From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

We’re sure that you’re all getting ready and anticipating the Grand Opening of Canal City, right? Well, we thought you’d also like to know that the citizens in the city are preparing their shops, wiping down their tables, fixing delicious food, sweeping the streets, oiling their airships, filling their clothing racks, and decorating their city awaiting your arrival!

There’s one person that is especially excited to meet you, and that is the Mayor of Canal City. He loves nothing more than to go fishing in the canals. He’d love if you joined him, maybe chatted about the weather and the fishies, and then grabbed a delicious pie from the cafe just across the way from owner, Mrs. Emily Whiskercheeks.

Well, well, by orders of the Mayor, we won’t go into anymore details about Canal City. He’d rather you see it for yourself. So mark your calendars! The Grand Opening of Canal City is Monday, March 16th.

Can’t wait that long? Come back this Friday, March 13th for a Silver and Gold Explorer-only sneak preview of Canal City. You’ll be among the first to walk through the gates!

The Mayor also requested that we show you a little photo of him, preferably taken from his right side (his good side, because he had a fish hanging out of his left side). So here he is:

mayor-300x269You all know by now that he’s the Mayor of Canal City, but let’s see if you can guess his full name!

Who do you think this could be?
Mayor Thomas Windsflow
Mayor Erlend Gulley
Mayor Winslow Longullet
Mayor Bernie Beakman


Comments on: "Canal City Prepares for Grand Opening" (6)

  1. GameproGirl said:

    I posted this one fory ou because you posted me a mission.

  2. thank you soooo much. I totally forgot about canal city too!

    VIn: I’m gonna promote you 🙂 Your gonna be an adminastrator (the highest level)

  3. GameproGirl said:

    Wowza, you really think that? BTW, how do you reply to ppl with out saying another comment? Like the black words on somebodys comment

    Next to what time they commented, you’ll see the word, ‘edit’ just click it, then type what ever you wish, and finnally, just make what you wrote bold.

  4. I got disqualified for long jump. 😦
    There were two lines and I knew which one I had to jump from, but then I forget stuff easily when I’m in pressure or sometihng like that…
    So while I was running, I forgot then I stopped and got disqualified. -.-

    At least it was practice.

    I also forget alot. I’m not an athletic person

    Gamepro: I also forget a lot. I for got to turn in my homework and book report when its suppose to be due. Im sorta athletic but not to much. My sisters say that Im not athletic because athletic ppl are suppose to be a bit fatter than I am. Im too skinny. I weigh as much as an average fourth grade. :/

  5. The long jump? In my school, we never do long jumps.

    Mean either.

  6. that sucks 😦

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