From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


This part is for all: Free item


This part is for gamepro. How to add workers……….


I don’t think you are……………..

Ok fine.

  1. Buy some cookies
  2. eat a cookie
  3. eat another cookie
  4. give me a cookie O.o

cookies Pictures, Images and Photos

  1. Go to any wordpress website.
  2. Click my dashboard
  3. my-dashboard
  4. On the side click users
  5. Then click authors and users
  6. athors-and-users
  7. Scroll down
  8. Fill out the form- make them an author- You must have their email (which you get when they comment) .
  9. Wait
  10. Get your workers once they read the email
  11. Host a “I’m happy” party





cake Pictures, Images and Photos

Enjoy the cake 🙂
Cake Pictures, Images and Photos


Comments on: "FOR GAMEPRO" (9)

  1. I have a lot of questions about wordpress. Lets start with number one! So, how do you add the meebo chat box thingie to your bloggy? I tried, but it won’t work. 😯

    I gonna email you that.

  2. Oh, and whats your e mail cause I wanna add you to my author list.

    I’ll email you my email XD

  3. I was here 🙂

  4. Did you get it? Oh and game you have to approve comments for them to show up on ur webby 😉

  5. Or u can just do it so they get approved automaticaly

  6. HersheyGirl13 said:

    The free items have been there for a month O_O There’s also a free chair…….Now you find out XD Guess you haven’t been to the Furniture Store…..

    I haven’t been in the furniture store. Thanks for telling me! Oh and

  7. I knew about the free chair and table, I just didnt think it was really important so I didnt bother to tell anyone. 😳

    😳 Lolz. It isn’t really important I just stuck it in the post.

  8. gameprogirl3 said:

    Okie dokie, now for number 2! How do you add more bloggys to your bloggy roll?

  9. either go to that blog and in the top right corner click blog info then add to blogroll or go under your dashboard and then links and then add or edit

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