From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


The Mission is called “Help Higgins with a donation” Yea. During the storm, a lot of houses were damaged and are in need of repair. ok, moving on…..

  1. First go to canal city road and look for a box. I forgot to take a pic so no pics. Sorry!
  2. Then Quickly go to Presto’s edge and click on a guy that looks like this…….

I have that happy feeling that I did the right thing and got paid for it. Don’t you?


Comments on: "Mission." (11)

  1. I made a Club Penguin. 😀
    My username is kka2297 of course and I’ll always be in Frozen.
    And my fav place is the dojo. 😀

  2. really? I am penny199198. IF you want good CP cheat sites there are some in my blogroll 🙂

  3. gameprogirl3 said:

    My CP name is Cucdaaa. My dad bet me that name no one has ever taken on Dw. And he was right. I owe him 1 buck. But. so far, I haven’t gave him any money.

    And, the word “Cucdaaa” Means rock in Vietnamese.

  4. gameprogirl3 said:

    But it doesn’t have more than 1 a’s

  5. that’s cool i think vinathi means dignity or something like that. I’ll have to check with vinathi. Of course she doesn’t know I use her name as a username 🙂

  6. Tuna fishies.
    I wrote down the wrong page for my homework and there’s a test tomorrow about it. -_-

  7. ouch. Bad luck

  8. sunshiney999 said:

    Hi vinathi it me sunshine i might get a blog!
    YAY!! 😀 :mrgreen: 😀

  9. sunshiney999 said:

    but how do you change ur image for the cometns

    get your blog first and then ask me 🙂
    you need an account.

  10. gameprogirl3 said:

    You have to have a bloggy to get a gravatar. [Your image.]

  11. THEN go to dashboard, then….. then what? um.. it’ll take me a while.

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