From the real world get away, Even just for a day.


The Battle Of The Swamp Monsters Begins by The Dizzywood Team on February 18, 2009 The work to clear the road to Canal City began with an abundance of noxious plants spewing dangerous fumes and purple pollen over every Explorer attempting to pass. We knew going into this that it wasn’t going to be easy, but you’ve all proved that you’re ready to take on any adventure. No doubt about it, you’ve all been doing a tremendous job! If you look closely, we’re actually making progress on the road. We can now see patches of the road peeking through where some of these plants once stood. We hate to break it to you though, but we have some not so good news to report to you: While you were ridding the road of these plants, an invasion of swamp monsters broke through a part of the wall. They’re everywhere and are making it nearly impossible to get through! If you’ve got activated monster repellent, you’re in luck. We’ve heard that helps defeat them. Don’t have any activated monster repellent? You’ll need to look in your Missions and complete both, Monstrous Rumor and Galvanize the Repellent. The battle is on Explorers, and this is your time to shine. Level up by defeating these monsters and you can get a new Monster Battler Badge. CP Burrows is also in on the action and needs your help and has a new mission for you, Clearing The Road Part 2: Retrieve The Helmet. Good luck Dizzywood, we’re getting closer to Canal City!


Yea and our silver membership is about to end. Hurry up with Canal City. Why’d everyone vote for the weirdo Kat. Helo? You should’ve saw it coming! I can’t be on the internet this weekend.


Comments on: "DW POST" (2)

  1. Who did you vote for???
    I voted for Kat. o_O

  2. Mr. Monkey.
    Every1 voted for Kat tho.

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