From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


I’m gonna delete a few pages that no one even looks at. Say bye to the bored? page.


I wonder how you got bored on such an awesome site…….. Whatever, i’ll entertain you. WATCH ME DO THE ENTERTAIN DANCE! [Inturrupts CNN Important News Report and starts dancing on TV!] Are you entertained yet?!?!? Fine then.


I guess I have to keep trying.






Heh. SCARY! Later on sunshine came, meagie didn’t participate.

Vinathi’s Story:

Once upon a time the earth was perfect. Then one day, a girl was born with red eyes. Her mom got freaked out and abandoned her.  Every night, her eyes got reder, eviler. Every night she got a nightmare of a bunny made of cookies taking over the universe and stomping on her BFFs. Every night she ate a bite of herself and tasted better and better, and tasted like cookies. Before she knew it she was growing bunny  ears! Lengend has it that she is going to end up being the bunny. Considering she is evil and all that, lengend also has it that she is the one making humans as evil as they are.  No ship or air plane that goes past Bermuda Triangla (this part is true) ever comes back. She is still alive today and I think that’s where she lives.


Once upon a time there was this princess. She loved going outdoors.  One day she went outside (dun dun dun) and saw this ax guy, now she really luved nature.  So when the guy cut down a tree, it grew back again and again.  Theguy kept cutting it. Then, when he choped it down it didn’t grow back! cookies romed the earth <i wish    Then the princess followed him bac to his house, and watched thru the window, when he found out that someone was spying at her so he took his ax and chopped her head off (ouch) .   She died, but wasn’t gone, she grew bac as an evil vampire. princess then it this vampire prince (edward is a vampire prince?) fell in luv with her ( if I had made the story I would’ve sed that it turned out the vampire prince was in love with her so he had done it on purpose.) They got married and had a girl the end!



Srry gogo it think DW blocked the words caz’ I cudn’t understand a word. 

Kka: I don’t remember this one that well……

Once upon a time there was this mansion. It was really scary. They called it house of fears. It had all ur fears inside. This boy wanted to go in to use the bathroom or something but he was scared. His sister told him that he was chicken. His fear was clowns. When he went in by himself and started seeing clowns. Of course his sister came with him and they got scared. They ran out. the end!


The beginnings of all the story’s were awesome but we rushed during the end. Which is ur favorite? Have  any other stories? Meebo me them and I’ll post them. Or comment. Or write it down on ur blog and tell me to copy and paste it. Anything works. :D




Comments on: "*delete*" (3)

  1. I met Sunshine during Scary Story TIME.

  2. stokedd said:

    LOL at gogo she looks silly
    loves it! ♥♥♥

  3. lolz. She does 😛

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