From the real world get away, Even just for a day.

The good news: Chanjo’s excavator was able to break through the rock wall on Canal City Road! The bad news: there are monsters infesting the other side. Chief Pathfinder Burrows was in such a hurry to get away from them that he lost his helmet. He needs you to find your way past the monsters and retrieve it for him. Please help!

Note: You must complete Road Clearing Part 1: Ruin the Roots first.

Yeeklesnargo! Lolz. Anyways, You just put on ur repellant……………… and zap the monsters XD It’s fun. They speak weird languages. WeIrDoS! You can bring a friend to do it with you. Niya? I NEED help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Try to get past all of them….. and the helmet is near the castle door. I wonder if you can get in now? Lolz or if ur me u’ll just skip all the steps put on the repellant and run through, then grab the helmet XD

YOU GET 355 WHOLE COINS. For every monster you kill u get coins.  So yea, I’m back in the the positives.

I’m really sad that I can’t get on all weekend. Sorrry.

Blue is for blue day. Color clubzies….. wEaR bLuE oKaY?


Comments on: "Road Clearing Pt. 2: Retrieve the helmet" (4)

  1. Frosty, blu, and a bunch of pple were attacking them today. I met blu on blu day 😀

  2. You keep coming here then saying bye. 😯

  3. Yea. I get bored easily.

  4. Killing monsters is like killng myself with boredom

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