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Display Badges In Your Home

by The Dizzywood Team on February 24, 2009

We know that a lot of you have been earning and working towards badges for Gardening, Exploring, Spying, Sprites, Crystals, and now, Monster Battling. You work so hard to earn these badges that we thought you could use something to display them with! 

If you’re ready to show off all the badges you’ve earned, head on over to Brooke Lodgington’s Home Emporium (accessible through Presto’s Edge).  Walk to the elevator and find your way to the Brick Showroom to get your very own Display Pillar, now on sale.

You can buy as many as you’d like and place them anywhere in your home. After you’ve placed your pillar in your home, choose which badge you’d like to display and use your Magic Move to place it neatly on it’s cushion. These badges are valuable, so you must treat them with care. 

These are great conversation starters when you have new friends visit your home! It always makes for good storytelling when you can share how you’ve earned all your badges. We hope you have a great time displaying your badges. You’ve earned it!



I did? I earned it 🙂 Let’s get to work. Oh! I don’t feel like buying a stand for silver only. 5 days left.  Plus you can just drop them on the floor.


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