 😦

  2. o. My buddy list has been having issues and i thot YOU logged out

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